One Year of Seattle

I started to write a big post about all of the feels I have about being back home in Seattle. And it was really cliche. “Time goes by so fast and yet so slow!” “I love it here, but I also miss it there!” etc.


Kamel kept asking me if I was going to do a post about this anniversary. I didn’t know if I was going to. And then the anniversary came and went. I’m 3 days late calling it out because life is happening. Living is happening. It’s the holidays! So much to be done! We really haven’t even had time to pause and toast to our root setting. The setting of our roots.


(First  full day in Seattle)

There were times a year + ago that I never thought we would EVER move to Seattle. That we would be trapped in the Bay Area with the soaring house prices and expensive everything and the insane commutes and life feeling so so so HARD all of the time. Kamel loved his job, loved it. We loved our close friends, we loved our little home and the little worlds we built. But it always felt like one misstep and we’d be shit out of luck. One more rent hike, one more child, a lay off, an extra bill, and we’d be kapoot. We had no support system, we had no community for Gabe, we had no ability to expand our family or our lives.


There were times where I felt absolutely trapped.

But just like anything, with some patience and perseverance, and really dedicating ourselves to the cause we made it happen. And I am grateful every single day that we did. Even with the bumpy transitions, even with readjusting to different work experiences, the hunt for a new daycare, digging ourselves out of credit card debt from our 439683049 moves in 3 years, and on and on. NOW I feel free. Now I can see 5 years down the line of stability. Now I know which school I want Gabe to go to, I can see summer barbecues in a backyard somewhere during the summers, and the ability to travel less for necessity and more for fun.


(First snow for baby, 316 days ago)

In the words of Kamel, “Only good things came from moving to Seattle.” And it is so true. And every single day I am so so grateful to be here.


(Almost a Year in Seattle)

9 thoughts on “One Year of Seattle”

  1. Thanks for this post Lauren. It is really great to read and hear, because our (3-year) plan is to move from LA to Portland for near exact reasons. But it is so daunting!! I am so glad your family has met with joy and happiness as a result of your decision.

  2. It would be soooo soooo nice to have a support system, but my family is in the LA area and that is definitely less affordable than our current Albuquerque home base. Unfortunately, Albuquerque doesn’t feel like it’ll be our forever home (says the woman who closed on a home yesterday). I think we’ll stay 5 years or so and then look elsewhere. I’m interested in Portland.

  3. I’m so glad this has worked for you and your family. It’s given me a little vision of what’s possible for my own. It would be nigh on impossible for us two to get jobs at the same time at the same university in our one-university-hometown. And the job situation here has been crumbling for a while… so 2015 is me stepping away from that career I was working for for so long and moving towards something that might get us back to our hometown in a few years. I’m going back to do a Masters of secondary teaching (eeeek! but yay for heading back to study again!). I’m scared and challenged and disappointed my ‘dream job’ hasn’t worked out, but I’m holding onto the idea that we’re going home sooner rather than never. Thanks for blazing that trail!

  4. Congrats, Lauren.
    I feel stuck in the Bay area too, because my husband is doing a medical residency. He knows I want to move home (AZ) when it’s over, but some days are really hard and the future seems far away and obscure.
    Best of luck to you 4! I’m so glad you fought to be where you want.

  5. Is it weird that I miss knowing you’re just down the road? Even though we only managed to get together once?

    But I am very happy for you guys and that you get that at-home, building a life and setting down roots, feeling now. <3

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