How Are Things Different?

First, things are going to be a little light around here until I can stop just trying to survive. Things are starting to ease up a bit, but that mostly opens up windows for things like laundry and oh, hello holidays. So, though my intentions are that posting is super back, it maybe only like 3/4 back. Basically, that makes me feel like a giant failure and like I am not keeping up with this tiny tiny tiny internet empire (lol) that I’ve built and soon it will all crumble into pseudo-memoirist ruin.

Things that will be taking a back seat:

– Weekend-ing. You don’t want to see the view from my couch over and over and over again, trust me. And the idea of documenting makes me nauseous. Like, I wold prefer not to remember these last few weeks or next few, if I’m being honest. The smell of my soap makes me want to puke, the sound of some of Gabe’s cartoons, and definitely the smell of my fairly clean bathroom. Who knows why, but I just don’t want to be reliving my teeth clenching days.

Things that I will be getting to, I swear!

– The last 2 book reviews which are complete and just need to be POSTED. I am a giant loser at sticking to my own schedule and next time I undertake a giant book review list like this last one, I will be doing it differently. Live and learn. Sigh.

– More Better Than Real Life Advice. There are 2 that need to run before Christmas. One that will be up early next week! Thank you to everyone who has submitted questions, and for those who might be interested, please feel free to email me at betterinrealife at the gmail. Also I so appreciate all of the comments on those posts. Thoughts/feedback/other points of view/etc are always welcome.

– Hopefully some cooking posts as we head into the holidays if I can get my shit together. That remains to be seen.

– Baby updates, though a little differently than last time.

Speaking of which… there is a big post tomorrow on how this pregnancy, so far, is treating me and how having a second baby is coming along and all of that. If anyone has specific questions they would like answered about the 1st trimester with a toddler, or anything having to do with choosing to have #2 please leave a comment here so I can make sure to address it as best I can.

Here we go, you guys. Brand new adventure.


11 thoughts on “How Are Things Different?”

  1. It’s not really a question but more of a comment I guess. You seem so brave. I remember when you announced you were having Gabe and it seemed like you guys just went for it. I’m envious of this as I am a waffle-er myself. “I want a baby, but now isn’t a great time, but I really want one”. I could just waffle back and forth until it’s too late. So yeah I’m jealous of the way you guys seem to have jumped in both times with both feet.

    1. Oh, there was plenty of angst about when to have #2, don’t even worry about that! haha. I REALLY wanted to get pregnant last spring, but it didn’t make sense at that time with my job situation, so we had to wait. Once we figure out a time line we are good with sticking to it, but there is always a lot of AHHHH beforehand. A lot of “well what about this and what about that and what do you we if X happens and then Y?” But once we figure all that shit out (after months of angst) we are all about “GO TIME”.

  2. Hi Lauren, I don’t think that I’ve commented before, but I just want to say that your empire will not disappear. We’ll always want to hear from you.

  3. My son just turned one and I can’t decide if we will have another one. I feel like I barely hold my shit together with one (I could be argued that I don’t.). Yes, please tell us how a toddler and a baby is even possible.

    1. I will get to the rest of your question tomorrow, but 1 was literally the worst time for me. 1 year old to 15/16 months was the WORST. Just know it really does get better.

      1. I think my 1-year-old is bipolar. He might need to see a therapist. He may physically harm himself if he doesn’t like his dinner tonight. He told me, NO MORE CHICKEN. OR STEAK. OR GREEN BEANS. ONLY GRAHAM SNACKS. Oh, the exquisite agony of being alive!

  4. I want to know about balancing first trimester fatigue with parenting a toddler. This is what scares me most about a potential #2. I feel like, baby + toddler, fine, I got that, but pregnancy + toddler, no way. Maybe that’s because I have a partner who can help with a second child, but he can’t, like, make pregnancy exhaustion disappear.

  5. Ditto on Sandy & Melissa’s question! I’d come down with a stomach bug recently that reminded me a LOT of the first trimester, and during that time, I was *totally useless* as a parent. The idea of going through 2-3 months of that is… daunting, to say the least.

    I know people always say “Oh, you just get through it because you have to,” but any other observations or insights would be awesome!

    And hope you’re feeling better soon & have a relatively easy pregnancy this time around!

    1. I loved being pregnant and while I was uncomfortable and achy, it was doable, and the queasiness was not so bad that I could not handle it. I only threw up once though I often felt *close.* I am, however, worried about sleeplessness and PPD after the baby comes out on top of the caring for the evil fiend that my firstborn is becoming.

      1. Remember, the evil fiend is a phase! I have no experience with PPD, and Gabe will still be in daycare while I’m on leave, so there will at least be that. There are definitely perks to waiting until the kids are older, it’s true.

  6. Everything about the decision, please! I haven’t even had one (let alone gotten married, cough.) but this is something I think about. I’m an only child, so I kind of envy siblings and wouldn’t mind giving my kid that experience. But at the same time, I actually really liked being an only child, and I feel like I wouldn’t be able to understand my kids relationship with each other. Also, it just feels environmentally irresponsible, what with overpopulation and pollution (babies make a lot of trash, typically) already. But, I’d raise (hopefully, ha!) good, critically-thinking, socially and environmentally conscious, tree-hugging world-changers, and the world needs more of those. It also seems crazy expensive. So I’m curious about other people’s thought process, and you are good at articulating these things.

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