Closing out 2014

Oh my goodness this year. This year of TRANSITION in all caps.

We often try and do as much as possible in just 1 year and it sends me in a spiraling loop some days, while other days it invigorates me into superhero-level productivity. I CAN CONQUER THE WORLD! Except when I can’t and I am a puddle on the floor.

What were your goals for 2014? How did you do? Don’t be too hard on yourself, LIFE is a goal, just the daily grind and getting through it awards you two thumbs up. Everything else is icing on the gravy.

Last year I had so many things to say and so many feels and I was a lost puppy with the big wide world of a fresh start ahead of me (and at the same time the reality of staying at home with baby Gabe until a lot of details were handled) and I wanted to get my writing back on track, take a trip with just Kamel, and become more comfortable with using our village of babysitters.

When it comes to my writing a year ago I was empty of thoughts and ideas. I didn’t know where to go. But then I took an online course, I went to AWP and I started writing a book. Ideas, I have them. Well at least 1 pretty big idea. Now it is just finding the energy to make it happen now that I am pregnant and a giant waste of gestational space. But hey! IDEAS! The stuff work and genius are made of!

So Kamel and I didn’t take a trip just for ourselves. BUT we DID have a staycation and our first overnight without the baby!  It was mostly a success but we did spend an annoying amount of time moaning about how much we missed him. God it is so gross being those parents. Oh well, first overnight under our belts, and we haven’t done it again sense. Face. Palm. We also managed a real actual trip to somewhere new. Maine! A place I’ve wanted to go since I was 8!! And we hadn’t had an adventure vacation since March of 2012, so I’m calling that win!

And that leads right into our village of babysitters. I have become ok with it. I try and mix it up so that no 1 person feels taken advantage of. But I will say, sometimes organizing and planning so far ahead is just so much work JUST to go see a movie or JUST to go out to dinner, so we don’t do it on a regular basis, but way way way more than we did when we were in the bay area and have managed to do some really fun things.

This year I want to have this kid. First and most important goal.

I also want to become more involved in volunteering/charity work.

I would really like to finish a first draft of my book. But! Who knows. This is a soft goal. Even if I write a few hundred pages I will be a happy camper.

2015!! You’re almost there!! The year I turn 30!! The year my second child will be born!! What mysteries await inside your storied halls?

5 thoughts on “Closing out 2014”

  1. I like your 2015 goals. They seem realistic but also big.

    The only goal I met for 2014 was running an 8km race, which… is something? Otherwise it was a “huddle up and get through” year. But I’m glad to hear I get thumbs-up for that 😉

  2. 2015: get out of debt; fulfill pre-reqs for a new grad program, re-take GRE as my scores are too old, apply for said grad program,

  3. Hmm… I find myself a bit at loose ends thinking of specific things I want for 2015, aside from the usual.
    Have this kid. This has sort of dominated my planning for 2015. Also: Survive the first several months of having this kid and keeping said kid healthy for … forever. (Longer term goal)
    Save a good regular amount of monies so we don’t feel like we’re just barely keeping up, kid will only get more expensive as we go, I’m sure. (all the money stuff is on my NY post so I won’t rehash here)
    Figure out a new project that could become a new lifepath in case the regular job starts to go south. This is hugely vague as I’ve just been ruminating on it.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I failed hard on my goals for last year, yikes. BUT, I did accomplish us being 100% moved in! And I made much better progress in trying to be fit in 2014 than i did in 2013. So, lets carry that one over to 2015!

    My goals are:

    1. Be fit in 2015! Active, eating right, maintaining ideal weight.

    2. Acquire a Bike and use it!

    3. Let’s be more realistic here:
    a) Watch at least 5 of my already owned movies.
    b) Finish at least 5 of my already owned games (2015 games do not count)

    4. Explore Washington State more.

    5. BONUS GOAL. Shoot at least 5 more rolls of medium format film.

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