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We are going through a bit of a transition over in our house, so posting may be a bit scarce through next week, with the holidays FAST approaching and hubub abound. I promise to be back to regularly scheduled programming soon though!

And, happy news! I have had such a great response to the Better Than Real Life Advice that we are going to have 2 rounds this month. The second batch coming at you next week. I encourage commenting – I try to always be as thoughtful as possible but am also always limited by my own life experiences. So if you have something to add please feel like you can jump in.

Now I have some questions for you to help me prioritize:

-Any topics you would like to see more of in the next few months?

-Any questions you have that I have not done a good job of answering?

An accurate example of how I feel this week:


(Note how the waffle is still clutched in his hand.)

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  1. I might be totally alone in this, but I am pregnant and due in January, and I am trying to figure out how I’ll handle the whole going back to real life with a baby thing. My husband will obviously help, but things that have crossed my mind lately are: pumping/storing milk at work, going to a doctor’s appointment a month after my due date by myself WITH A BABY, going to a wedding a couple months later and either having a baby with us and figuring out the feeding situation, or otherwise going to a wedding without the baby and not leaking all over my outfit…probably totally not a big deal in the scheme of things, but I’m a little freaked out.

    1. I will try and give you some info here. If you have further questions, shoot me an email! 🙂

      My experience with the newborn thing was like this:
      – there is a doctor’s appointment 1-2 days after you bring baby home that you’ll need to take them to. I wore a sweatshirt and jeans and felt weird and sweaty the whole time.
      – I have never taken Gabe to a doctor’s appointment alone, but Kamel has. If they are giving shots, be prepared to use the boob as a soothing device. The new babies are soothed pretty quickly. Their little new minds forget easily. Also be prepared to fill out like a ridiculous questionnaire all about how many times they poop/pee/eat/and for how long. Also you never leave them alone on the bed. WINK. Not even to run to grab something you left in the other room or pee, not even when they aren’t rolling around or doing much of anything. WINK WINK WINK.
      – pumping/storing milk: Do you have a pumping room designated at work? You will want to check in on that if you haven’t already. You may need to get on some type of schedule once you return to work. Think about how many times you breast feed during the hours you are at work and try to match those. I did one less and suffered low supply because of it. Your body readjusts to a supply/demand model and if you are not using as much as before you will supply less than before, theoretically. For storage, i used storage bags from target and kept them in an insulated lunch box in the kitchen fridge. You can also store in bottles. Whatever works best. I pumped into bottles and then transferred to bags so I could rinse those bottles and pump into them again.
      – if you go to the wedding without the baby, you will need to pump during the wedding. I did this. My boobs got engorged and I had to run out to the car in the parking lot and manually pump in order to save my dress. It was dumb, but Kamel and I laughed about it and listened to tunes and no one noticed. Bringing baby at that age is also a totally viable plan. They will most likely sleep through most of it and wind up adorable in any of the wedding photos. Plus tiny shoes.

      Overall though: you got this. The baby will pop out, and you will go to the appointments and you will troubleshoot and not kill it and all will be well. I don’t really know how it happens, it just does. Like magic. Somehow the days start and end and it all happens and you wake up and they are almost 2. And it’s like WOAH OK THAT HAPPENED.

    2. Hey Sara, it’ll probably feel incredibly overwhelming regardless of however much reassurance you get, but I found my newborn was actually quite portable and easy to have at events and things – he either got a boob or bottle in his gob or lots of jiggly cuddles – they also sleep heeeeaaaaaps in those first few weeks – usually only awake for 15-30 minutes at a clip. Not until mine was a few months old did he start to get really impatient and fussy while out and about if he couldn’t move/look around.

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