The Perks

A few days ago I was secretly eating one of the chocolate bunnies that Kamel’s family  brings back for us from Mexico. And by us I think I really mean Kamel. I mean, I’m sure it is ok if I eat them too, but we all know that Kamel loves them the most most most.


And then I thought about how sometimes the benefits of marriage are that I get the perk of being able to eat my husband’s special dessert when he isn’t looking. I mean, I could always have my own chocolate small furry animal, but I wouldn’t have known tiny chocolate mexican bunnies even existed if it weren’t for Kamel.

It occured to me that these perks probably happen a lot. And let’s be honest, I guess if I’m going to get all of his annoying habits all up in my grill on the daily, I should also be taking advantage of the good stuff, the parts where he says, “the vast majority of me is mad about you” before kissing my head after I tell him how mostly I want to slowly choke him, or the part where he takes out the garbage at least like 40% of the time without whining (but, you know, I take out the garbage 0% of the time so weeeeeee!), or the part where I get to sneak chocolate bunnies. Priorities.

So while I was slowly demolishing Kamel’s second to last treat, I also remembered that I am for realies married to Kamel. How mind blowing is that? Like this, right here, this is forever, and it is awesome and he is the guy. I found him. He is so nice! And he is really funny! And he loves me a lot! And we are a really excellent team. He is such a great dad and I am probably super incredibly lucky.

Like last weekend we were in this giant war with fruit flies. They had quite suddenly and very randomly appeared and taken over our bathrooms and kitchen. No fruit was out! Why were they here!? There were tons of them, and we did not hesitate to go to war friends. WAR!  It was like 300 up in here – we were greatly out numbered. But! Kamel was the swinger of swords in the form of many paper towels and together we were a fruit fly smooshing force! Itt was kind of beautiful, the both of us, shut up in our bathroom together, me the spotter and him the smoosher. At one point I turned to him and said, “I am so happy that I get to vanquish fruit flies with you. It wouldn’t be fine with anyone else.” True. Love.

And I am for realies married to that. The guy who is kung-foo-ing tiny evil red-eyed bugs out of thin air, and who is mostly completely mad about me. Which – who even says that? Dork-asaurus-Rex. Swoon.

I spend a lot of time just doin’ my thing, getting through the day, putting out fires and trying to find time for all the things, bambambam. How often do I actually stop and think for a second: Oh my gosh, I’m married! (Hello, 17 year old me, THAT HAPPENED.) And my husband is super fun! And he really really really REALLY loves me. And! He comes with some pretty epic benefits, like chocolate bunnies just sitting in my cabinet. Imagine that.

3 thoughts on “The Perks”

  1. i’ve been giggling for the last 5 minutes over “how mostly i want to slowly choke him” hahahahahaha

    i love you guys.

  2. First off you are not probably lucky, YOU ARE LUCKY. Kamel is a good one…

    side note… now he knows it was you eating his little bunnies…. new war to fight?? haha

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