Margaret & The Big 3-0

A few days ago someone said (or maybe I read it, or maybe it was even like an inspirational mug and/or greeting card) something about the things that inspire you. What inspires you? I thought about making a list. I started a list in my mind. And within the top 3 was Margaret.


Margaret who I went to grad school with.

Margaret who sticks to working in non-profits even though it can be limiting and frustrating in the shit economy we all popped out of grad school into.

Margaret who is definitely a better writer than I, who pushes me to be a better writer than I think I am.

Margaret who teaches writing on the side.

Who is always up for adventures, who emails me about writerly/bloggy drama, who gets why I am actually fascinated by online writerly/bloggy drama, who listened to me wail about how I would never have built-in shelving…. like EVER… when a massive blogger showcased HER built-in shelving and Margaret totally understood my despair. She got it, ya know?

She was an amazing friend to me when I dragged myself back to San Francisco after 9 months in Seattle post graduation. When I was unemployed and living in Kamel’s sister’s living room on a blowup bed. She hooked me up with her temp agency, and eventually I made my way to her little trailer in the middle of nowhere to work in a room next to her, lamenting our under-employed, over-educated state. We’d go out for long lunches to Thai Food, laugh and cry to Ask Sugar, play Words With Friends on Facebook – constantly refreshing refreshing refreshing waiting for the other person to make their next move.

When she finally moved back to Minnesota we took her out for her goodbye outing and tried to out drink the boys we were with. It didn’t end particularly well. I cried in the car all the way home, big terrible sobs. I was going to miss her so much.

This is not a sad story though! It’s a great story! She came back and visited and we ate more thai food this time with our boyfriends and almost got trapped in Yosemite under 10 feet of snow.



The power went out and the water stopped working and we lit candles and made the best of it.



We went hot air ballooning into the epic epicness.

And now she is 30! Like a grown up or something!

Over the next year there will be a lot of 30s happening in my world. And it’s important to me because big birthdays mean something. Every birthday means something, but the big ones are special. And I’m just so lucky to have a Margaret. I am a better person for it and I am so happy she exists. Happy birthday on your 30th year! It’s going to be an amazing decade.

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    1. But seriously, in non-capital letters sarcasm, thank you for this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      How many days until you land in Minneapolis for AWP ADVDENTURE!?!?!? (TOO MANY.)

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