Brought To You By Fun

Lack of posting brought to you by Monday Night Football and the Seattle Seahawks win over Washington [name removed for incredibly racist content].


Thank you Seahawks Facebook Page. 

What are you choosing to indulge in this week? (I also had a giant pre-packaged rice krispie treat yesterday and it was sooooo delicious.)

13 thoughts on “Brought To You By Fun”

  1. Indulgences!

    David and I slept way, way late today (2 hours) and spent much of that time groggily snuggling. When we finally got out of bed we decided not to panic about being so late–not even David, who truly can’t handle being late on any level. So we stayed cheery through the morning routine of getting ready and dropping Penny off.

    We split a fancy chocolate bar on the couch last night while Netflixing New Girl (And I have also spent quite a lot of time lately watching Gilmore Girls).

  2. We are completely giving in to baseball postseason fanaticism. Pulling the high chair into the living room to eat dinner (pizza!) in front of the tv, taking time off of work to watch day games, snagging $$$ tickets even though it’s not in our budget and it was cold and we had to leave before the game was over because toddler. When we look back on Fall 2014, it’s going to be rooting and cheering (and possibly heartbreak) that we remember, not wholesome meals and sticking to routines and going to bed at reasonable times.

  3. Indulgences! Lincoln and I made this absolutely ridiculously yummy apple slices upside down cake this weekend and the leftovers were my breakfast today! Also – Grey’s Anatomy. Enough said.

    1. Liz! I made that tomato sauce for the first time this summer – and then I made it again every week for like a month. And I don’t even usually like tomato sauce! Soo good.

  4. Ugh. I hate football, and now stupid, crummy football is keeping you from writing so that I can read it and be entertained for free? GRRR… football.

    I hear the NFL theme song and my chest clenches and my ears burn. I hate it so much. A childhood of being ignored days on end for football. Thanks, Dad!

    1. To more fully paint the scene. Weekends spent at more divorced dad’s house with no one else there. And he was too cheap to turn on the heat past like 60 degrees. All football’s fault, of course!

      1. Don’t worry! Tomorrow’s post is another installment of Better Than Real Life Advice! And it is long! So much reading you will do! <3 (Also it is heartbreaking being ignored. That is exceptionally terrible.)

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