Maine: The Video

One of my favoritest things about the Duprez household is our firm grasp on a few classic traditions.

  • We enjoy photo albums and have plans to make yearly photo albums starting the year after we got married.
  • We do photos with the kid(s) every holiday season.
  • We make vacation home movies.  There is always a theme song that is preplanned, we always listen to it while prepping (and/or during) the trip, and it becomes a super fantastic labor of love.

So here is our first video from Barcelona and now, Maine! Yay family adventure-ing!

(This one needs sound!)

22 thoughts on “Maine: The Video”

  1. This is magical, and OHMYGOD, Gabe doing your little dance and running across the sand and I teared up watching this for no logical reason and I’m going to watch it again and I love it and you guys and you picked a TOTALLY PERFECT SONG.

    What camera do you use? How do you choose the song!?

    1. The cameras were the Sony NEX-5 (the camera Lauren uses to shoot all her weekending posts), and the iPhone 5S surprisingly.

      As for the song, Lauren had it in her mind for a future trip to Maine since she was in grad school.
      The Barcelona one, I picked from the moment we bought tickets. It was the song running in my head. =)

  2. Love it! The beach waddle and the mother-son jig. So precious. You are going to really enjoy looking back on these. Could I commission you to edit my future home videos? haha. I would like to know about the song choosing process, too! If there is such a thing.

  3. Oh LAUREN! My Heart! The silhouetted beach shot of Gabe running is magical, you are completely stunning, and I love watching Kamel and Gabe together. This is all the sweetest, and I am obsessed with this song. Love love love love. I just want to give you all the biggest hugs in the world. <3

  4. Ohhh wow this is so beautiful. I was going to ask what camera you used and which software but I see it’s been answered above 🙂 Great minds ask the same questions?

    You are so beautiful.. I love it when you are doing a little dance in the green dress with Gabe. And his firm decision walking everywhere and seeing places.

  5. this makes my heart so happy! it looks like a glorious trip and the song is perfect. goosebumps while watching it. and now totally inspired to make videos of trips. LOVE.

  6. This is so wonderful! The two-minute mark Gabe-runs-toward-a-duck just made my heart simply explode!

    This makes me want to film all the people I love right this instant!

  7. Dear Lauren and Kamel,
    This is a wonderful video. I am so glad that we are part of your lives and get to enjoy your adventures. Watching not only Gabe grow up, but also this very special family is an amazing gift. Thank you. Love you tons, DB

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