Happy #32 Kamel!

Dear Kamel,

In the last 6 months I have seen you grow more as a person, a father, a husband, and yourself than I have seen in the entire 5 years I’ve known you.

I look at you and I see my future. Is that what 30s are like? If so they look pretty magnificent. Full of self discovery, career advances, adventures, and major milestones. I like it.

Today is your birthday! And I am so grateful that all of the small little choices of both of our lives matched up in such a way where I find myself waking up next to you every day and especially this day.

I love you because…

… you are incredibly authentic.

… you are a fantastic father.

… the most patient person I know.

… you are so funny, even sometimes when you don’t mean to be.

… you put up with my million half filled water cups all over the house, my need to wash clothes that may not actually be dirty, my hair ties forever all over the place, and my refusal to take out the garbage (making you the go-to for that chore).


This is your day! We will probably have bagels for lunch even though I don’t want them (but for you! Bagels it shall be!), we will absolutely have Tres Leches cake after dinner, and I will make you piles of broccoli because that is almost your favorite food – you big weirdo.

And now you finally get to open the stash of presents from your family that I’ve been squirreling away in the bedroom.

I love you, happy birthday!


6 thoughts on “Happy #32 Kamel!”

  1. Broccoli ????? That is news to me. I’ll remember to have that more often when you come over. Ha
    I’m so glad you are part if our family, Kamel.

  2. Happiest of birthdays, Kamel! I will always appreciate your willingness to sample every kind of Newman-O, your enthusiasm, and the fact that you are 1/3 of one of my favorite families in the world 🙂

    Have a HUGE slice of cake tonight!

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