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Dear Lauren:

Do you believe in astrological signs? My son is a Virgo and I’ve read up about his personality type…should I be parenting him in any special way because he’s a Virgo? Or is it all a bunch of crap? Help!


Astrologically Confused in NY

Oh Astrologically Confused! Your question warms the cockles of my already warm and rather weepy heart!

Do I believe in astrological signs? I am obsessed with astrological signs! I have a ram tattoo on my wrist for my sign (aries) and a fish tattoo on my forearm for my son’s sign (pisces). My husband is a Virgo and his Virgo tendencies drive me bonkers, so I am intimately familiar with your future.

Virgos, the Virgin, are most frequently analytic, observant, helpful, reliable, and precise. They can also, at times, be rigid, cold, fussy and skeptical. Kamel, for example, loves order – he has a deep relationship with his excel spreadsheets. He also enjoys comfort and isn’t as good with transitions as I am. It takes him longer to adjust. He is also fabulous at budgets and working out problems, so your son has some major life strengths pre-programmed into him (with some possible neurosis as well, ha, but don’t we all?).

Now, in regards to parenting… do I parent towards my son’s pisces-ness? (Pisces are often imaginative, accepting, adaptable, wanting to be everyone’s friend, but also sensitive, indecisive, escapist, and at times lazy.) Should you parent towards your son’s virgo-ness? Is there ever a cut and dry answer to any parenting-related question ever? Yes and no. Maybe?

Here is what I do: I keep in mind who Gabe is now and who he could be later. Do I want him to be escapist and over sensitive? No! Is he doomed to have those traits? No, but I will keep them in mind. Maybe astrology is just a teensy bit of inside info into what our babies lean towards personality-wise, what they could be, where their potential lies. Perhaps it is totally meaningless… but I’ll take any insight I can at this point into how to be the best parent for Gabe that I can.

So maybe your son will have a harder time with transitions than a Gemini would have, maybe he will crave specific rules and order over vagueness, and maybe in this way you won’t be surprised by these things and can think on how you’d like to approach them when/if they pop up. What will you foster? What will you attempt to discourage? But I bet these are things you are already thinking about because you are a good mom!

And just remember! The best future partners for a Virgo are Pisces, Capricorn, and Taurus! The worst are Aries, Libra, and Aquarius – but Kamel and I are doing pretty good, so what do the stars know anyway? (They’ve just been around for billions of years is all.)

Alright readers, what do you think? Do you believe in astrology? Do you fit a specific sign? To you straddle the line between 2? Were you raised knowing your astrological traits or did you find out about them later?


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20 thoughts on “Better Than Real Life Advice”

  1. I’m a Taurus born in the year of the Ox. When it comes to stubbornness, I’m basically screwed. I have go-to people at work who I ask, “Am I reasonable to be annoyed about this, or am I being dumb and stubborn?” They’re my reality check πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m a Virgo, but I don’t really believe in the signs being accurate, since I feel like all the Virgo traits largely are accurate for me, I can also find pieces of myself in all the signs. So, I take my sign with a huge grain of salt. I was also raised by parents who thought signs were silly, so that definitely clouds my opinion! My daughter is a Cancer though so I guess reading it would be interesting — but I also don’t want to know, in a way, because I don’t want to project, you know? I don’t know! Ahh! πŸ˜›

  3. So funny, I’m a Pisces and as you saw, Weston is a Virgo…love this answer! And yes, I really do believe in astrology…probably way too much! Thanks for answering! πŸ™‚

  4. “So maybe your son will have a harder time with transitions than a Gemini would have”

    Ooo… I’m a Gemini and I am addicted to moving, cutting all ties and starting over again and again. Hmm…

    My son is a Scorpio, so I expect him to sting me a lot when he gets older. I just have to make sure he isn’t a sociopath like Scorpios I “dated.”

  5. I am the poster-child for Cancer (zodiac–not disease!). There has never been a word written about Cancers that did not thoroughly apply to me. My husband is a Pisces.

    And I gave birth to a teeny Capricorn. A determined Earth sign in our otherwise emotional, Water household! Oy. The teenage years should be interesting…

  6. I don’t really know anything about astrological signs, so i can’t really speak as to whether they are accurate or not… I’m on the cusp of taurus and gemini, and alex is a taurus. I think one of the traits of being a taurus is stubbornness, and… man alive does that apply to alex. so, there’s that πŸ™‚

  7. I’m a Gemini and the personality traits pretty much do apply to me,they always have. As for weekly / monthly predictions I believe in them when I find them convenient.

    Daughter is a Capricorn and a Horse and I don’t know much about them other that I once had a boyfriend who was a Capricorn and we got along very well. Maybe I should start reading just for funsies??

  8. I think astrology is pretty interesting. While I do believe we find uncanny coincidences between people’s behaviors and their signs because we are projecting, there does tend to be some slivers of truth!

    That being said, I was born on the Aries/Taurus cusp and that unique blend does tend to show. I’m a little Fire and a little Earth, quite conflicted. What is a real challenge is that I’m engaged to another Aries. We are characterized as stubborn and self-centered. Times two? Eek. haha

  9. Haha, I could not be MORE the opposite of my zodiac sign (Sagittarius).

    There can still be fun little takeaways in the readings though, no matter what your situationβ€” “Oh yeah, I guess I could be more patient,” or “I’ll keep an eye out for good things this month!” are probably nice things to do no matter what sign you are. They’re like fortune cookies in that way. πŸ˜€

  10. I have never really thought about astrological signs but this question got me interested and so now I’m googling like a crazy person.

    Great first question!!

  11. I stole an old Chinese horoscope book from my mum years ago, which looks at the combination of your astrological sign and your Chinese sign. I’m an Aries/Goat-Sheep – which is all kinds of wooliness, right there. My stepmum is 12 years older than me and also an Aries/Goat, and my aunt is 12 years older than her and the same again. Through the years we have had these weird confluences of events. One year we all had thyroid issues, the next all our cars broke down within a few weeks of each other. Weird.

    Anyway this awesome book breaks down each section – on what it’s like to love or parent each of these combinations and I find it completely fascinating. Lovely Husband is incredibly anti-astrology of any kind but he’s a Taurus/Snake, so what does he know about anything.

    Dear Boy is a Capricorn (in Chinese horoscopes he’s a Rabbit -although some call it the year of the cat) but I don’t think I’ve ever been aware of knowing a Capricorn before, so I’m flying blind with him.

    My trusty book says the Capricorn/Cat (or Rabbit) is “wiser than his years. He or she recognises early on the necessity for paying attention to business. He or she will not take kindly to the interfering kind of parent… secretive about their feelings and don’t appreciate meddling. This child will give a kind parent very little trouble. He wants to please and to fit in. He needs lots of comforts and will probably favour stuffed animals to live pets… is humble, yet sure of himself. You will not have to prod him to do what he likes doing. As for practicing the piano…”

  12. I bet you and Kamel have complementary moon and/or arising signs. It’s more than just the sun signs that determine compatibility! I have this great book that is a book of astrology for lovers that breaks down each sign into it’s sun-moon combination and tells you which combos are the most compatible. And it has a little section on the arising signs too. In my experience, it’s pretty accurate!

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