(Beauty) Products Review: 10 & 11

I could have sworn this was my 11th and 12th box, as I officially cut off the 1 year subscription a few weeks ago… but I guess maybe by “year” they mean…. almost? Anyways… I have never been happier to cancel a subscription before in my life!

Oh Birchbox, I will discuss the full scope of what you have meant to me, the good times and the bad times, in a couple weeks. But first we have some product business to attend. So let’s get started.

By the way – it has been almost 2 months since my last review due to vacation and general feet-dragging. How has your product journey been? Are you trying new things? Discovering new pomades and unguents? There are a few things on this list that I have yet to try, so if you have please give me your thoughts in comments!


This is the 10th box. I am always impressed with how many tiny things they can fit into that small rectangle.


This exfoliating cleanser from Suki was ranks in my #1 or #2 most disappointing item from this post. It had so much promise! I mean look at those granules! And it smelled so lemony and magical! And then when I used it in the shower the exfoliator melted almost immediately like kitchen sugar. It was such a waste and really did noting for my skin. It was difficult to scoop out of the tiny sample jar and when it came down to performance it’s a no-go. Maybe I’m supposed to use it with dry skin and then rinse off? But seriously… who has time for that?


I have not tried this nail polish yet, but I will! It is a fun purple/metallic and would look great on toes or fingers.


I was pretty excited about this nail polish remover towelette. And it was perfect timing as I just started a little experiment with my toes. I have had constant pedicured feet for the last few… years. The problem is, my big toe nails keep cracking near the center. It’s really annoying. They are not discolored and there is no weirdness going on, just this cracking. So I have decided to have naked toe nails all winter, in the hopes that a little air may help strengthen them. I should probably also start a Biotin regimen, but that is a different discussion.

Anyway! I really hate using cotton balls to get nail polish off. They always leave little cotton wisps everywhere and it takes forever and nail polish remover smells. So I thought these towelettes would be my answer! But these were right with the Suki exfoliator as far as disappointment goes. It took FOREVER to get my polish off! And so much active scrubbing! It was such a chore I started chipping away at my polish instead. I also found it kind of… oily? It was weird. I thought it was going to be a perfect solution, but nope. Not convinced.


This serum from Marcelle turned out to be the perfect combo to add to my BB Cream to make it hydrating and smooth! It looks like it might be kind of sticky, but it isn’t. It is really smooth and lovely. I used it up in like 3 days because I couldn’t stop using it. Two thumbs up – this fit into my routine and made my little system even better.


I haven’t used these shadows yet as I have been lax on the eye makeup lately. But yay neutral tones! I’m always up for free eye shadow.


This was exciting! A lotion from the makers of my new favorite perfume!!! My sample of Hello by Harvey Prince is still going strong so I was stoked bout this little happy yellow edition. And it was…. ok. I feel like this post is filled with meh! And I guess that just happens sometimes. The smell just didn’t translate as well in lotion form. It ended up being a little too sweet for me. Oh well. Shrug. On to the next item.

The 11th box was interesting. Lots of tiny little tubes of mysterious things. First up is the Whish Shave Cream.


I used this the day after I undid this box. Which says something because I usually let the box sit on my counter until a week before I need to write a post and then start using everything in a frenzy… with a few exceptions. So, last Sunday I was already to shave my legs, and I don’t ever use shaving cream so I really felt like this was going to be a treat. When I squeezed the Whish product into my palm it looked like a pearly lotion. The bottle says it doesn’t foam up but I did expect…. something, some sort of staying power.

When I rubbed it all over my leg it felt like I was putting on lotion in the shower, and not in a very confident way. I actually grabbed the bottle again and re-read the instructions. Could it have meant an AFTER shave cream? No. It definitely says my shave will be more luxurious thanks to this product. So I started to shave… and ah! It was the worst shave ever! And generally I just use bar soap to shave with! This created a terribly uneven shave and it was like dragging the razor across dry skin! For the second leg I switched back to soap and it was night and day. Did I just get a bad batch? I don’t get it! Did anyone else use this? I’m truly baffled.


Yay chapstick!! I love chapsticks of all kinds way way way too much. One time Kamel came home with fitfulls from a free sample bucket at work. Best surprise ever! They lived in my nighstand until I either used them all up or lost them… haha. This chapstick is a fun concept – night and day. It is also living on my nighstand and I have been using it before bed and before I leave in the morning. I love that it is 1 stick for 2 things. I love the way the chapstick on both ends feels and smells. Not stick or overly thick. Two thumbs up Chapstick! I will definitely pick this up in drugstores when mine runs out. It would be perfect for travel!


I’m a little afraid of this. I’m not sure how to use it. It says it’s for cheeks? But my cheeks are generally rosey and this just looks sticky/intense? I feel like I’ll try to put it on and it will look like a messed up clown, all uneven and splotchy? Has anyone else used this? Can you reassure me that it’s useful and awesome?


A blackhead vacuum?!?! What is this witchcraft? I imagined some sort of peel and then all the blackheads are there, like teensy trees!


It ended up being a mask that dried after 5-10 minutes and then I needed to wipe off with a warm washcloth. It was kind of fun, not AS fun as little trees, but I could dig it. Except it must use a chemical something or other to attack black heads and it made me really red across the bridge of my nose and the tops of my cheeks for a while afterwards. Kind of like the red I get when I wax my lip…. so… that kind of worried me and made me self conscious when I left the house.


Caudalie is a natural brand. They use the properties of grapes and wine in their products. I’ve been using this at night. It reminds me of a lot of the night serums and I am never sure they work. I would like to invest in one though, as I have been struggling with ongoing dryness post baby and would like to treat my face skin better as I approach my 30s.


I haven’t tried this one yet. I’m not sure if it does anything especially special. Has anyone else tried it?

It has been 11 months since I started this product-palooza and I am actually very happy it is coming to a close. What are you doing differently now that summer is fading and fall is upon us? How do you switch it up? Do you have any suggestions for me?

The next post on this (sooner rather than later!) will be a sample giveaway! And some discussion on what I’ve changed and any products I’ve actually bought and used. The final chapter, one might say. 🙂

6 thoughts on “(Beauty) Products Review: 10 & 11”

  1. That Yu-Be lotion is GREAT. I got a sample once, used it at night, and woke up with the most unbelievably soft hands. Unfortunately it doesn’t meet my hippy requirements so I didn’t buy a full size. But if you’re not a crazy lady like me, two thumbs up!

    I am very intrigued by this blackhead witch magic. They are my nemesis.

    I recently discovered a new lotion I’m loving, totally by fluke. The jerks at TSA made me toss my lotion, so I had to just pick something at the drugstore. I got Earth Science Apricot Intensive Night Creme. Which felt super sticky when I put it on but WHOA. My skin hasn’t looked this happy and hydrated in a long time.

  2. Ry bought me a subscription to the GoodeBox for our anniversary, and while I’m generally slow to use everything in the box, I’ve had pretty good luck and purchased 2 or 3 full size products. It alleviates my guilt because all the products are vegan, etc. but I am running out of room for mini bottles and tubes!

  3. I got that whish shave cream too and was completely unimpressed as well! In fact, I thought it smelled like vomit so… No go on that one. I haven’t tried the Temptu highlighter thing yet either for the same reasons. Blah.

    1. I got the whish shaving cream in blueberry, and Alex stole it from me… and now we buy him the full size. I guess it works on stubbly chins, less so on stubbly legs?

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