Lazy Town

I am being a super lazy blogger this week and I have many guilts about that. My brain is already on vacation – taking a blog vacation AND a real vacation starting next week.

I keep thinking every single day is Friday. Every. Single. Day. Especially today. And it is not. And that is so unfair. I wake up, think, “yay! FRIDAY!” and then it’s…. Tuesday? Wednesday? and now Thursday? OH THIS WEEK WILL NOT END.

There are so many posts that should be up and aren’t. More book reviews, I’m drowning in birchboxes, I have a gender post about raising a boy that needs to be written, and on and on and on. And instead I’m going to happy hours with my best friend, or watching too many episodes of The Mindy Project, or going to bed early.

I think my vacation is coming a week late, my brain is craving it now!

So starting next week there will be a new post every day about the sea! Stories about experiences around/inspired by/having to do with large bodies of water. Some of them having to do with grandmothers, some of them having to do with sex. So far all that I’ve seen have been beautiful!

And I’ll be checking in, commenting in comments, etc etc. You can always find me on instagram!

But in the mean time – how are your weeks going? What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

2 thoughts on “Lazy Town”

  1. Summer… Oh how I long for summer! This winter feels never ending, with an active toddler and bitter cold winds that wont go away…
    But, that said, I have 1 big and 2 small assignments left to do, and then its holidays for two weeks from uni, and we are off on a family adventure to the snow for a week in the middle of that. So I cant complain too much.
    The weeks are going by far too fast. I’m only managing to blog on average twice a month. I’m six months + behind on new photo editing (I’m ignoring the fact I have photos from 2011 still to be edited). But once my last big assignment is out of the way tomorrow, I’m on semi-cruise control for nearly three weeks. Bliss.
    Enjoy your holiday!

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