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It happened. I forgot the chicken in the slow cooker overnight. I woke up to the smell of burnt lime, chili, and expensive organic chicken. It smells the same as regular GMO hormone and antibiotic chicken probably. Except the smell in my house costs more money.

Remember that post about how I don’t run anymore? Well this morning I went for a run. Last weekend we did an Amazing Race inspired birthday party for Kathleen and we ran all over Seattle (meaning sprinting to and from clue to car to other clue, back to car) and I was sore for 2 days after. Plus I was super out of running shape. Plus I felt like an idiot. Plus it has been so beautiful out at 5:30 in the morning that I thought it would be nice. And it was! At first it was. I headed out at 5:30 in my yoga pants, sports bra and loose t-shirt. The morning was cool, but the kind of cool that is 2 seconds from heating up to hotsie totsie. Those are my favorite kinds of mornings. I took off on a warm up jog, then did some sprinting, then got a bug in my mouth which I successfully spit out, then attempted to breath only through my nose which made me almost pass out, then gave up and went back to my usual panting like a dog, and legit swallowed a bug. I thought about throwing up but was able to stymie the gagging. There was no water fountain near me and the bug got stuck in the back of my throat. I kept imagining its little wings plastered to my insides – that didn’t help. It took a lot of swallowing to get it to a place where I could forget it was there. This whole time trotting around the park, sometimes sprinting, sometimes slowing to a walk. Ok, I lied – the bug in my throat never got to a point where I could forget it was there but I did run through it. It was my Everest.

Gabe is getting molars. His mouth is a war zone. He is so sad and miserable and can’t eat. The saddest thing I’ve heard is the daycare ladies saying he kept trying to eat mac and cheese but every time he would put it in his mouth he would start crying. They kept watching him try to eat and then cry. They said its his favorite. He was so discouraged. That was a bad day all around. Poor booger.

I’m having a hard time knowing what to do with myself in real summer. I’ve had fake summer for so many years, where I always need a jacket except for maybe 1-2 days and now because of that I have no clothing for a consistent 80+ degree season. I am totally over dressed, but also uncomfortable with anything sleeveless. Wearing a dress or skirt to work feels like too much effort, as my dresses and skirts are mostly for events and my maxi dresses are sleeveless and make me feel like I am borderline wearing a beach cover up. How does one “do” this thing called summer?

Gabe’s new words recently: Goal, Mas (more in spanish), Book, Milk, Dada (Finally, but inconsistently. Most people are still mama).

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  1. I just got a long-sleeve, 100% silk shirt from Everlane and it is WINNING the summer shirt thing. Totally cool and breezy, feels like I’m wearing a pajama top, but still professional for work. I throw it over jeans or a black dress and good to go.

    Bugs + running = the worst. The little winged jerks.

  2. Nothing is comfortable in 80+ degree summer weather. So I just deal with it and keep a wool sweater at my desk for the freezing air-conditioned offices.My best bet, though, is a cotton dress with a cardigan or cute airy skirt with a cotton t-shirt.

    I love reading that you tried running again. I wonder how I will maintain my body sometimes when I don’t enjoy running. I like active things but don’t have the discipline to do regular strenuous exercise. Are you still doing the kinect workouts? I’m trying bar method classes right now because there’s a studio right by my work, but it’s hard to fit in fitness when my husband doesn’t exercise too!

    1. Oh yes! I’m still doing kinect a lot as my primary work out. I am absolutely NOT investing time and energy into a certain distance of running or anything like that. But maybe once a week? mixing up my routine a bit.

      It is SO hard to keep up with all of the working out. I could never be part of a gym or class at this point, just getting there and getting back takes up time. So I commend you!! In my living room in my underwear is the only way for me. haha.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one sore for two days!! Love reading your blogs 🙂 look forward to them every week!!

  4. Are you raising Gabe bilingually? What’s that like? I’d be interested to hear more about that process (i.e. your “rules” for who speaks what language and when; how his language development might be slower at first because he’s learning two languages but what a gift long term; his understanding of the fact that some people speak Spanish to him and some speak English, etc.). Or maybe you’re not “officially” raising him bilingually and he just picks up some words or maybe it’s not something you want to share but I’m totally intrigued by the idea of being able to raise a kid bilingually! So cool!

    1. We are trying to raise him bilingually, but as I do not speak spanish it is kind of hard. It doesn’t seem to have slowed down his language at all, he is generally hitting all of the marks and is a little parrot. Kamel speaks to him in spanish, but I have to always remind him to do so when I am around. When they are alone, he only speaks to him in spanish. We also watch disney movies in spanish, sing spanish songs, have toys that say stuff in spanish, watch spanish-speaking TV channels, etc to try to get it around his world more.

      I’m not being overly crazy about it. But we are trying. He knows more words than he can speak. So far his spanish words he can speak are: Mas, Techo (ceiling), and Agua. He has more english than spanish, but i’m hoping it will even out.

      1. We are also attempting to do this, from the little that I’ve been able to read is that what is important is consistency. It does not matter that you (Lauren) don’t speak Spanish (or the other language). What’s important is that Kamel speaks Spanish and only Spanish to him all the time, and you, English and only English all the time (no mixing of languages, and no switching from one to the other) . They call it OPOL (One Parent One Language). Then he “stores” the information separately and is able to distinguish one language from the other. But , as with everything, I think it also varies per kid, some, I would think have the gift and in some the development will be slower . But people say it works.

  5. Lauren, dresses at work for life! In the morning I pull on a dress, pick one piece of jewelry, grab flats and BAM dressed.

    My favorite dresses are fit and flare shapes in solid colors. A quick browse of Old Navy yielded this one:

    I’m also a Lands’s End fan. Great quality, excellent sales. I’ve had my eye on this wrap dress.

    In the winter I layer tights under them with a sweater on top. Swap flats or sandals for boots. Come to the dark side.

  6. (I live in Seattle too)

    I keep a collection of cardigans by my desk at work and then I wear sleeveless shirts with skirts/cropped khakis in the summer. I have about 7-10 sleeveless tops and then a couple casual skirts. I got this black maxi skirt from the gap when it was half off: That black maxi skirt has to be the most versatile item of clothing I’ve ever bought. It makes all of my sleeveless shirts look like dresses! I also have this skirt: and it is awesome! It has pockets!

    But yes. Cardigans are key. One of my coworkers jokes that I have a closet at work…

    1. You are in Seattle?? Which neighborhood?

      And damn. Ok. I have been office-wear schooled. I need to start investing in non-skinny jean apparel.

      1. Queen Anne! I found your blog through APW a while back and wanted to say “hi! We should meet IRL! when you guys moved to Seattle”, but I was worried that was weird 🙂 I don’t really wear dresses to work for the same reasons you do. All my dresses are either sundresses or too dressy for work. My winter attire is Nordstrom Rack/Gap jeans with t-shirt+cardigan or nice sweater. All my sleeveless shirts cover my shoulders, so honestly, they’re work appropriate without the cardigan.

  7. I hope Gabe will feel better soon. I have no idea how to dress for work, our office used to be super flexible (think people in dread locks and punk t-shirts). And the other work environments I have been too are either farms or clinics, so, it was jeans all the way.

    Sometimes I like to imagine myself in a super fancy work environment (I guess law?, though it is not at all me) where I could were pencil skirts and structured dresses all the time. But to be honest I think I would get tired of it real fast.

  8. I never thought I’d ever say this – but I found a little macrame-style short-sleeved bolero top thing and use that over singlets or no-sleeve tops/dresses. It kind of hides the upper arms but there’s all kinds of breeze going through there. It was one of my pregnancy finds for work through the summer months. I also had some cotton short-sleeved boleros.

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