(Beauty) Products Review: 8 & 9

June has been a month of insanity and I have not had the time I usually have for normal person things, let along attempting new products, etc etc etc. I was lucky to get out of the house with a blow dry most days. Sometimes even that didn’t happen.

So this post will combine 2 Birchboxes in 1! Plus a little hair-product chatter and discussion of what I use (and hopefully what you use, because hair stuff? I am a freak for.)


This lip gloss by Jouer is so sparkly and pretty it could live on its own just as is and never be worn and I would be content just to have it on my bathroom counter. When I first saw it I thought it was nail polish and was excited. As lip gloss though, it is a little beyond my sparkle abilities and reminds me of junior high. It had a good consistency though and I would definitely try other colors from this brand. Did anyone else get a gloss by them? Any other colors out there?


Shampoo! I am always excited with samples of shampoo and this one  by Davines came in an adorable little tub! And so much for a sample! If I used it every single day (which I won’t because I don’t wash my hair that much) it would last me several weeks. Yay Birchbox getting non-stingy samples! The conditioner is in the usual squeezy pouch, but is super super thick, almost like shea butter consistency, so a little goes a long way. As far as smoothing I didn’t experience anything extra smooth about it, and the scent is only OK. It’s a teensy bit medicinal for me, so I think I’ll use the shit out of it as a way to mix up my shampoo regimen, but I don’t think I’d by it. Has anyone been using any amaze amaze shampoo? I’m still nursing my Beauty Protector purchase from many moons ago along with my usual John Frieda stuff. (Although, side note: I was pretty bummed about the amount of Beauty Protector shampoo you get for the price.)


This scent is AMAZING. Amazing amazing amazing rock my socks amazing. I have never ever ever been in love with a scent before. I am general scent free and super picky when it comes to any kind of perfume. I am always jealous of women who have a signature scent (Ahem: Maris) and find it incredibly comforting when I am met with someone I love’s familiar smell. As creepy as that sounds, it is not! Hello by Harvey Prince is delightfully citrus-y and feminine and not overly sweet or overly floral (Which is a huuuuuge issue for me). It isn’t heavy, but it does linger in all the best ways. I will be shelling out for this one the next time I get some extra beauty cash. If you enjoy citrus, find yourself a sample of this immediately.


What is with these serums and smelling like not good things? The package indicates “Ahh refreshing!!” But in reality it is no bueno. It isn’t quite as bad as the one that smelled like hot dog water, but it was just…. strange. Not necessarily herbal or medicinal, but… kind of ew? I have to admit though, after only 1 use (and in the teensy vial there really is only enough for 2 nights worth) my skin feels way more hydrated than it has in months. I have been really struggling with some strange dry skin and I’m not sure why. I thought it was because of the Smashbox BB cream, and I still find that product drying and have been mixing it with my moisturizer periodically, but I think my skin is just generally thirsty. And the next day after using this my skin looked way better than it has in a while, way less fine lines from that dehydration look, and a dry patch that had been bugging me on my forehead has disappeared. I don’t think I’ll buy this particular night oil from Caudalie, but I will be looking for something similar. (There is another brand I really want to try that uses olive oil, and I’ve heard absorbs pretty quickly after application.)



This body wash and lotion I did not use because I am not a fan of apricot, so it landed itself in the Birchbox giveaway sample pack! Yay!


I could not even wait until after I took photos to try this bad boy out. Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls is by FAR the best curl cream I have ever come across. Hands down. The end. Mic Drop. All it takes is some scrunching and then some air drying and voila. I posted this on instagram the first time I used it:


So you KNOW that ish is idiot proof and doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. Check out those same curls after a pretty large walk to the farmers market + wrangling Gabe at the park:


Yup. This product is a slam dunk. And I only have wavy-ish hair. It does have natural volume, especially in humidity, but when I blow dry sans any trying whatsoever it is mostly just poofy and straight. So, I do not come by wrinkles as easy as this makes it seem. Miss Jessie’s yo. SO AWESOME. (And it smells as good as my beachy curls look.)


More Supergoop! This is, again, a solid product. It is a thin, non-greasy daily spf. I wore it when we walked to the farmer’s market last weekend and then Kamel made us stop at a million places to pick up other random doo-dads, and I was all “I just wanna go hoommeee! I’m gonna burrrrnn!” because I am constantly afraid of being out in the sun for too long. It is my biggest anxiety about daily life, and now that anxiety can be successfully transferred to my child as he is as white as the driven snow. But I digress. Supergoop! I did not burn! I was free from face burnage! All thanks to this sunscreen! I don’t really know how much it costs (I have not looked, nor have I bought any as I am still squeezing the samples DRY), but it’s pretty good at what it does, doesn’t make me break out, and layers well under makeup. Ta da!


I was really hesitant about the hair oil milk something-or-other by Davines. I already use an oil in my hair (more on that in a minute), and I was honestly a little skeptical about what something in a little packet could really do for me. I should really know better by now, though. Every time I think something is going to meh, it ends up bloowwwwinggg me away. So this product looks like a thin sunscreen and feels similarly – maybe a little watery-er, but you get the general picture. So it isn’t like an oil at all. I put it in my hair after a shower, after  towel-dried and after I brushed it out. It goes in smooth, isn’t thick or heavy. It smells fantastic and I immediately felt like it was making my hair the best hair it could be. Then I blow dried, while trying to keep the baby from playing in the toilet, while handing Kamel his towel when he got out of the shower, and trying to rescue my nightstand things from the garbage where the baby was throwing them. And this is how it turned out:


Hello! I want that hair every day! It was so easy! And it stayed beautiful all day long! Magic. I added this to my shopping cart immediately.


This is yet another black eyeliner and I am being a major wimp and adding it to the give-away pile without even trying because I just feel like it will be wasted on me? I need someone to come over and teach me what to do with a real life grown up eye pencil/crayon thingy (and not just different colored powder, because that is all I can work and all I ever will until someone holds my hand and strokes my hair and shows me step by step). So hopefully this will find a good home. Cuz how cute are those gold spots? So cute.


This is face wash by Liz Earle just looks so goddamn pretentious, I wanted to hate it straight out the box. Like, whatever fancy old lady face wash! You had to pack your own wash cloth? I don’t even use wash cloths! Pshhh. And you’re all “massage onto skin and then buff away with the warm, wet cloth.” I’m going to really buff the face wash away? Who has time for BUFFING.

Well jokes on me. This is the shit. Remember how I have been all “wahh my face is dry”? Well, this is going to fix it. It’s like you’re rubbing in a creamy lotion – but it turns out it’s just super fancy old lady face wash! And the wash cloth looks initially sad and scratching, nope! It is lovely in the shower. I had none of that terrible tight feeling after I got out the shower and my skin looked so amazing!! Pretentious old lady face wash you have been added to my shopping cart!

Alright…. Now (quickly, because this is the longest beauty post of my LIFE) a word on what I am actually using for my hair aside from the few slam dunks mentioned above.


First, I want to tell everyone I know about Jojoba oil. Here is what I do: On Saturday or Sunday while I am just running around, doing laundry, being boring – I put this oil all over my hair until it looks wet. Then I tie it up in a bun and hang out in it for as long as I can. Then I take a shower and wash it out. This works 1000000x better than any hair mask and is way cheaper. My hair is never greasy and is always thirsty. This makes it way more manageable and is truly hydrating my scalp all the way down to my ends.

Second, I often sprtiz my ends with the leave in conditioning by Beauty Protector at night before bed. I’ll also use this if I don’t want to wash my hair but need a little pick me up. I love the scent and it’s great for heat protecting as well.

And third, hairspray is my friend (it’s not really my friend, it totally dries out my hair and is a mess BUT I love it). I get a big old aerosol (bad) can of whichever salon type is on sale and I use it for everything: taming stupid fly-aways because my hair is still a nightmare with growing out after my entire hairline fell out apres baby,enhancing curls, and general hold for pinning my hair in fun ways.

But that’s it, those are my secret weapons. What do you have going on? What are your go-to products? Did you receive any of this Brichbox items, what did you think? What have you been using recently that you love/hate? Sometimes it feels super lonely in my bathroom trying to figure out what the hell to do with all of these samples. Thank you for coming along on this ridiculous product avalanche with me!

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  1. I LOVE the curl cream! I actually picked it up after using Miss Jessie’s “Pillow Soft Curls” and finding out that it was too heavy for my hair. I chatted online with one of their specialists on their website and after describing my hair to her, she told me to order the Quick Curls. IT IS AMAZING. I also have wavy hair that tends to POOF when I blow it out, so if I want to wear my hair curly, I towel dry and throw some of this stuff in there. I love it. I’m so glad you discovered it and are loving it too! I wish it wasn’t so pricey (I’m notoriously cheap about beauty products, though) but I think that it’s worth it.

    My other favorite beauty products right now are Tresemme’s “Keratin Smoothing System” shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in product. The shampoo and conditioner are inexpensive but smell nice and leave my hair feeling good, and the leave-in system is awesome. It really does help smooth my hair when I flat iron it (which I do most days) and it does last over 3 washes. I also picked up “Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo” and it’s the best dry shampoo that I’ve found. I’ve tried a couple of others that were too sticky and left my hair feeling grosser than when I started, but this is light and adds a lot of body and a nice scent. Definitely would recommend it!

  2. Wow, I get COMPLETELY different Birchbox products! Interesting.

    Anyway, I don’t really have dry skin except sort of in winter, but I’ve found vitamin E oil to be really good for helping with dryness. I usually put a bit over moisturizer at night and concentrate on any extra-dry patches (cheeks, forehead, etc.). It is a bit greasy (hence using it only at night) but it works really well and also helps prevent and heal scarring if that’s ever a thing you’re thinking about.

    I do have semi-curly hair that might have a similar texture to yours. I’ve tried 1,000 curl things and generally am disappointed, but I put them on at night after I shower and then just dry my hair while I sleep (read: while it’s crushed into my pillow). This method might have something to do with my issues but 50% of the time I think that putting nothing in my hair while it’s wet makes the best curl. The other 50% of the time I make some weird concoction from various sprays and cremes I have. If you’re in the market to try something else, I’d recommend Bumble & Bumble’s styling lotion, which is a spray even though it sounds like a creme. You can use it for leaving your hair wavy/curly or you could also spray it in before blow-drying it straight, so it’s kind of like having multiple products in one.

  3. I think I told you before, but I love Klorane hair products, particularly the mango hair mask. It is miraculous. I also love the John Frieda line for curly hair, it just leaves my hair so soft and pretty. It is expensive, so I only get it when there is a sale (which actually happens quite regularly).
    I also love citrus perfume that is not too sweet or girly. Have you tried Clinique Happy? and my all-time favorite, In Love Again from Yves Saint Laurent (it is kind of acid, I think it has grapefruit, but it reminds me of guayaba).
    I realy want to try that curly cream!

  4. Product Avalanche!! Hahahaha I. love. it. Loved! I am suuuuppper curious about the pretenious old lady facewash now that I have been wanting to start something new since I heard the “microbeads” in my beloved Aveeno facewash are massively polluting lakes! But that is a whole other story. So – I volunteer myself to come help with eyeliner!! I have also really enjoyed the Cynthia Rowley liners that have come recently (although the first was a stupid silver sparkly one that was a horrible mistake to even play around with) – but the two black ones that have come have been glorious. I expect they will last for a long time – and a little goes a really long way so I am thrilled. I would LOVE to do some hand holding and hair patting 🙂 Oh! I also got the supergoop sunscreen sample – and love it! I have loved supergoop this year, a vitamin C and anitoxidant infused yummy smelly spray version was a staple in Jamaice. Great solid bran, yes! I have actually been slow to buy anything from birchbox, mostly cause I forget – so thank you for this reminder! Going NOW to buy the much loved hair old from “beauty and protect”. Yay!
    ps: tried the gloss that you pawned on me and it is lovely! I used only a tiny bit and the gloss was lovely! Not sure why it doesn’t scream junior high, but I’ll take it!

  5. Also forgot to mention, my face product find of the century (seriously will be using this til I die!) is a Mario Bedescu (talk about pretentious) face spray”with aloe, herbs, and rose water”. It is like heaven in a spray, feels like it tones, moisturizes, and de-irritates my skin. I use it daily in the morning after oil of olay face lotion, or as a moisturizer itself if I did a gentle wash of the face and don’t need lotion. Also as a pick me up whenever I need it, or before bed. could go on and on about this. Highly recommend!

  6. I have to come back to read the rest of this later, but I also got that same perfume in last month’s box and I LOVE IT. I am not *that* picky about scents, and neither is Donnie, but what we both like doesn’t seem to intersect in the slightest. And I want him to like how I smell too, right? But he loves this! And so do I! So I’m going to be buying some, once I have some extra monies. WE WILL SMELL THE SAME FROM OPPOSITE COASTS!! Perfume twins or something. 🙂

  7. Oh nos. I am supposed to be saving money and now I want to buy fancy perfume and curl cream and hair oil! I am obsessed with citrus smells so I might need to splurge on that Harvey Prince.

    Have you tried moroccan oil? Is it very different from jojoba? That’s what I use to calm frizzies but I’ve never tried the method you describe with the jojoba. I’m always willing to try something new if it has even a 1% change to make my hair manageable in humidity!

    1. My very first hair mask was a Moroccan oil one. And I did love it but it was $$$. My hair lady actually suggested I use olive oil and drench my hair in it and then sit in it for as long as I could stand it before washing it out. But when I did research I saw that olive oil can cause a lot of skin break outs if it is used like that. Jojoba oil in its pure form is pretty cheap. The bottle pictured was about $8.50 and I’ve been using it every week for about 2 months now and I took photos of it last weekend so I haven’t used that much. Even though I have been drenching my hair until it is good and slick every weekend. I had a bout of super itchy scalp last week so instead of just focusing on my ends, I massaged it into my head as well – no more itchiness! I wish I could do the treatment more than once a week, but we’ve been pretty busy and sometimes it’s hard to find the time to sit around looking a hot mess, waiting to shower. Although I have gone on walks and to the park with oily hair. Actually! Not pride weekend, but the weekend before, there is a photo of me where Kamel is eating ice cream? My hair is all oily in that one.

      And about Harvey Prince – I think they will ship you a sample! Dooo ittt and let me know what you think.

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