Baptized Gabriel Esmay

Last month Gabe was baptized! And it was an incredibly moving, joyous, stressful, wonderful, family-filled experience. His godmothers did an amazing job and I think we all held our breath a little when the priest took him from me to douse his head in water. There was a pretty good chance Gabe could have swatted at him and then took off running. But that didn’t happen!

We hired a photographer so it was one less thing I had to worry about day of. If you’re in the Seattle area check out Craig Larsen Photography.





(Godmother Kathleen!)





(Godmother Regina)












15 thoughts on “Baptized Gabriel Esmay”

  1. Such a beautiful day! And I’m amazed at how different he looks in some of these photos. They grow up too quickly!! <3

    1. So beautiful and moving! I especially love the one where he’s actually getting baptized and you and Kamel are looking on, the one with his godmother, and the one where he’s booping Kamel’s nose. So sweet. Congrats to you and your family!

  2. Oh my goodness, Lauren. The shot of you with your hand up while he’s being baptized is amazing. So, so full of emotion. I put this one right up there with the laying of the hands photo from your wedding.

    Love love love. To all of you. =)

  3. Wow ! So much joy. The shower of love at occasions like this is just amazing. These photos are good, I love the Lion King moment, him sticking his tongue out to the priest, and that one with your hand over your mouth. It sounds like such a beautiful day.

  4. Love that series of three pics with the priest holding Gabe up to the congregation. Just out of curiosity – was that a Catholic baptism? It’s the only kind I’m familiar with and it all looks so familiar.

      1. Truly amazing. I am so jealous…. we had a Catholic baptism but they don’t do Simba in Mexico ;( Now I am going to have to do it in the balcony.

  5. This was a very special day and event. This church and pastor were the most inviting place ever. Thank you for sharing it with us. Love you tons, DB

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