5 Years of Knowing

When I was pregnant with Gabe, Kamel and I would go on lots of walks. Frequently we would ask each other, “5 years ago could you believe this would happen? That you would be living here, married, and about to have a baby?” We would always say, “no way! no how! I wouldn’t have believed it even if future me came back and told me it would happen!”

Five years.


(A photo from July 12th, 2009)

It’s not so long. Not as long as I have known my best friends. Only a fraction of how long my parents have been together. But 5 years of knowing, somehow it feels solid. Not so solid (but what is solid? 10? 30?), but it feels good. In a few days we celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary.

5 years. 1 wedding. 6 moves between us. 1 child. A million and 1 fights. A million and 1 makeups. Every day deciding: Yup, this one, I pick this one.

This weekend we are enjoying some luxury in town. I am writing this poolside, a breeze off the water, a lime green umbrella above me, and my Kamely by my side. This life continues to give me so many crazy surprises. So many challenges. So many joys.

5 years ago I did not know this would be my future. 5 years ago I met a guy from twitter for a photoshoot (do not do what I did, it sounds crazy when spoken out loud) with a hasselblad and the rest is history. A few days, maybe a week, after I met him I imagined who our children would be. A month later I moved away to Seattle, leaving him in San Francisco. 7 months later I moved back. 9 months later we were engaged.

Everything you know can change in a moment. A year can be the difference in it all. 5? I can’t even imagine.

photo (2)

(From today, July 12th, 2014)

photo (3)

11 thoughts on “5 Years of Knowing”

  1. Yay anniversary!

    Five years ago tomorrow I met my husband! It was his birthday and I bought him a shot and then he asked for my number as his birthday present. Neither of us had cars and so we had to be brought to each other’s houses by my sister and his best friend like teenagers. I hope we never grow up.

    Also, I love your emphasis on choosing to make it work every day. So much of the Internet is people pretending marriage/love is effortless and it makes it feel like if you struggle you’re failing. You’re doing good work!! Happy staycation!!!!

  2. Happy 5 years! You met an internet stranger for a photo shoot?? I think I need to hear more about this story sometime… We’ll have been together 9 years this October. It feels lightning fast to me.

  3. Congrats on the 5 years!! 5 years ago I was living alone in Vancouver, doing a 6 month program. I was an ocean + a whole country away from my boyfriend (4 years together at the time). The next year we moved together to LA for work, last December we got married, and this February we moved to NY! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Meeting a guy from Twitter for a photoshoot sounds less crazy than putting a personal ad on Craigslist. Slightly less…but you know…

  5. 5 years ago Mark and I were living together, we had done our first Christmas with family and summer holiday together. In just over a month, its 5 years since we got engaged. In just under 4 months, its 4 years since we got married and bought our first home together.
    4 years. So we’ve been together more than six. How did that happen?
    Next year, for our 5th anniversary, we are hoping to celebrate by having me pass my exams and have a job offer, so we can hopefully buy what we want to be our long-term home. Gosh. How grown up does that sound? ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. 5 years! Congratulations, so much, can change so fast! You look beautiful in that photo.
    5 years ago I had just moved to The Netherlands (after a year and a half together) and was busy starting an internship at a veterinary clinic and adjusting to a completely different country,
    So many more years of adventures and choosing each other every day.

  7. Congratulations, five years is a big milestone. Love those pictures of you guys together. In a few days Lovely Husband and I mark our first-kiss-iversary – that’s when we mark the start of our the relationship and the end of a long year of fancy-bird dancing around each other. Thirteen years for us together; eight years of married life in October. Holy crappola, that seems like a lot.

  8. I love this. 5 years is so momentous isn’t it! It just feels weighty (in a good way). I also did a blog post when we reached 5 years. I also want to hear the story of how you guys met some day too. I love those. Happy anniversary!

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