The Reason for the Season

Lauren Hasselblad

A little over a year ago, I remember waking up early to a Lauren who felt like she was having contractions. She was. And hours later, she became a mom.

The road to get there was probably the most amazing thing I have ever seen Lauren go through. From the moment we interrupted BIRL magazine planning for her to tell me she was pregnant to the moment where I found myself holding her leg and counting to 10 while she pushed out a crazy baby boy. She went through so much, it was unbelievable. And to this day I’m still super impressed and proud at everything she rocked.

She would walk over mile everyday to take her train home while being 40-50lbs heavier. She would still make her own lunches and go to work everyday, even though she was fatigued or grossed out. She would still travel, even though the TSA would always give her shit about requesting to opt out of scanners. I can’t believe we went on like 10 plane rides and to another country while she was pregnant! What were we thinking? Haha

Lauren Hasselblad

But that’s what I love about her. She was still up for any adventure that came our way. She still is. And that’s part of what makes her an amazing mom.

This year, I’ve seen her be the most incredible mom ever. She is such a badass and Gabe will one day, hopefully, agree. She’s always done anything and everything to take care of our son, even if it meant interrupting snooze time or be peed on. She will always put our son first and can become a mean momma bear if she has to. She will make the time to make baby food from scratch, even if all she wants to do is lay down and play Kingdom Rush. She will not put up with Gabe’s annoying tantrums, even if he’s acting like the world is ending, she holds strong and doesn’t give in. She will get in on Gabe’s random dance parties no matter how tired or busy she is. I love it. And I love Gabe’s random dance parties. That kid is going to be an amazing dancer one day, just like his dad. Haha

Anyways, I love the mom that Lauren has become. Modern, fair, cool and sexy (yeah hot mom!). And if it wasn’t for her, Gabe and I wouldn’t have made it this far with all our sanity intact. So Lauren, thank you for being an incredible new mom. Thank you for all the help and amazing teamwork and support. I’m so proud of you and cannot wait to celebrate many other mothers days with you. Today is your day! You’ve earned it.

Happy Mothers Day!

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