Searching for the Happies

My grumps have not subsided. Certain things I can usually shrug off are hitting me deep and hard. For the inside myself part of the show things have been no bueno for a lot of the time. Muddle through, get through the day, try not to bite Kamel’s head off, try not to comment on such and such so as not to start an avalanche of unnecessary drama. I feel like holding yourself back in the world of the constant ability to have a public opinion deserves a round of applause. Hey everyone! I didn’t start shit! Hoooray! My ability to hold myself back doesn’t happen too often, so let it be known: This week Lauren didn’t burn the place down! Carry on with your normal lives!

So in order to reverse my current trajectory, let’s talk about the happy things. Maybe you can help me in comments with your own. I need inspiration.

Excellent smelling hand lotion

The way my shoes click on the tile at work.

Gabe saying, “Oh no!” and “Uh oh!” and “Wow! Wow!”

Watching Gabe try salsa for the first time and loving it.

Being woken up to Kamel pulling me in for a snuggle in the middle of the night.

Instagram. I love seeing everyone’s photos.

Margaret Atwood.

My grandma’s homemade jam.

Your turn. Help me out. What are your happies this week?

36 thoughts on “Searching for the Happies”

  1. I’d like to celebrate us for the many many times we’ve refrained from telling people who suck, “YOU SUCK”. There have been many instances of this this week. Ahem.

    Warm sleeping dog smells. This is absolute heaven.
    Getting to sleep through the night after days of sleep deprivation.
    Moderately regained mobility.
    Snarktastic banter w/a coworker.
    Tackling a long neglected corner of messiness. Success!
    PiC saying: “You know what you’d like? Prime rib.” And then GETTING prime rib!!

  2. I know the feeling honey, when the grumpies go beyond their normal territory and hit harder. I am so sorry! I have also been trying my best to learn new skills to keep those in check lately too. It’s HARD. You are doing great. Seriously. Huge snaps to you!

    -lemon water, all day
    -the good wife on amazon prime instant video
    -free time magazine I am swindling weekly from work
    -dusting the desk I worked hard to make and having it shine
    -rumblings of a new life step
    -farmers market sauerkraut
    -seeing an old friend this weekend and eeeeing all over town about it

  3. Hey L, I’m sorry to hear that the grumps have gotten to you. Totally just putting this out there but I am really truly happy to 1) watch Gabe for an afternoon/evening if you and K want some time to be together or just separate and/or 2) pop over to the hill for a quick cookie/cocktail after work if you need some lady time.

    Today is my birthday! Looking forward to dinner with my parents tonight.

    I like my wardrobe again! Just as I was about to die a melodramatic death if I had to wear tights for the 237th day in a row, the weather warmed up and my flats are back in rotation.

    My once a week stop at Trabant for their spicy chai.

    Orphan Black on Amazon Prime.

    My patio in the evenings.

    All the flowers in my neighborhood.

    How late the sun is setting.

    Being surrounded by friends and eating ice cream cake.

  4. Happies:

    Decorating the new place. Finding balance between D’s “style” and my style and creating something that is ours.

    Doggy kisses when I get home from work.

    80 degrees and breezy.

    Sunshine, shorts, and bare feet in the grass.

    Snuggles & Netflix marathons.

    Finding old pictures while packing.

  5. grumps are no bueno indeed! things i’ve been loving this week; my best is coming for a visit in june, the forest is green! trail runs are much more exciting now haha, the pool is filled, i stopped reading a book that wasn’t working for me and picked up one i love

  6. Dinner plans tonight with some lovely ladies.

    Beach vacation next week. Less than a week to sun, sand, and fresh salt air.

    We had central air installed in our 1940s row house last week. No more struggling to sleep on hot and humid summer nights in DC!

    Jami has been much happier at work the past few weeks. Happy wife, happy life.

    Avocado oil potato chips.

    School picture day. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  7. I hear ya on the grumpies! I get them a lot.. and it’s so hard to see the happies, so thanks for posting this.

    * Kitty snuggles
    * Listening to kitty purrs
    * Leaving tomorrow to visit one of my BFF’s
    * Our heat wave is over
    * I like my outfit today
    * I actually have money in my bank account

  8. Oh I need the happies too!

    My happies:

    – the vet being able to do surgery on my dog sooner so that he can start healing sooner.
    – BABY KICKS. She’s a freaking acrobat and I don’t know how she can kick/punch/headbutt me in two places so far away from each other at the same time.
    – 40 days of work left until maternity leave and counting.
    – Obgyn appt tomorrow means I get to see the baby quickly <3

    That's all I can think of, I need more happies to get rid of the stress!

  9. I was siiiiick with total lurgy for the first half of this week and have reluctantly dragged myself back to work, and also our new PM just delivered a budget that basically screws over every person and social group important to me, so I hear you on needing to focus on the good things and also stopping yourself from starting screamy arguments about things. Right there with you.

    My good things:

    – Starting a great GREAT book and glorying in the perfection of sentences. It’s so wonderful when language itself is beautiful as well as the story being riveting. Both at once is just to die for.

    – Bright lipstick! Always makes me feel better, prettier, more ‘done’. (FYI my drug store fave that you can get for ten bucks is Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie. Bought it in your wonderful country. I adore it.)

    – Catching up with my friends from high school for Mexican food and hearing their stories about hook ups that rival the ones in Girls and SATC. One of my friends told me a story about how she accidentally hooked up with the IT guy at work! GOLD.

    – That first moment of the morning when I get my coffee and drink it and I can feel the caffeine running through my body and I am AWAKE HUZZAH!

    – Writing changes to make on my novel draft again and knowing that I am still making it better even after I’ve been working on it for close on two years now. I swear I am sending this baby out before it’s two years old. I must.

      1. YAAAAY! As someone who was initially kind of terrified of lipstick and has slowly gotten more and more into it and now owns about twenty lipsticks (uh, at least) this fills me with glee. I love converting people to lipstick 😀 wearing it makes me feel so confident and happy and I always hope it will feel that way for other people too. Also those are really wonderful ‘starter’ lipsticks because you can really shade on the colour as you like, and (BEST) – they come off organically so you rarely get left with the outline of your lips and not the inside part! I hope you love them 🙂

  10. Yesterday would have been my Dad’s 61st birthday, so I am with you in feeling down and grumpy. On with the happies:

    -I found out that I won’t be arrested for spreading Dad’s ashes in his favorite fishing lake as he requested (and no special permit needed!).

    -Elliott gives “hugs” and it makes everything better.

    -School is out on June 4 and I can’t wait to sit around this summer. Oh, and take care of my baby and unpack. Yeah, we still haven’t finished unpacking from our February move. What about it? 🙂

    -Taking steps to be healthier. A flat tummy is not my goal, but I want to feel better in my skin.

    -Lemonade on the back deck.

    -Taking a walk with Elliott.

  11. — 4 day weekend
    — Being able to paint my *own* nails (as a life-long nail biter, having nice nails was something I never thought was possible. But after almost 2 yrs now of not biting, they are long and strong.)
    — Putting my hand out the window while I’m driving–I love feeling the wind push against it feeling how it changes as I move my hand up and down
    — Wearing flip flops
    — Having my brother around on weekends lately–he’s my favoritest and I love spending time with him.
    — So much sun — when I leave for work in the morning and when I leave for home at night
    — Arabic food from my favorite restaurant. All the noms. mmmmm

  12. I feel like 2014 has just been a giant suck-fest for me, but things aren’t that bad, if you really think about it!

    – getting a body wave and having my hair be wavy/curly and have actual volume for the first time in my life
    – drinking smoothies on my balcony with the nice weather we’ve been having in DC (who knows how long it’ll last…)
    – gel manicures that last 2+ weeks with zero chipping
    – reading dystopian fic and also trashy chick lit in between
    – plans to drink after a horrible work week tomorrow and watch godzilla

  13. -kicking butt at weight lifting with my trainer- getting stronger week by week is so satisfying! My friend swear she saw some back muscles on me the other day 🙂
    -sunny weather- I love my clothes options when it gets above 65
    -Seeing my sisters in a few weeks. DISNEYLAND!!!!
    -and…. getting engaged. pretty awesome I gotta say. Though all the attention it brings is a little unnerving.

  14. * I just got back from my first industry conference, and it was AMAZING. I never knew I could go to conference and have the time of my life, but I totally did. It’s definitely one of my big happies right now.
    * Along with that note, I realized at this conference that everyone else with a role in their firms that’s similar to mine is 25 years my senior. This makes me nervous, and excited at the same time because I feel like I’ve fallen into a very special situation of having an incredible career opportunity.
    * Our son (21 months old) is making 3-4 word sentences. It’s so incredible to watch his language develop. Also, it’s crazy-cool and weird to suddenly have a little person with legitimate opinions!
    * We’ve decided to try to make him a sibling. Shhh…. don’t tell! 🙂 It’s exciting the second time too.
    * Feeling really settled into 3 great local friendships, with fellow moms of toddlers. It’s been shockingly easy, and so rewarding (since we just moved here last August).
    * My husband and I are really kicking butt in communicating lately. Major happies there!

  15. I LOVE these lists Lauren. So many happy things going on with everyone! My list:

    -a long well deserved weekend in San Diego
    -freshly baked double chocolate banana bread (bread…psh, its really more like cake)
    -rocking the challenge of doing cardio and toning 5 days a week till June 21st, everything is getting tighter!
    -new bikini for said weekend
    -A Discovery of Witches, omg so good
    -picking apricots and peaches from the local farm
    -warm days that involve shorts, sandals and tank tops

  16. Spring allergy season winding down! I can breathe, have stopped sneezing/coughing/itching as much, and can finally wear my contacts, makeup, and hair products again. Whee!

    Two good nights of sleep in a row

    Date night, before heading sans husband to see extended family this weekend (those both count as happies!)

    Perfect weather for sitting on the screened-in patio in our new house at night with an adult beverage in hand

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