New Recurring Post: Weekend-ing

Today is the launch of a new weekly post celebrating the time spent between 5 days of craziness, too little sleep, 5 am work outs, hurried dinners, and early bed times.

As much as I am a slave to words I want to include more photos, more windows into this world. Seeing the photos of the lives I follow on the internet are always such an inspiration. They remind me to capture the little moments, and to go out and make big adventures of our normal-sized lives.

I also want to continue to grow in photography and push myself to tell stories not just with words but also with images. I want to use the cameras we have in this house more, I want to put the lenses we have to good use, I want to slow down our hurried lives just a fraction of an inch and snap a photo of a quiet moment, a dance party moment, the many family moments I want to scoop up and carry with me forever and ever.

This is a little bit of an experiment, but what I am hoping to accomplish is a start to finish weekend photo journey with a little bit of exposition included.

This weekend started with a 4 am wake up call that put me on a plane back to the Bay Area by 6:30 in the morning. Seattle does an excellent farewell.


I was really, really stressed about going back to the bay because even though I adore Seattle and am so grateful we had the opportunity to move back, I will always feel a part of me lives back in the Bay Area. Friday night I cried to Kamel about how I didn’t want to be faced with the truth of how it isn’t our home anymore. I didn’t want to drive down our streets or go to our gas stations, our Target, our airport. I want to pretend we get to have it all, all the apartments I’ve ever had, and the one we have right now. But we can’t… Life moves forward. And I really didn’t want to be reminded.

But! I was in town for one of our dear friend’s baby shower. And THAT was worth a little emotionally taxing anticipation.




(Pregnant lady of honor, enjoying a benign glass of champagne! The lovely, Miss Amanda.)



SONY DSC(4 am wake-ups don’t do nice things to hair.)

After the shower there was a lot of backyard hanging, hot dog eating, champagne drinking. I stayed up past my bed time talking, laughing, telling stories, and watching Amanda and Chad’s wedding video from a thousand years ago. It was glorious.


The next day we brunched and wandered around Sacramento and happened upon a street fair.

SONY DSC(The artist, posing with his creation.)




And then back to the airport I was, jetsetting home in time for dinner. Goodbye old home.


SONY DSC(I had just driven over that bridge a few hours before. Funny to see it from the sky.)


Back into the arms of these goobs. My favorite of all the goobs.

Love me some weekends.

6 thoughts on “New Recurring Post: Weekend-ing”

  1. David and I just committed to using our real camera more on the weekends! We got really sad when we realized all the photos we had of Penny in the first three months of her life were almost exclusively iphone photos, and pretty crappy ones, at that.I think this is going to be an awesome recurring series!

    I feel this way whenever I go back to New York, which I always say is the city that taught me to be an adult. And of course, Boston is the city of my heart. It’s so hard to be stretched out, with little pieces of yourself left behind in different places.

    1. Yes! About using real cameras. I got so frustrated when I did the last beauty post and all of the photos were from my phone. Like, WOW Lauren, let’s be as LAZY AS POSSIBLE. It really makes me want to scold myself.

      I feel exactly the same about leaving myself here and there. It is beautiful, it makes you who you are, but it hurts at the same time.

  2. I love love love this. As much as I love taking real photos, I get caught up in the ease of the iPhone pictures too (and it takes great pictures!). This series is lovely, and I’m obsessed with great big Baby Gabe’s posture in that last photo. So good.

    Ugh, and that feeling of leaving home to go home, homes all over the place: I am so familiar. It’s hard and beautiful, isn’t it?

  3. Oh wow this was some amazing weekend. For some reason I have San Francisco in my heart, maybe because my parents took me when I was tiny (less than a year). And then about this time last year we were there, and saw you guys and it was there that the cycle where I was going to get pregnant was just about to start.

    I am looking forward to this series so much. I am addicted to your words, but I do really like blogs that have pictures on them, in the end I am like a little kid, I want the books that come with drawings.

    What you say about coming back to a place you live and it being bittersweet memories is so, so true. The last time we were in Barcelona I almost wanted to cry when I visited professors at the university (the hotel where we stay is up over there) and when we walked the streets and saw the places and visited the friends from our time back there. It’s even weirder when you go to a place that used to be yours and everyone has also moved away, so the people are not there but the memories are.

    Here is to many more fun weekends!

  4. ^^ Books that come with drawings! I love that analogy! Im excited for these posts as well, to get a peak into the weekend lives of the DuPrez’s and live vicariously through the blog 🙂 Im so so grateful to have had you here with us all weekend and miss you already! I cant wait to introduce little Rett to you guys soon. Thank you for a wonderful weekend full of your wonderful company <3 And for such awesome photos!! XOxo!

  5. Aww Gabe, he’s all “ta-daaaaaaaaaaa!” in the middle of the airport.

    It looks like you had tons of fun! And the weather looks amazing. I must admit, I was hoping you were going to tell us that you bought that crocodile thingy from the street fair…

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