Yesterday I drew the name for the winner of the 3rd Better In Real Life Book List via And Maris is the winner! Hooray! It also just so happens to be her birthday this month, so that is incredibly timely. Hint: There may be some future book-related give away so stay tuned and pay close attention to the book reviews. You never know when a giveaway could pop up. They are wily!

Some other housekeeping items: I had a lot of questions about the post I ran last week or the week before. No, it was not sponsored in the sense that I was paid to write it, yes I was asked to promote a side project they had running for the month of April so I thought, why not? At this time I am not running ads or paid content, but when I do run a sponsored post for a business (meaning I get a product for free) I make it super clear.  And I am always very honest and up front that if I don’t like a product I’m going to tell that story – just because I’m offered a product to review does not mean I’m going to fluff it up all over town.

And finally! I forgot about a little feature that will be running every week with the Weekending posts – a little “Elsewhere” action. I remembered yesterday morning while I was sitting at my desk at work trying to stay away, but by that time it was too late. So to keep you entertained during the slow parts of your day, here is what I’ve been reading online lately.

3 thoughts on “Housekeeping”

  1. Happy birthday and birthday winnings to Maris!

    Lauren, I didn’t know that you and Kamel met on Twitter. Facebook (and a double-check on myspace) is how I found my husband. He jokes that he deleted his facebook profile after we were married because he didn’t need any other ladies. 🙂

  2. yessssssssssssssssssssss my precious!!! I love books 🙂

    You know what i’ve been noticing lately? Whenever I want to buy a new book, I feel really torn between getting it on my kindle and buying a physical copy. There are pros and cons to both, and it has been really nice having 200 books on my kindle instead of floating around our small apartment, but i feel kind of guilty for not supporting our local friendly bookstore. It turns into this internal debate where I’m staring at Amazon and calculating the difference in price + the walk down the street v. having it rightthisverysecond v. supporting a local business v. not taking up a ton of room…

    So lately, whenever I buy a book on my kindle and I love it, I buy it in hardcopy too 🙂

    Anyhoo. i love books.

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