Things: April

The sky in Seattle right now is incredible. I can’t stop taking photos of it. My instagram is like, babies + my pedicures + the roofs of the houses outside my window and the sky above them.





It’s a sickness. So if you follow me, I’m sorry. I can’t stop. MORE SKY, MORE CLOUDS. Hashtag: Obnoxious. Hashtag: SoPretty.

I’m also obsessing over tea. I spend too much money on it and I drink it all day. There was about 5 days where we were totally sans tea in this house and every single day Kamel heard me whine, “But… I have no tea.” I am anti the caffeine tea. I do enjoy a good earl grey or british breakfast, but I do not like the staining of my teeth. So I avoid it. Also I really hate caffeine headaches of doom, so I try to limit that. So I was on a massive mint tea kick. Mmmm mint tea! So homey! But no I am feeling more springy – I’ve done some hibiscus, some blends involving chicory and vanilla. Not too heavy, just a little spicy: TEA!

The year of sick rages on. Now what? You should be asking. Well! I have bacterial tonsillitis and am finally unenthusiastically taking antibiotics. I don’t think I’ve been prescribed antibiotics for an ailment in over 10 years! But good God, I am so sick of being sick. The bad news is the doctor sort of laughed when I said I had a 1 year old. He told me that until kids are 4 or 5 they will get, on average, 12-20 viruses each year. All those viruses are things we, as grown ups, have most likely not seen before. So welcome to my future life of snottyness and hacking coughs. I should be a spokesperson for kleenex.

Gabe had his first haircut last weekend! I knew that once we did the cut he would turn into a little boy over night. I didn’t really have any attachment to his hair, but I dunno… it’s another milestone, time marches on, all of that. We invited my parents to come and watch and Gabe did so well.



And now when I go and get him from his nap I don’t recognize him. Can we talk about how cool those little kid barber chairs are? I would never want to leave if I got to sit in a toy car to get my haircut! Well… maybe if they had wine. Wine and a toy car – that there is a million dollar idea. Bam.

Next weekend is my birthday! I’m really excited about it, even though it isn’t like a big one or anything. I just love spring and I love doing fun things and maybe (just maybe) it will be some sort of book end to my period of between-ness, of limbo, of the waiting. Who knows, but I think it has promise.

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  1. Gabe looks SO cute! I’m glad he did well with his haircut. I also hope that you feel better soon, and that spring comes with lots of good things for you and your family. šŸ™‚

  2. I remember you birthday last year… time went so fast.
    I am also obsessed with tea, and try to limit the caffeine as well though I love the India Spice Chai tea from Celestial seasonings, and Earl grey or Orange Cinammon black tea.
    I love a citrus blend fom lipton called Andalousia , as well as Moroccan mint, Camomille, and sometimes, vanilla-rooibos or mango-strawberry herbal tea.
    Gabe really does look like a boy!
    I am sorry about your tonsilitis, hope the antibiotics will work and you will feel better soon though.

  3. Mmm mint tea. Mint tea is one of those things I totally forget exists and then I stumble upon it every once in awhile and am like “Why do I not have this all of the time?”

  4. Oddly, even though LJ has been sick with a cold for what feels like forever, so far I have had the healthiest year in a long time (touch wood).
    And haircuts totally change a baby. Its insane.

  5. Can you help a tea newbie?! I really want to have something warm to drink in the morning (I don’t drink coffee), but the few kinds I’ve tried haven’t been appetizing to me (whatever free packets are out at work – I don’t want to commit to buying boxes of tea bags all willy-nilly without knowing if I have a chance of liking them). I don’t think I like the “tea” taste, itself, so I’m intrigued by all the different flavors. Though I tried a chamomile and I thought it tasted too much like ‘flowers.’ I’ve tried Apple Cinnamon or something but it was too sweet. Something in the middle that you’d recommend??

    1. You might be over steeping the tea bag. If I leave any tea bag in too long the tea becomes bitter or over-flowery to me. I think you should go with flavors you already enjoy. For me, I really love citrus and things that are refreshing. So a green tea with verbena and mint is a good place to start. Something with a light flavor, but is refreshing and warm.

  6. Oh, I am a black tea all the way kind of girl. All the green/floral/herbal/fruit kinds taste either too sweet or like dirty weed-filled water to me. Give me an English or Irish breakfast blend with lots o’ milk, and I am happy!

    Also, it is AMAZING to me how much haircuts change little ones. I’ll see my friends’ 1 to 3 year olds, and do a double take at how much of a little human they look like now, when really they’ve just had a haircut.

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