Jobby Job

The waiting is over.

Today I am in an office, meeting new coworkers, having that awkward feeling of a new job where there is so much to learn (!!) but you also have to not look like a total doofus. Today I get to learn what exactly it is I’ve signed up for. And after all of these months of transition and job searching and illness (oh, god… the illness), a job just… happened. Like *poof* that.

The Friday before the week before my birthday I applied for a lot of jobs that had just been posted that day. That’s the key – btw – jumping on recently listed jobs, jobs that have been up for less than 24 hours. Otherwise your (my) resume just gets shoved to the bottom or lost in a growing stack of resumes, full of people who may not even be as qualified as you, but under 100s and 100s, how will they ever know? Needle – Haystack.

So that Friday I had applied to a bunch of jobs, so on Monday when I got the email from Kamel (oh, right… the other way that my job hunt functions is that Kamel finds me the jobs – lord knows how he does it, I certainly don’t – and then he emails me a bunch of links and then I systematically go through each job and either apply or I don’t, depending on relevancy and if I can actually do the job. Sometimes Kamel thinks I am way more qualified than I am, bless his heart.) it only had 1 job in it because everything else I had already applied for on Friday. This job was through a recruiting site, so it was mostly vague, just had the job rec but no company listed. All I had to do was upload my resume and fill out my name, make a password, yadda yadda. Done in less than 5 minutes. I figured they would probably scan for key words and I would get a rejection letter in a few hours (you know, because this happens all of the time).

But instead! A few hours later! I got a phone call! Wanting to go over my resume and talk about my background a little bit. They wanted writing samples (I had the PDFs ready!). They would send them off to the potential job giver for review and they would get back to me on a possible phone interview.

On Tuesday the recruiter called back with a phone interview time for Wednesday. I actually had 2 phone interviews for Wednesday, I was feeling pret-ty good about things.

On Wednesday the phone interviews went well. One job sounded interesting, the other sounded like pure drudgery. The good job, the job I had applied for on Monday, wanted to schedule an real life interview with me for the next day. Boom, boom, boom.

So, the Thursday before my birthday I went to an interview. I wore the bright red/orange blouse I wore for Gabe’s Birthday because it is not an overly formal office and I like wearing brought colors so people remember me and find me fun and engaging (does this shirt make me look…. AWESOME?!). I thought the interview went amazingly well. When it comes to content this company is about quality over quantity. Instead of the attitude “get it live, just get it live,” they triple check their text and want the consumer to be as informed as possible. It isn’t about tricking customers with dirty SEO, it’s about creating a quality place where people can find what they need and putting money where they see things trending. It’s a freaking content unicorn! They actually value their content team instead of trying to find proof that they don’t matter and are a waste of money. Sweet baby Jesus I wanted to kiss them. But, instead, I smiled and shook hands, and once I left I updated my recruiter on how it all went and crossed my fingers and toes they would pick me. And then I went to lunch with Kamel where we wait biscuit sandwiches. And then later that evening I did wine and painting with the girls for my birthday.

Friday morning they called and offered me the job.

You know how I am always talking about what all can happen in a year? Well it’s pretty freaking insane to think about what can happen in a week, in 5 days, in just 1. Your life can change in a matter of simple, easy, thoughtless choices. The choice to not bother applying for that 1 job or take the 3 minutes and send out the application? The choice to not even bother looking Β for any on that Monday because I had already sent out a bunch of resumes on that Friday? The choice to take a risk, the choice to say yes, the choice to stay home or to stick your neck out.

And here I am. I’m putting on a work blouse. I’m headed into the office. New chapter starts today. All those months of applying applying applying with no leads, nothing. It really does just take 1 place to say yes. And just like that, everything changes.

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  1. I am so incredibly happy for you, as if it were happening to me! (Let’s hope it does.) Thank God for grace and perfect timing! I can’t wait to hear all about it! πŸ™‚

  2. I am so so happy for you. And quality over quantity… that really sounds like a dream. And, you get to write. I hope your first day goes well, and that you get a great environment.
    That red/orange blouse is super pretty.

  3. Hell yeah, Lauren! Hope you have a great first day.

    Also, Nick also thinks I am waaaay more qualified than I am and sends me hilarious job ads sometimes. It’s pretty sweet but also confusing. Ha.

  4. Yippee! And you are right and thank you for the reminder to jump on postings right away instead of waiting to perfect my cover letter and all.

      1. Bellevue isnt so bad! Lots of shopping. I have a tip for you- if you are near the Bellevue Uwajimaya go there and go to the Ellenos yogurt bar. They are an AMAZING local greek yogurt company. They have a stand in Pike Place and my whole office is hooked. You will not be dissapointed. Most amazing flavors ever (I am currently nomming on marionberry)

  5. Oh congratulations and FINALLY! I’m so so glad you landed this job and I hope it works out wonderfully for you! Congratulations!!

  6. So happy for you!! I know how important it is to you, and i really hope they live up to their unicorn status πŸ™‚

  7. I had similar serendipitous happenings to get my current job. I had applied for something here before I moved out to New Mexico. They never called. Then, after I moved, I met with a recruiter who sent my resume to this company. A few days later, someone called me about a totally different job. It was sales-y, which is so not me but I went in to interview anyway. Meanwhile, I had applied for another position that sounded perfect. At the interview, we both knew it wasn’t a good fit for me, but that person put me in touch with others at the company. Two days later, I interviewed for the job I wanted and I got it!

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