Gabe + Spoon

A little check-in on what the almighty Gabe has been up to. A little spoon action.

9 thoughts on “Gabe + Spoon”

  1. Omg…his HAPPY DANCE WIGGLE!!!! I love it! That is the best. And i love that he switches hands too, he could be a super awesome ambidextrous in the making! 🙂

  2. OMG!!!!! Que puedo decir…!!!! Está lo maximo, lo disfruta tanto y está tan hermosoooooo
    Por cierto, Lauren you laugh just like Kamel, lo juro!!!!

  3. He is so cute! Love the dancing! And how earnest he is about eating that pouch! We have finally reached a point where we can hand a pouch over to Zach and he will reliably squeeze it into his mouth on his own without a mess. It is awesome!

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