Birthday + National Stress Awareness Month (Inspired by

Kamel and I probably should take more time to do little date-afternoons or spend more time on the weekends relaxing instead of frantically cleaning or finishing projects. But life, as always, seems to push its way through into my zen space. asked me recently to talk about the Vegas state of mind, about how I let loose on the daily – when vacations are few and far between, and when the daily grind of work and baby and family are always threatening to take over. My birthday weekend was a perfect example (Good timing!).

My birthday, this year, was on a Sunday so the weekend was mine! All Mine! On Saturday we headed up north to tulip country (though, to Kamel’s deep sadness, we were not in the tulip fields) with my parents and Gabe for a 5k walk. This was part of the Tulip Festival that was kicking off that very weekend.



Going for walks and exploring nature has always been my preferred method of letting loose. It’s free, it’s refreshing, it’s good for you, and it lends time for either great conversation with my favorite people or much needed quiet time with myself and my own thoughts. It was a stunning weekend in Seattle, so an even better excuse to head outside.

After our 3 mile walk we headed to a local brewery for craft beer and pub fair. I had a pile of nachos. Gabe scarfed fries, burgers and pulled pork were had, and presents were opened.

Then, on my actual birthday we started off the day with pancakes!


Kamel had got us amazing Mariners tickets from StubHub, right behind home plate for a steal. So we packed up the baby and shipped him off to my parents house for the afternoon while we headed off to the stadium. Kamel hadn’t been to a baseball game in years and had never been to Safeco. Baseball games are one of my favorite things in the whole world (not so much to watch on TV, but to attend – always!). Plus it was one of the rare weekend days where it was just the two of us, being our goofy selves, and not having to keep in mind diaper changes, feeding schedules, or nap times. Let loose indeed.


(Candle in the hot dog? Yes.)


(Cheers to a Vegas state of mind in my home town.)

It was just the perfect day. Sunshine and cold beer and sportball food that you never eat ever but then when you do it’s like, “Oohhh yessss. This is heaven.” Getting to spend quality, no stress, no expectations time with my love, and turning 29. This is how it’s done.

And it was another reminder that Kamel and I need time without the baby, and not just TIME, but fun time. Because when it is all work and all responsibility, we forget how much fun we are – even to each other. And I think that’s the beauty of the Vegas mindset – it’s not just unwinding, it’s unwinding and having a blast doing it.


If you’d like to play the Vegas state of mind game with me and, hashtag #LetLoose2014 and tell me about the way (regardless of money or ability to travel) you’re kicking back on the daily – or have plans to do so in the future!

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