So a few weeks ago I was sitting in the pedicure chair (as one does, on very lucky “oh please never stop rubbing my feet” days) reading the latest Lena Dunham interview. She is generally very clever and I enjoy how she views her fame and how he chooses to live her life and her art. Although she isn’t one of those famous people who I imagine I could be friends with – I really do like 99.9% of what she says. And this 1 little paragraph jumped out at me as something I have always thought 100x over and never could fully express myself.

When speaking about how she cast “Girls” Lena says,

I wanted us to be beautiful – but the way you have friends who are beautiful and you go, “My friend Meredith just has the most amazing face.” You’re not marveling at her like a movie star, but you’ve fallen in love with her face.

The people we have in our lives are normal, right? We are all the normal people. We’re short or we have a weird eyebrow or greasy hair, or whatever. But! The people who I love, I love them because they are different than me, they are all special snowflakes and I say that because it’s funny but also because it’s TRUE. I say that in the best possible way. Your arms will always look amazing in sleeveless dresses, and your sense of humor blows me away, and you always have the greatest sense of accessories, and I have never met anyone who can read faster than you.

And I love them because they challenge me and I love them because they find something in me that is redeeming and I love them because on and on and on.

And sometimes when we are all together and I can look around the room and see all of the special snowflake-ness I am stunned by how beautiful they are. My girlfriends and I have all talked about this for years – we all know who has the greatest legs or the best stomach or whatever. Not in the Mean Girls way, but in the truly appreciative, loving way. It makes me proud to stand next to them. Not because we are super models, but because I love them and I want to show everyone else all of the great things about them. It is such a happy thing.



7 thoughts on “Beautiful”

  1. Thanks Lauren! What a great blog. And you are SO right, its what’s different and unique that makes each of us special!

  2. Remember in high school, how we used to walk around nordstrom and pass an army of identical looking girls all wearing the same clothes with the same body type and the same hair style? and we’d say “wow, i am so glad that we are all different”? I still feel that way, to the nth degree.

  3. I love how you adore your girlfriends so much Lauren! It really stands out about you. I know few people who see their friends as family and wear it out and proud and so much a part of their heart, and I love that you do.

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