Reading Time By Lauren

As I am trying to finish up the last of the latest book list, I’ve been thinking about the next installment and wanting to mix things up a bit.

There are a bunch of books that I’ve been meaning to read that have not landed on my book lists – these books have sat by the wayside because I put priority on the list. Lists are my favorite, what can I say? This time around I want to mix things up a bit, flip them around so-to-speak.

If I get enough interest, I’m looking for at least 7 readers to take on 2 books each from a list that I generate (the books will be assigned). Then! Like in old-school book report days, you’ll write up a review from questions I send you. There will be loose deadlines and lots of reading time so no stress or pressure. I’ll be reading the books along with you so every time a review is posted there will be 2 reviews to discuss. If there are more than 7 readers interested, then I’ll assign less books per person or we’ll have more than 2 reviews.Β 

If you are legitimately interested in participating and think you will have time, please leave a comment and make sure you fill out your email in the email box (it doesn’t show up in comments, but I will see it in the back end) so that I can contact you about it further.

As always the book list will be posted, so anyone can always follow along.

And if there isn’t enough interest, no problem! We’ll keep business as usual for book list #3.


EDIT: Because of interest, everyone will be getting 1 book, and possibly 2 people will be assigned the same book so we’ll have even more food for thought come discussion time. Once we hit my organizational MAX for this I’ll disable comments. Thanks to everyone who wants to play!Β 

Edit #2: Thank you everyone! Participation is closed, but I encourage anyone who wants to (casually) to read along once the list is posted. All conversation and discussion in comments is highly encouraged. πŸ™‚Β 

25 thoughts on “Reading Time By Lauren”

  1. Oooh … me me me me! πŸ™‚ I am bad about finding new books to read and often stick to the same authors/series. This would be a great way for me to mix it up and find some new things.

  2. me!! i’ve been really stagnated lately – there are at least four books right now that i picked up and started, but then set aside and never finished. I don’t know if its because i’m having a hard time finding the time/energy to concentrate, or because they just aren’t grabbing me, but I would love to have an external “deadline” of sorts to get me to focus πŸ™‚

  3. I’d love to do it. I really enjoy reading but most of my friends in my everyday life don’t, so I’m always looking for new ways to talk about books with others.

  4. Hey I’m in! I’d love to play – and maybe with all this interest people could focus on different elements and kind of do their reports in different ways? For example, sometimes I want to do an overall book review of the whole story… but sometimes there’s a couple passages or quotes I’d wanna talk about. Or just discuss the characters or the writing style or some other specific element of the book. If there’s so many folks, maybe we could split it up that way? Fun!

  5. am i too slow? i want to read too πŸ™ please please. Or I would love to review the book I am reading now it is awesome!

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