Saturday was the first day that I could actually say out loud with a smidge of confidence, “Hmm… I think I’m really starting to feel better today.”

So of course we walked to get coffee and then walked to the store, and then later in the afternoon I met Claire and her nephew, Hank, at the park for some slide and swing time, and then I walked her over to her dad’s house, and by the time Saturday was done I was SORE. I also looked in the mirror this weekend and marveled at how deep my eyes looked in my head, how big the circles around them seemed. Being hammered with virus after virus has done me under!

I have totally lost muscle and stamina and I need to now work on getting that back. I’ve also lost some normal-human-coloring in my face, and you’d think with all of my sick-induced/unemployment exhaustion that I would have gotten some sleep but apparently not from the bags under my eyes.

This Thursday we head to Miami for my SIL’s wedding! I’m hoping to 1) not catch anything between now and then and 2) enjoy some warmth and sunshine and family festivities. In the mean time I’m headed outside to find some hills and stairs to climb. I was wondering why my butt had fallen behind my knees… c’mon butt, I need you back up where you belong.

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