Gabe Turns 1

Amazing what a year can do.

I’ve already watched this video about a bajillion times and I cry with every single one of them. You all have come along on this journey with us, so please take a minute (or 7, let’s be honest) and enjoy a glimpse into our last year and this weekend’s celebrations.

Go Gabe go!

18 thoughts on “Gabe Turns 1”

  1. Goddamnit, Lauren, now I want a tiny human.

    Also, that last minute totally choked me up, especially when the camera panned to everyone singing happy birthday. What a great family Gabe has! 🙂

  2. How has it already been a year?? What an awesome video, I love watching the Gabe-progression. I hope you guys do something similar every year!

    Also, maybe it makes me a bad person, but Gabe crying over the hat makes me smile every time 🙂

  3. Happy, happy birthday, Gabe! Happy first year of successfully caring for a tiny human! I’m so excited for Elliott’s future milestones and seeing who he will become. I admit, though, that I teared up watching the video and I haven’t even met your family (in person) yet.

  4. Watching this made me so happy, congratulation not-so-little Gabe, and congratulations family Dupuis – Perez, you are the best, and such an inspiration!!

  5. Oh my GOSH! Oh my gosh oh my gosh. I couldve seriously watched that for 10 hours straight. Its amazing to see how much he has changed in so little time. And you just showed me how important it is to take videos on the reg, not just pictures. And what a perfect song for him!! With all of his clapping! Hahaha! What a wonderful keepsake youll have to look back on and watch forever. You guys should do one every year!! Happy Birthday, Gabe! This is the year you are taking over the world! Xoxo <3

  6. It’s funny how kids look so different when from they were newborn babies, but still essentially the same. Can’t wait to see Gabe grow and change over the next year as well. Well done, parents! Good job.

  7. You made me cry !! what wonderful memories of Gabe growing up !! he is soooo cute !!! congratulations on a great video !!
    Good job …

    ( Fernanda´s mom )

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