(Beauty) Products: Review 5/12

It’s taken me longer than usual to write this one up because for many weeks there I was not wearing any kind of makeup. The pink eye lingered forEVER and I didn’t want to contaminate anything. That is not a glamorous reason. I wish it was because I had been on the beach for a month and the salt spray and sun screen were all I needed. I wish.

First I tried this amazing hair oil from the same brand that made that shampoo I really loved.


The Beauty Protector Hair Oil did scare me a teensy tiny bit. I mean, hair mask? I got that ish. That is like shea butter for your locks, it makes sense to me. This kind of reminded me of the old Vio5 Hot Oil Treatments that were always on TV in the 90s. And I’m not totally sure how I’m supposed to use this, but what I did was after the shower I put about a pea size in my palm, “emulsified” it (I know that term from queer eye for the straight guy, PS), and then ran it through the bulk of my hair, except my scalp. Then I blow dried.

And I had the BEST hair day! I couldn’t believe it!


Next up was this killer nail polish I have yet to use but will be using at my next nail appointment because COLOR. Look at this color!


I have literally no idea about this brand, though. So I cannot vouch for the quality yet. Has anyone ever used it? Will report back on this one.

The next thing I tried was a matte finish pore refining cream. I couldn’t figure out how to use this for the longest time. It said “over or under makeup, reapply as needed.” At first before I read that I thought maybe it was a lotion, but it didn’t make sense to use it over makeup. And then when I opened the cap it kind of looked like a BB cream.


But! when I rubbed it between my hands it didn’t absorb… it like… vanished into thin air. Poof! It’s called Dr. Brandt Pores No More. So then, I was kind of perplexed on how to put it on my face. A makeup pad? But then a lot of it would go on the pad. Squirt it directly on? That seemed messy. So, I just swiped some across the tops of my cheeks, the bridge of my nose, and more forehead. Then, I rubbed it in (more like smoothed it around). It definitely put a matte finish on my skin and did give me that “foundation + powder” mask feel and not in a bad way. But then I wondered if it was all in my head.

The hard part for me is judging this product. When should I put it on? After or before lotion? I need lotion every day and it felt weird to put it on over my lotion, but then I felt dry without lotion. Conundrum. And then when would I put, say, concealer? And does this stuff mean I don’t use powder? Basically I feel like I’m either way over thinking this, or it is a step beyond my advancement level (advancement level: noob, to be clear). Has anyone else used a product like this? Thoughts? Help?


Last, but not least, was the Juicy Couture La La fragrance sample which I did not try and will be going in the give away pile for the end of this experiment.

Oh, and there were also these weird breath mints that looked like bath salts. I’m having Kamel try them tomorrow. Weird.

What’s been going on in your beauty world lately? I am currently lusting after the extreme cat-eye on Lena Dunham in the latest Glamour I read at the nail place. I still have a fantasy of cat-eyeing it up every day. Sigh.

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  1. I got that same pore stuff and am equally confused. I put it on after lotion. I tried it both without any other skin makeup, and under mineral powder foundation. I feel like it’s similar to bb cream but not as effective.

    1. Do you feel like it gives you that matte finish of after powder though? I did enjoy the non-glossy, freckle reduced cheeks/nose look. But I could totally just be making it up. I need to try it with lotion. I would be curious to see how it looked over a BB cream. Maybe it could be my fancy time face product. But I don’t know. :/ Not sold yet.

  2. 1) Ummm your hair looks AMAZING in that picture! Totes jealous.

    2) I consider myself fairly proficient when it comes to makeup, and I would have no idea what to do with that pore stuff. I agree with your assessment: weird.

    3) In my beauty world: I have FINALLY found some hippy mascara that I deem “acceptable” (Zuzu, for anyone who likes the paraben-free stuff). Now I’m on the hunt for a new paraben-free moisturizer with sunscreen… the one I used for years recently changed (WHY, CRUEL WORLD, WHY) and is no longer moisturizing enough for me. Le sigh…

  3. Why don’t you do the cat eye? Do the cat eye! I love the cat eye! I like to do it with a black pencil sharpened well, because liquid eyeliner is hard unless you have time and a very steady hand. But with a pencil it’s not so hard, and looks fab, and you will feel fab all day! <3

  4. Yay product reviews!! I have recieved all those products throughout the past couple boxes – so this is exciting!
    The pore-no-more bb-cream like stuff : I have the exact same feelings as you. It was smooth and anti-shine going on, but it just was kinda bleh – and I don’t know how I should be using it. Plus I think it may have made me break out last month, but that could be a coincidence.
    The hair oil – it is going to be my FIRST birchbox purchase – I truly feel like it is changing my hair. I use it like you use it, when wet, pre-blowdryer – and I also rub a little bit through my hair after its dry – its the best product for flyaways and smoothing my ends that I’ve ever used (even better than my go to bed head pink smoothing cream that I adore). I am probably abnormally excited to get this into my routine.
    Pink nailpolish – wearing it right now! it lasted incredibly long, even more than a professional manicure – suprisingly. I was worried it might look too “young” but it really didnt – and I got lots of compliments on it.
    Breath-mints – they were like poprocks for breath mints – it was weird! I am not a fan.
    Sample fragrance – liked it – it was nice, pretty summer-y – but nothing I would buy.

    So! the moral of the story = we are wifey twins in the product department 🙂

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