We generally don’t make major plans for Valentines day. A card and some cheesy Walgreens chocolates are pretty excellent. This year was no exception, except… there is always an except. Except! The baby had some puking virus thing on Wednesday night.

He barfed all over Kamel. A cascade of vom all down Kamel’s back and then splashing on the floor. And that was his second out of three barfs. YAY PARENTHOOD! I don’t think it gets less gross from here. I think the gross just multiplies until it peaks out somewhere and then they move out of your house and the gross becomes less frequent.

And then on Thursday Kamel and I got the pukes. And let me tell you – the illnesses our babies have are the illnesses that will kill completely healthy young adults. Holy god in heaven it was the worst. Both Kamel and I writhing in bed between stints of collapsing on the bathroom floor. YAY! So valentines day for us was spent recovering from barf-a-palooza 2014. We stayed on the couch, watched About Time (Have you seen this movie? It is AMAZING), pushed fluids, watched Kamel’s temperature climb and climb then go back to normal, napped for hours, marveled at how sore we were. And then it happened.

There are moments that are rare in life, where everything lines up. I shuffled to the bathroom at one point during our day of sad recovery and the light coming in from the window, the color of my nail polish on my toes with the color of the bathroom tile, my leggings, and my shirt, and my wrap, my hair totally fucked up in a weird bun that was all lopsided with hair bits flying here and there, poor Kamel on the couch, Valentines Day. Sometimes the most insanely imperfect moments turn out to be magically perfect.

The last time we had spent a day off together we were hustling to unpack, sweating while building ikea furniture, stressing about the clock and when we would have to pick up the baby from daycare and wow we should probably clear off his high chair tray of stray bolts and nails from hanging photos. When was the last time we collapsed on the couch, stayed in sweats, had the time to rent a movie without having to pause because the baby needed food and it was nap time and we should probably take advantage of the time between naps to go grocery shopping?

There was no fancy dinner, there was no dress up. There were chills, and washing vomit-y towels, and body aches from doing nothing at all, oh and Campbell’s Chicken Soup. And somehow it was perfect. I don’t know how it happened, it just was.

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  1. It kind of sounds like you guys developed your own olympic sport… tandem barfing! i’m glad you guys survived and had a good valentines day!

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