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Last time I did this there were not that many happy lists in comments, so I’m hoping this time around there are more happies!! Because it has been a long winter and my house has been ill for a month now (A MONTH WHAT) so let’s focus on the good things where we can find them. There are actually some pretty excellent things.

Snow-capped mountains. I wish I could take a picture of them to show you but my camera makes them look soooo teensy. You’ll just have to come over to see.

Neon nail polish. It makes my skin look so good! Who knew! It also brightens my day every time I see my feet. Neon for life over here.

When Gabe puts his head on my shoulder and then I put my chin in his little neck pocket and I could just stay that way forever and ever.

Big steaming cups of tea.

The framed sketch of Venus we hung on the wall. I had been carrying that thing around in a tube for years from the Louvre gift shop and then we finally splurged a couple years ago and got a really lovely, expensive frame for it. I only bought myself 1 great thing from my time in Paris and that’s it.

I’m pretty sure Gabe legitimately called me Mama last weekend for the first time.

Salami sandwiches.

The show Handy Manny. I don’t know why I love it so much, I just do. And I almost know all the songs by heart.

The way I can smell Kamel’s soap when I walk into the shower.

While waiting for Urgent Care to open this weekend (so that we could handle Gabe’s 2 ear infections, croup, some other cray virus, and pink eye in both eyes), Kamel and I bee-lined for the hospital cafeteria and both got giant chocolate donuts. GLORIOUS.

Hummingbirds! Their are hummingbirds that live above our apartment, maybe on someone’s balcony? And they are always swooping around our windows. Love love love. (Just as long as they stay on the outside and don’t fly at my head.)

I bought my first 1-piece “mom” bathing suit. Except it is really fun and purple and has a really cool pattern all over it and it makes me feel like a hot mom. Regardless of my drooping bottom and my dimpl-y thighs, I just have this image of me on the beach, Gabe on my hip, and that 1-piece bathing suit totally kicking ass. You won’t be able to see it because my whitey whiterson skin will create a massive glare from the sun reflecting off its surface, but…. just know, it’s there.

Avocados for lunch.

When Gabe carefully eats each pea off his tray.

Getting to wear new shoes out in public.

Mint tea.

Now it is your turn – go ahead, list out your happies. Warm chocolate chip cookies (oh god, please let someone say this.),? A really great Sunday morning in bed? The perfect cup of coffee? A surprise gift? Shower me with happy things!!

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  1. Bright, blinding sunshine (because even though it’s still only like 8 degrees, at least its dry and the sun is out).

    Enjoying a big mug of my Yogi Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy tea.

    Added bonus– the quote on the tea tag says: “I am beautiful, I am bountiful, I am blissful.” πŸ™‚

    Binge watching Dawson’s Creek and falling in love with Pacey Witter over and over (don’t judge).

    Getting invited to go out last Saturday night and making new friends, going downtown and overall doing fun grown-up things.

    Shaving with a brand new razor.

    Kitten snuggles.

    Double stuffed anything–chocolate chip cookies, oreos, Elf fudge cookies, etc.

    Having my grad application submitted And being done with my admissions interview–knowing I’ve done absolutely all I can do at this point.

    Getting pictures of my new niece Zelda Rose!! ekk! She’s so precious. She’s is out in DC so I haven’t met her yet but I’m just dying to. So loads of pics for now.

    Working in a school and having my birthday (April 18th) fall on Good Friday this year which means that a) I will have my birthday off and b) it leads right into Spring break! Wheee! A whole day + 1 week off. Happy birthday to me!

    A really good haircut. One that I love hours and days after I get it done–not just when I’m sitting in the salon chair and the stylist is doing her thang, making it all styled and stuff.

    Getting silly snapchats from my sister. And hilarious pins from my BFF on pinterest.

    And lastly — Pay day!

  2. It’s is legitimately still light out when I leave work now – not the last hints of sun in the sky, but LIGHT. I’m amazed at how much happier I feel.

    Anticipating good things – dinner with the Nosies this weekend, a pedicure next week, our anniversary “trip” (in which we are staying in town, but leaving the baby with Grammie overnight) for which we just booked a very fancy hotel!

    House of Cards, Season 2

    My daughter’s obsession with Mary Poppins, and the fact that it means that I sometimes hear her sing “Well done, Sister Suffragette” over the monitor.

    We’ve had two snowy days this week and daycare did not close or delay for either!

    Lots of reading this month, which always makes me happy.

  3. I get to see my closest friend today, after two months of every plan falling through. Can’t wait!

    And my cat slept on top of me last night, purring.

  4. Also binge-watching Dawson’s Creek over here. I never watched it growing up and it’s so fun to relive the 90s.

    The way Elliott smiles at me when I come to get him each morning.

    I found my work pants yesterday! We moved and they were lost for a week. I am still working on fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes, so finding one of the two pairs of work pants that fit me was glorious.

    Elliott is gaining weight now.

    We are settling into our new home. Moving sucks, but moving into your own home is a pretty neat feeling.

    I’m starting to feel like I’m working to my ability. Missing 1/4 of the school year for maternity leave is rough, y’all.

    I have a tub of cookie dough in the fridge just for snacking (see also: pants don’t fit.).

  5. I have over one hundred pages of a novel draft written. One hundred pages. That’s the most of anything I’ve ever written ever.

    I’m hearing the chirps and chatter of the first spring migrant birds pulling in to Long Island. Finally.

    I’m really settling into good habits that make me feel like I’m accomplishing something, instead of letting life happen to me. A sketch a day. 1,000 words written every day. Getting up before 6:30 in the morning.

    I did my hair like a grown-up for work for the first time ever last Friday!

    “Our” bar finally added a dozen microbrews to the taps, so now it’s practically perfect in every way.

    And… my seeds for summer veggies are growing! Tomatoes and eggplant, peppers and jalepenos, cabbage and marigolds and basil and nasturtiums. It’s so exciting to watch each tiny green thread curl up out of the soil and unfurl its leaves and suddenly be a plant!

  6. I am going on vacation TOMORROW, to Charleston, where it will be 40-50 deg warmer than here, and where there will be much yummy food to put in mah belly.

    Friday will be our TEN YEAR date-iversary. That just seems ridiculous.

    We recently switched out our jankedy, small old shower heads for the big, rain-shower style ones. No coincidence my showers got longer this week. πŸ˜‰

    Discovering Hunter makes adjustable versions of their rain boots that will fit over my, ahem, athletic calves so finally getting to buy a pair.

    Season 3 of Game of Thrones on Netflix.

  7. Having enough time to read and tearing through books like nobody’s business.

    Warmer weather for a few days (even though today it’s snowing… again…)

    Kissing Lindi goodbye before I leave for work (when she is, for this month at least, very sleepy and not out of bed yet.)

    Getting to see my best friend’s 6-month-old twins for the first time since they were itty bitty.

    Earl Grey tea with honey and coconut milk.

    Smoked gouda.

    The flowerbeds in our backyard that we reclaimed from the gigantic pile of honeysuckle vines that took over EVERYTHING. When the weather warms up a little more, we’re going to plant herbs and tomatoes and peppers and flowers. I am excited!

  8. You are very right, Lauren. Let’s focus on the good.

    – I am with you on those snow-capped mountains. They were epic yesterday.
    – Getting really positive feedback from a tough creative director at work.
    – The new little ficus tree that we got at a weird sun shop in Fremont. It has curly leaves and when I asked the plant guy what type of tree it was, he just said, “a cute lil’ ficus.” Agreed, good sir.
    – True Detective. Even though I can’t watch it before bed because it’s too creepy, SO GOOD.
    – Having my husband back from a very stressful time.
    – The puppy, who had a Very Large Day yesterday, and was so stinkin’ cute curled up in a ball, asleep on his lil’ bed.

      1. HA! No, he’s already been through that trauma πŸ˜‰ He did, however, go to the vet for some blood work (and puked in the car, yay!), “helped” Byron with yardwork and went for an evening run. He was obviously pooped by the end of the day.

  9. Focusing on the good is such a great idea. Love it. I might have to repost something like this in my blog this week. πŸ™‚

    – I got into med school on Friday!
    – DVR
    – Kitty snuggles
    – Coming home to dinner made by my husband
    – Clean sheets
    – Finding out that my best friend is pregnant and I’m going to an “aunt” to the baby
    – Not killing my Peace Lily (yet)
    – Knowing that in a month, I’ll be on vacation in southern FL
    – I bought a ridiculously good gift for our 5 year date-iversary in March
    – Spending the day lazing in bed with a book
    – Knitting
    – A fresh blow-out
    – Applying eyeliner perfectly the first time
    – A lower number on the scale than you thought it would be
    – Chewy, fudgy, ridiculously rich brownies
    – The smell of fresh apple pie
    – Snuggling my friend’s baby (and then being able to give the baby back so I can sleep in on Saturdays still)
    – Hugs

  10. My new linen sheets and pillow cases (that make me want to stay in bed all day).

    A surprise night out with my guy in the middle of the week (tomorrow night).

    Having both cats lying next to me, purring loudly, as I work.

    My fresh, clean, organized house after the cleaners leave (this afternoon).

    Chocolate brownies for breakfast (shhhh!)

  11. Totally feel you on cell phone pictures of mountains. Rainier is there! And it’s amazing! Promise!

    I’m headed to DC for several days for work. Excited to stay in a super ridonk hotel and see friend old and new.

    My apartment. I just love it more and more. So cozy and homey but with enough space that it doesn’t feel cluttered. I can’t wait for summer.

    My job. I’m feeling engaged and challenged for the first time in forever. My boss is great and I feel valued.

    Feeling really, truly happy being single. I have a great life. I don’t feel “held back” or like I’m “waiting”. I’m living the fuck out of my life and excited to see what happens next.

  12. I so look forward to these posts!

    My happies:

    I am so busy. And it feels good. I am feeling powerful and inspired and fierce!

    Slow, quiet Sunday brunches. Just sipping tea, looking at Daniel, and sometimes not even saying anything except “Wow, this is so delicious.” We have gone every week to a new place for the past month or so. Isn’t it special how little things slowly form into comfortable routines?

    Reading. Always reading.

    Starting a new business venture. Learning to sell. And realizing I’m way better at it than I thought I’d be!

    Chai tea K-cups that my co-worker ordered for the break room, even though I’m the only one who drinks them.

    Snuggling all my friends’ babies.

    Good hair days.

    Changes. A new home and an engagement and a wedding and a whole future are just on the horizon. So exciting!

  13. “Snow-capped mountains. I wish I could take a picture of them to show you but my camera makes them look soooo teensy. You’ll just have to come over to see.” OK! DON’T MIND IF I DO!

    Right away when my alarm went off this morning the kitty ran into the room and plopped down on my chest to purr and stayed until my snoozed alarm went off again.

    AWP! Even if I am getting up at 3:30am to get there, tomorrow morning.

    French fries. HOT SALTY FRENCH FRIES.

    My mom stopping by my office yesterday to bring me a weaving (of hers) to brighten up the blank wall I’ve been staring at for a year.

    Picking up my bridesmaid dress for my friend’s wedding and thinking about looking fancy.

    Jeff will start dinner without me when I have something to do after work, and I LOVE walking through the door and smelling whatever is cooking. This is not really a new thing and maybe I mentioned it on another Good Stuff post? But I never get tired of it.

  14. – My 18-month old son is becoming this adorable little person, which is actually beginning to outweigh his needy/moody episodes. He’s clearly thinking, remembering, processing all the time, and it’s just incredible. Yesterday, when I picked him up at daycare, a little 2-year old girl grabbed his hand began pulling him around. The pride and joy he showed me in those moments just melted my heart!
    – I get to go to an expensive, exciting industry conference for the first time ever (paid for by my boss, of course). It’s a big deal that I get to go, finally!
    – I’m actually loving my job. I’m not sure how it happened! I’ve even begun referring to my field of work as… My Field of Work. I think I’m in it for good, and it feels very nice to be settled.
    – And my husband LOOOOOOVES his job. It’s so incredibly nice to have us both be happy (though stressed) with our work.
    – I’m feeling hopeful that spring isn’t too far away… though we’re getting more snow this week (hopefully not much)!
    – I’ve been getting us to stick to our monthly budget really well since January 1. Such an achievement!

  15. Making a concerted effort to enjoy winter this year!

    Getting out of the darn house sometimes!

    A really good LivingSocial deal for a macaroni and cheese restaurant right near my office!

    Finding some great new blogs to enjoy!

    Lunch workouts!

  16. Yessss!!! the happy things! πŸ™‚ I loved yours, especially the hummingbirds and avocados for meals!

    1. a good serious vent session with those who get it!
    2. bringing my lunch every day to work for almost 2 weeks and having them be almost entirely yummy vegetables!
    3. pistachios that are pre-shelled. Cause I’m lazy like that.
    4. tinted blistex chapstick of glory
    5. home-made applesauce, noms.
    6. beautiful paper-mache-like fancy-paper flowers that a coworker made sitting on my desk – serious skills and seriously beautiful.
    7. bright bright bright sun coming in our window without blinding me at the same time!
    8. the upcoming oscar party chez duprez!
    9. finally buying a new blow dryer – since my old one is so old I can’t remember when I got it, which essentially means I’ve had it since college and it is frying my hair, eek. The new one is the biggest self-care-for-fun thing I’ve bought in a really long time. It feels soooooooooo good!
    10. having hard but awesome life/future conversations. listening. not acting on fears. enjoying the hard-ness of it all!

  17. Good timing!!!!

    1) This is my last week at the job that has sprouted lots of gray hairs on my pretty young head. This is bittersweet because while I was definitely unhappy here, I also do not yet know where I am going. Wheee unemployment.

    2) Ry JUST found out he got accepted and a full ride to CSU Fort Collins, like 30 minutes ago. Relief! Excitement! Nerves about a new place! Sooo many feels.

    3) Happy by Pharrell is playing on the speakers at work right now.

    4) I have my feminist book club tonight and have been gearing up to tear this “feminist romance novel” a new one. Excited to bitch with brilliant women.

    5) Hearing everyone’s happies always plants a firm smile on my face. Thanks love!

    1. Mariela! Congratulations to you and Ryan!! And HELLO GOOD TIMING on the job thing … now you have a new place to go, and don’t have to worry about leaving a job to go to it!

    2. I’m originally from Fort Collins, born and raised there! CSU is my alma mater. You’ll have to let me know if you need any kinds of tips about the area. My parents now live a little south in Windsor, and my brother in Denver so I come back periodically. Congrats! (you can email at jennfcsu at msn dot com.)

  18. Yay happies!!!

    – someone up there pointed out that it was beginning to be light out on the way home from work? The opposite is my happy! Sun is rising later in the morning which means when I drive home from work at 6:30a it is beginning to stay dark for longer!! Woot night shift happies.

    – I got to go see some out of town friends last weekend after many cancelled attempts. Also, my friends daughter had a dinosaur princess birthday party which was awesome. So often if everything isn’t going perfect it feels easier to cancel plans than to go through with them but I think it does me more harm in the long run.

    – I may have said this in the last happy list, but I am loving on our doggie door this winter! We have never had one before and it means instead of standing out in the snow being cranky at my dogs I can stand in my warm kitchen and watch them. Yay!

    – My mom told my husband that he would make a good father the other day :-). That isn’t in the cards for us for a bit at least but my mom is not what one would call mushy or emotional so for her to say this unprompted meant a lot!!

    – The strawberry from Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2. Every time I think of his little arms and legs swinging around I crack up. I’m a sucker for kids movies.

    I love these posts Lauren!! Hope the household of illness calms down soon!!

  19. WARM CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!! No but for real, my work peeps have now gotten into a habit of automatically bringing me one when they are being baked. Heaven.

    Signing up for all the fun free prenatal classes!! WEEE!! Breastfeeding 101 and Newborn Care and Hospital Tour, here we come!!

    When stuff comes in the mail/gets left on your doorstep that you forgot you ordered. CHRISTMAS!!

    Finding additional promo codes and free shipping codes online just before you check out with your order.

    BUYING CUTE BABY STUFF! AAhhh i cant stop. Must. Stop.

    Im gonna jump on the bright nail polish bandwagon with you. I love getting a fresh, bright, happy coat on my toes. Esp when you have awesome girl friends to put it on for you because its getting harder and harder to reach your toes…

    Putting new scentsy bars into your scentsy and smelling up the house


    Playing in the nursery and organizing and reorganizing all the baby things πŸ™‚

    Spending my lunch hour outside in the sun in February

    Getting to share baby high fives (my baby doesnt kick, he gives out high fives) with my friends and daddy-to-be

    Loving on all my friends babies! It never gets old!!

    Getting to share and read everyones HAPPIES!! <3 <3 <3

  20. Skiing some fresh rocky mountain powder

    Talking for an hour with a good friend while waiting in traffic

    Seeing Downton Abbey on the DVR

    Candy Crush wins after weeks on a level

    Getting a surprise email asking to interview for a job that I didn’t apply for!

    Thanks Lauren! This was a stressful week but you helped me remember that some good things happened πŸ™‚

  21. I really wanted to post on your last happies post but wasn’t ready to share my biggest happy ever with the internets just yet! So, my happies:

    – I’m pregnant! After a miscarriage and 2 years of infertility struggles and treatments I’m almost 18 weeks pregnant and have a proper baby bump and everything πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    – All the baby stuff. So stinking cute.
    – Morning walks with my dog.
    – Breakfast in the sun on my deck.
    – Cold watermelon

      1. Amanda! <3 You will hear about my baby in time, I have no plans to start blogging again, but perhaps a guest adventuring post for Lauren at some point, otherwise, email! πŸ™‚ xx

  22. Happies! This is good stuff. Everyone else’s posts inspired me.

    I am speaking at our Sunday School class this week. My first time speaking alone. Happy to be inspired to do this.
    My running buddy and I beat her fastest 5k time on Sunday! And then we beat her fastest mile pace again today!
    My running buddy is staying with me while my husband is out of town (hooray for actually being able to sleep because there’s someone else in the house — I get anxious when I’m all alone).
    My two miniature schnauzers are so adorable at all times. If I am ever sad, they know exactly how to make me feel better. (Puppy kisses and cuddles).
    Slimming down quite a bit on the new workout program I’m doing.
    Excited to be studying for my ACE exam to be a personal trainer.
    CANNOT WAIT for my husband to come home on Friday. I have an amazing husband, and I miss him a lot right now.

  23. Oh I am so late for this, how did I miss this?
    -Having baby Yu at home and getting to know her every day. That happy face she makes when she just finished a boob-meal. Also, she is bigger, longer and more alert every day. So strong. Once she reaches 3.5 kg we are allowed out of the house with her. I think we are around 3.2 kg, and she’ll be 40 weeks (6 weeks old) on Monday. She’s growing right on track.
    -Tea . Black, chai tea with milk. And brie oh the brie. Having a quiche dough disaster turn into the fluffiest quiche I’d ever made.
    -New books
    -Preparing boxes and cards to send out to the world. Snail mail is the best
    -Spring is coming and you can tell, there are buds everywhere and flowers are ready to burst open everyhere.

    Your talk of nail polish made me want to paint my toes, it’s been so long.

    I hope you are all feeling better!

  24. Girl scout cookies!
    Vacation on Tuesday for a week with my boyfriend, just us, no work, no outside world.
    The stash of delicious chocolate in my pantry.
    My rhododendron that I bought last spring is starting to bloom!

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