Thank You

The notes and comments I received yesterday and today have been so incredibly supportive, I want to thank everyone – those who comment regularly, those who email me, and those who just lurk. I really appreciate the willingness to participate even on the basest of levels.

Writing is a lonely thing. Not always, sometimes it is amazing and euphoric, but a lot of the time it is me, at my computer, (unfortunately) beating myself up over a sentence or wracking my brain to figure out exactly how to say something. It may seem like I write a blog, I get constant feedback, and wow Lauren how many more accolades do you really need?! But it doesn’t feel like that from where I am sitting. It feels like just another way we are all trying to relate to one another. And sometimes it feels like I’m taking a big risk.

Did you know that I still think about 1 post that I wish I hadn’t written? Or that I wish I had written differently? I re work that post in my head all of the time.

I think overall the good stuff outweighs the bad stuff and I guess that’s kind of like life. Sometimes things suck and are hard and frustrating for whatever reason, but the rest of the time things are pretty good (hopefully) and sometimes even they are marvelous.

I’m not sure how this space will evolve over time. There are definitely parts of my comfort level that are changing, but I think the main principles of what I want to accomplish here are staying the same. Maybe those changes are actually things going on inside me, maybe nobody will even notice from the outside.

So thank you! It was a lovely reality check and lots of food for thought.

3 thoughts on “Thank You”

  1. Lurker here. I have been reading since you were an intern on apw. I hope you keep writing and sharing because I sure enjoy reading it.

  2. I totally thought I commented yesterday, but apparently in my exhausted travel state of mind I only commented in my head. Haha. In my head I said, “show yourself some grace when you write, and in life – and keep on keeping on. We are all here and love you/love reading what you have to say. Please don’t go… Don’t gooooo, please don’t go…” (That last bit is from an old song… I think. Haha) Xoxo 🙂

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