Gabe @ 11 Months

Wow, these month updates are coming to a close real quick. One more to go and he’ll be a solid number instead of a decimal and that will be that. Birthday party plans are in the works, night weaning has started, sippy cups are in use, our formula budget has dwindled. Ten months seems like so long ago.


Look at that mischievous little trouble-maker. From 10 to 11 months so much has happened. Two more teeth, pulling yourself up like it isn’t even a struggle, walking around while holding on to things, fits and baby tantrums (wee!), and Gabe is back in day care!


All of these photos are still in the Lauren Daycare Program of boredom and I-don’t-care-about-toys-I-want-what-you-have-always!! The day care thing was a stressful process of me feeling like a giant failure, feeling incapable of giving my kid a place I felt comfortable leaving him for a giant chunk of the day, and feeling like the only options we had were meh options – making me feel like we had 0 real options. Until we walked into Kinder Care by Kamel’s work and the place was clean and organized. The kids were happy, the menu for the older kids was normal food and not a rotation of string cheese, apples, and chicken nuggets (like at the first place we saw, which was serving this combo for a month straight…). The baby room had soft music playing, Gabe immediately wanted down to play, every thing was lovely, the heavens opened up, angels sang, and we signed up on the spot.


I do have to admit that I miss him. I miss our routine and I miss his goofy face and his hugs and snuggles. But! I love that we have him somewhere awesome, that I now have the freedom to start a job any time without having to scramble for childcare, and that he is finger painting and playing with other kids, and getting way more positive stimulus and social interaction than I could give him.


It is so bizarro to me to watch him turning into a child. He is still a baby in a lot of ways, but also he is not. He is not the baby who sleeps on our chest, he is not the baby who stays where you put him, he is not the baby who could go for hours in the front pack. He wants to go go go, he wants to be put down, he is a busy busy bee always on the move. He does not want mom to lug him around, he wants to do it himself and even without words he is very clear on what he wants, when he wants it, and when he doesn’t.


Gabe’s first pair of shoes!

I can see his boy-ness in his face, in his attitude, in his fierce desire for independence. It is only his inability to walk (I bet by next month that won’t be an inability any longer), his inability to speak, and his tiny stature that prevents him from marching off into the world without us and being just fine.


The baby phase really doesn’t last very long. I mean, he is still kind of a baby, but not a baby-baby. Babies last for a matter of months and then poof their are a toddler, and a kid, and a teenage, and then a grown up. But the baby face… it is so short. Maybe that is how people survive it. If we all stayed as sleep deprived as new parents are in the first 3 months I think society would stop functioning in any rational way.


I do miss him as a little tree-frog baby, but I like this age so much better. I love how fierce he can be, I marvel at his will and determination. I love how he will fall flat on his face and then skamper up like nothing at all happened. He is so vocal and can pick up on any changes – Kamel gets a haircut? There is pointing and questioning noises on repeat.


Cookie Monster


I also love watching him munch on things. We started adding in biscuits and cheerios into his world. Cheerios blew his miiiiind. He loves those things. Don’t let him see you pouring yourself a bowl of cereal – he will flip his shit until he gets a handful. He’s also taken to hoovering them off the floor after he has flung them around the kitchen. Picking up his pacifier with only his mouth is also his latest party trick.



His sleeping is also hilarious. I don’t know how he sleep like a pretzel, or with his face squished against the bars of his crib. And he has a knack for scootching his little noggin all the way into the corner of the crib and staying like that for an hour. Babies are so weird.




Happy 11 months, Gabe! You are almost 1 year old, but in the mean time enjoy those bottles and baby snuggles. One day they just won’t be the same.


7 thoughts on “Gabe @ 11 Months”

  1. Aw man. Nearly a year. I cant believe it! Time rushes by so fast!
    LJ is just gone 10 months, walking around the furniture, but steadfastly refusing to crawl.
    And where did our babies go? Really, someone tell me.

  2. what a cutie! Love the pictures and the words – you captured the baby-toddler transition well. It seems to happen in a blink of an eye. When I look back at pictures between 5/6mos–18mos, it seems like it went SO fast – one day, sqiurmy baby, next is moving independent toddler.

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