(Beauty) Products: Review 4/12

At the end of this I’m gearing up to have a pretty sweet little give away box. I’ve been scheming on what kind of contest I want to pull. Suggestions welcome!

So it took me a while to get through this month’s Birchbox of samples because it was shipped to my parent’s house and then we went to Chicago, and yadda yadda, I didn’t get it until the Superbowl. This batch is all about smell. Win or lose, smell is major to me. I am pretty picky about scents. My sniffer is sensitive and I prefer clean scents, lemony, sometimes spicy, feminine. I can’t do flowers, I can’t do overly sweet. But you might love that! So ya know, grain of salt with my opinions as always.


First up, Tea! I was like… ok, sure, tea. I like tea. Lately I have been drinking boat loads of mint tea. This tea was fine, it was free, woul dI go out and buy it? No. The fruity tea kind of tasted like hot koolaid. Maybe you would like some hot koolaid? You could buy this tea, or not.


Dry Shampoo! So confession: I bought dry shampoo a little while ago and it was white and it made my hair look crazy, and I don’t want to have to brush it out because I would only use dry shampoo if my hair looked awesome without a shower and I wanted to keep my curls/waves/ bigness, and if I brush it out it just ruins whatever I had going for me. So, I’m not a fan. I don’t have greasy hair and I prefer a little hairspray to boost stuff up a little. So this will be added into the giveaway!

Another addition will be this mascara:


It is completely natural mascara, and comes in this beautiful applicator. I didn’t use it because I have found my favorite mascara (more on that to come) and I thought it would be nice to give this unused into the giveaway prize pack. So I expect some reader reviews to whomever gets this bundle! I am very curious.


This body butter could not have come at a better time. I was looking at the tops of me feet the other day and it looked like I had been swimming for a week and I have not been swimming at all. Yikes. This lotion is not at all thick, but it is very nourishing. Do you see the teensy tiny print at the bottom of butter that says “pomegranate”? That is my only bummer. If you love a sweet smell, then this is the lotion for you. It isn’t crazy sweet, I just kept getting waffs of the lotion all day long (it really lasts!) and thinking I was smelling someone else. It was kind of delightful, but it was just a little much for me. If this came in verbena I would be all over it.  I’m still using it though! As a free sample I am two thumbs up.


Ok serums! Do you use them? I do not know if I believe in them. It gets filed under the “probably doesn’t hurt” headline. Will it make you Cindy Crawford? Do you want to be Cindy Crawford? I would have to answers I don’t know to both counts. So! I gave it a try, I followed the instructions: Use after washing and toner, but before moisturizer. Ok. Use 2-3 drops (the dropper excites me). Two-three drops is not enough unless I am only applying to “trouble spots” but I am too young for “trouble spots” so I just used enough to cover most of my face. And then I spilled half of it on my bathroom counter because… ya know, I WOULD. So then I wiped that up with my fingers and applied that to my face too, because lest the serum go to waste!

Here is the thing: It smells like… hot dog water.

Let me give you a minute to digest that.

Since the first time I used it I have been thinking about how I was going to describe this to you. I really did not find it enjoyable. But! In the spirit of science I used it again… HOT DOG WATER ON MY FACE. It is such a yucky smell and I am sure you would need to use this in some sort of regular regimen for quite a while to see any benefits and nope nope nope. I couldn’t do it. Hot dog water. I don’t care what benefits Vitamin C on my skin can give me, I’ll have some orange juice thanks.

8 thoughts on “(Beauty) Products: Review 4/12”

  1. So I have never tried dried shampoo and it sounds kind of yucky to me too (I like to play with foam!), but I can attest to the products from Klorane: they are all the best. You talked about hair masks and how they are the sh*t a while ago. Well their mask with mango butter or the one with Papyrus milk (isn’t that what Cleopatra would have used?) are really, really good. They are expensive but worth every single penny and so thick that you only need a little bit to see actual real magic on your hair. They also last a lot because you only use them 1 time per week.

  2. Hahaha Lauren, I love these reviews. Also, is that mascara by 100% Pure?! I have wanted to try their products, but can’t bring myself to actually order something from their website because I haven’t even see or tried it in person yet…I like if I can go into Sephora and like…if not try it, then at least play with the applicator, open it and look at it, whatever. I will definitely be interested to see the giveaway winner’s review of it!

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