Advent-spiration Needed

I just spent the last hour having my blood pressure tested by the overly excited announcer calling the speed skiing or something or other in the Olympics. Just having it on in the background I felt like I was neck-n-neck with an unseen force in my living room! PHOTO FINISH!

What I am I doing in my living room with the Olympics on in the background is procrastinating. Weee! Gabe’s birthday is coming (but enough about him) which means MY birthday is coming, so of course I re-read Kamel’s letter to me from last year.ย And realized: I have done nothing at all to drag him into new adventures (except maybe for relocating to Seattle… and he just kindly reminded me about Chicago and the below freezing wind chill, but… those don’t count!!).

I want to do something new, something that pushes me past my comfort zone and doesn’t involve jumping out of planes. Sorry world, I will never ever sky dive. I also have no desire to ever go into space. Or do that thing where you experience zero gravity (weeee look how my barf floats just so!) in a plane.

I found this cool zipling course nearby. I’ve already ziplined but it is so fun and I would love to do it again! I sent a link to Kamel and asked if we could go for my birthday. He said no, but then said he would think about it. I’m like water, Kamel… you give me an inch, I rush in, freeze, and the inch turns into 2 inches! AND THEN YOU ARE SCREWED MY FRIEND.

I also found this indoor skydiving place where you get blown away by giant fans. I feel like this might be interesting… or I might get into that room and have a massive panic attack, fly into the giant fans and be chopped to death by sharp metal blades. One or the other. I mean, I’m sure they have a gate, but what if it is like that part in Willy Wonka?! WHAT IF.

I thought about maybe taking a class of some sort, but I don’t know if I really have the mental stamina to stick with something on the regular besides my writing (Which… I will get to that maybe next week and fill you in on what’s been happening).

Have you been doing anything to push yourself out of your comfort zone? I need some inspiration!

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  1. INDOOR SKY DIVING IS SO FUN! I did it in Vegas, and was REALLY nervous, but it was a total blast. Highly recommended. (I too have no desire to jump out of a plane, so this seemed a good compromise.)

  2. Obviously I wish I could drag Jeff along on a ziplining adventure with you and Kamel for your birthday. That would be fitting! BUT, alas, distance and all that…

    I’ve done the giant fan fake sky diving thing. It’s cool, but it goes by pretty quick! And they do not let you get chopped to death by the giant fan (probably), but I kind of think you shouldn’t risk a panic attack on your birthday.

    What about a cooking class? Something that is only a few hours, once? Those are fun! I did a little googling for you and discovered that you can brew your own beer at a nearby brewery! ( You should do that, especially since you and Kamel have a little sharing-a-beer ritual sometimes.

    1. Beer brewing… this sounds like something I could totally get kamel’s buy-in on. haha. And you know what – next time the 4 of us are together again we will ABSOLUTELY be dragging the boys out for more “death-defying” shenans. Power in numbers.

      1. we do the you brew thing and would be totally down with joining you and splitting a kettle if you want! ๐Ÿ™‚ it is fun and the place we go you can do wine also!

  3. If the ladies of America’s Next Top Model can do indoor skydiving, I think you can handle it! Personally I would love to go to those indoor trampoline places! – I would also love to do the zero-gravity thing, but I’m guessing that it’s not cheap…

  4. I’ve wanted to do one of those vertical wind tunnels, where you’re over a fan that’s strong enough to keep you in the air so you feel weightless. But that’s about as far as I think I could manage to go. I don’t ever want to skydive either!

  5. I have a friend who took a trapeze class with her hubby, and they loved it. A cooking class with a theme would also be fun. You could pick a class about food that you want to travel to together some day.

  6. I have been meaning to come out of lurks on to comment on your blog welcoming you to seattle. Your post about having a boy came at just the right time for me many months ago and now you’re living up here with a MS spouse too.

    My suggestion is taking a trapeze class at emerald city trapeze arts. It is amazingly fun. I went with my six year old nephew and 13 year old sister and we all had an amazing time. Gave can even watch from the wings.

    1. You have come out of the lurks!! Hooray!!

      I am a little terrified of jumping off of things. Like, did you ever do a ropes course in high school or at camp? I am always the person who gets stuck up there and they have to talk down. !!!

  7. I signed up for aerial yoga classes! And then got knocked up. Womp. But they look really cool! Those sip and paint things look fun, as well as the glass blowing classes! I see both on Groupon and Living Social all the time ๐Ÿ™‚ But i wouldnt call those heart pumping/out of your comfort zone things. I LOVE the trapeze idea!!

  8. I was a giant chicken on the ladder and almost backed out. But my six year old nephew went before me so I sort of had to. The instructors there are beyond phenomenal and despite the mental anguish of jumping off of things I physically felt super secure.

    For the wine and painting, the people at palettes and pairing in Kirkland are awesome. I was hosting a Flat Stanley and they painted him a painting to scale to send back.

  9. OMG. SAME PERSON!!! I just sent Daniel the link to indoor skydiving a few days ago. I want to go for our birthdays/anniversary which are all in the same month.

  10. Lauren!!! Indoor skydiving is pretty cool! It’s not scary at all and gives you the free floating feeling without the jumping out of the plane part! You do a little orientation beforehand to practice position. I think if this sounds remotely appealing to you at all, then I recommend it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Oh one more, Olympics inspired too. The granite curling club does open houses. I took my husband as a gag date but it wound up being a ton of fun.

    My husband is from around here but I’ve only been here a handful of years so we’ve been trying to make the rounds of random seattle adventures. It is his way of making me miss CA less ๐Ÿ™‚

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