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There just aren’t enough hours in the day, and at the same time my days alone with Gabe can seem to draaaag on and on and on at times. Anyway, I wasn’t going to have a blog up today (again), but at 10:00pm I can’t turn my brain off to sleep. I am too busy thinking of all the things that are going to happen, that I have to make happen, or that have already happened. Too much.

Oh my god trying to find a good daycare for Gabe has been such a nightmare. I knew we were lucky to be in the situation we were in with our amazing in-home daycare down in San Mateo (that was a lot of the word “in”), but I had NO IDEA how difficult it is to *poof* move somewhere and then be all “hey daycare world with giant waitlists, yeah I need in.” Suckage. Especially when it COULD mean I would have to delay employment because I would have nowhere to put my child. That would be ridiculously sucky. Thankfully, things are looking more promising at the end of this week than they were even 2 days ago. So, fingers crossed.

I realized, very suddenly, that I have very few interview-appropriate outfits. Once you get a job, that job is not particularly fancy dancy, then you get pregnant and you live in tents for pretty much a year, your dressy “hi, hire me” clothes suddenly disappear. Poof, again. So, I may have to stock up on outfits that are more on the business and less on the party. It is an excuse to shop, so it can’t be all bad.

I have been sleeping like shit because my pillows SUCK. Do you love your pillow? Can I have it? How about just tell me what you’re sleeping on in comments, beause my pillow does this terrible creaky noise every time I move. Like the sound of walking in snow; beautiful out in wilderness, terrible when it is your PILLOW.

Kamel and I have taken to stashing a bottle of wine, two glasses, and our wine opener in our closet. It makes me feel like our bedroom is a hotel and once that door closes, I’m a glass of wine and a TV show on hulu away from feeling like I’m on vacation. Welcome to the Duprez suite!

Earlier this week, as slightly documented on twitter, the maintenance guy who covers our new building said he would be by at 1 and then totally threw my day for a loop when he a) didn’t show up at 1 and then b) showed up at 3:20 during the baby’s precious, precious nap. Oh and one other thing, I had very literally just stepped out of the shower when I heard a knocky-knock on the door, so I grabbed a towel and tiptoed rapidly to the door where I stood, dripping wet, in front of two handymen who had come to measure the windows to put in screens. I mean, I was amply covered – no skimpy towels here – but Ah! My first gut-response was to assure everyone this was not the beginning of a very awkward porno. Thankfully, I kept those thoughts to myself and they said they would come back in 30 min. I guess it could have been worse. I could have actually been IN the shower, not heard the knock, and they could have traipsed in thinking no one was home. That would have been worse. That scenario may have ended up with me naked and beating a stranger to death with a fry-pan.

I made Kamel a toasted black forest ham, swiss and fried egg sandwich the other day. I felt like such a badass because 1) I broiled it in the oven and 2) FRIED EGG. Clearly not the hardest concept by when I cut the sandwich in half the yoke ran and made the sandwich extra amazing, like a hollandaise deconstructed, and clearly that takes some cooking prowess. Except not because it is just an egg, but high five for me none the less.

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  1. “Kamel and I have taken to stashing a bottle of wine, two glasses, and our wine opener in our closet. It makes me feel like our bedroom is a hotel and once that door closes, I’m a glass of wine and a TV show on hulu away from feeling like I’m on vacation. Welcome to the Duprez suite!”

    This is hilarious and genius!

  2. To help with the shopping (especially if it’s for interviews and needed on the cheap), Loft is in the middle of another sale. 40% off full price, extra 60% off sale. I got 2 sweaters (one of which I’d been looking for EVERYWHERE, stupid berry red not being available at other stores) for $30 last night. Awesome.

  3. Goose down!! Goose Down!! I will sleep with no other! It has an amazing balance of being luxurious and melty but also exactly the amount of structure/support . I have no idea who/where I inherited my amazing pillow from post-college – but I love it and have never looked back. I have others, but they are just for show. It is ME and THAT pillow every night, bow chica wow 😉

  4. My current pillows are from Ikea, and they are about at the end of their shelf life. I’ve never had a pillow that I felt stayed consistently awesome for beyond a two year period. I’m not sure if they actually have a shelf life, or I’m just crap at pillow selection.

    Eggs are a new obsession of mine. I don’t generally like them but recently I’ve been all about the eggs – poached eggs, and eggs on pizza. There’s this green eggs and ham pizza at the wood fired place in town and I was sketched out at first but seriously the best pizza ever. All because of the egg.

  5. Sleep number makes an amazing pillow that is a memory foam core wrapped in a down outside. It’s pricy but I’ve had mine for almost four years now and it’s still good!!!!!

  6. Pillows! I have so many tjoughts about them!

    Ok, so I have a Laura Ashley down-filled pillow that I found at Ross about 3 years ago, it is amazing and it is a true expression of my love that I let my husband use it when he has a migraine. He just purchased 2 $12 pillows from target- not the cheapest store brand but the middle store brand, does that make sense? He is a side sleeper and is currently really liking the firm (extra firm is in reserve).

    Pillows. They can make or break your quality if life.

  7. Genius idea with the wine in the room! Everything is what you make of it!
    Another chime in for the IKEA pillow – I *think* mine is the GOSA HASSEL. I love it and have had it for 2 years(?). I’m a side sleeper and it is firm enough for me. I do flip it over every night to get the firmest edge where I didn’t sleep the night before (if that makes sense).

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