The Good Stuff

This last weekend was a really good one. Sometimes I don’t have anything challenging to discuss. Sometimes I look around and think I really am lucky to be where I am, to have the ability to move home when I did. The challenges are there, but they don’t feel insurmountable and right now I feel like it is all going to work out. I want to hold on to that feeling and keep it in my pocket. So here we go, a list of the good things, the happies.

Going out to an adult dinner thanks to my parents generously babysitting the booger. Being able to sit and not feel rushed, enjoy adult conversation without having to stop every 5 seconds to pick something up off the floor or help the baby eat a bite of something or look at Kamel like, “oh god, we are 5 seconds from meltdown, let’s get the check STAT.”

Being able to spend an evening with my best friends, laughing, telling stories, mooching gelato. I’ve missed them so much and now I don’t have to anymore.

A Seahawks win. We are headed to the Super Bowl for the second time! The first time we went I flew home from college to watch the game. It’s just a game and it’s just for fun. It is a bummer when we lose, but when we win it is such a kick in the pants. I’ll ride the wave for as long as possible.

Hot tea in large mugs.

Hugs from Gabe. Real ones. They are the best.

My bed. I love my bed. It is the greatest mattress of all time and I would spend all day every day hanging out in it if I could.

My Zella yoga pants I got for Christmas. They fit perfectly and are such good quality. I love work out clothes.

Speaking of work out clothes… getting back into our work out routine!! I feel like I am back to kicking butt after a massive delay in my work out schedule from moving, etc. It feels excellent to sweat and push myself again.

High top sneakers.

My organized book shelf.

Having my own nightstand even if it is really just a box we haven’t unpacked yet.

Snow-topped mountains.

Crying while watching Ellen.

When I make myself laugh because I’ve written something in a story that tickles me, even when I totally saw it coming.

The Frozen soundtrack!

**Happy Tuesday everyone!! What is making you happy right now?**

5 thoughts on “The Good Stuff”

  1. Things that are making me happy:

    A successful mini dinner party last night (including the spilled glass of wine that resulted from an over-enthusiastic round of cards against humanity)

    Super awesome friends coming to visit me this weekend :)))))


    The fact that the next 4 weekends in a row are going to be awesome (friends, superbowl, travel to other friends, mexico)

    aaaand the fact that I have a peanut butter and pickle sandwich awaiting me for lunch. NOMS.

  2. Happies:

    This weekend! It was 70 degrees, it was 3 days, it involved a hair cut and a pedicure and a lunch + movie date.

    Seeing Her, which means I now have a Best Picture contender to root for.

    I just completed 21 days of exercising every day!

    Restaurant leftovers in my fridge.

    Getting to go home in a few weeks.

    eBay’s speed. I ordered something after 9 pm and got notice it had shipped within 30 minutes.

    Fox comedies on Tuesday nights.

    Downton Abbey watch parties at chez moi.

    Soup. Soup for all the meals. Soup for President.

  3. That feeling out to eat is so divine isn’t it? It’s hard to explain to people who don’t have kids what the internal panic is like for the entire meal out. Constantly assuming you are one wrong move away from an epic meltdown. We try our best to hide it… like the duck calm on the surface thing? Anyway, it really is nice to go just the two of you. yay for babysitters!

  4. I love these happy things, for you.

    I’m in worry mode at the moment but am excessively thankful that it’s nothing terribly pressing or terrible. Just thinking about things that need doing.

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