Right Before The Break

I feel like it’s that beginning part in the song where the main singer is like, “Alright, let’s go, uh uh uh uh,” as the beat picks up and it’s about to drop and BLAST OFF but it isn’t quite there yet, it’s at that amazing build up place. You’re about to jump but it hasn’t hit yet. You’re going to jump, you can feel it in your thighs, you’re on the edge, it’s going to be amazing, it’s the place right before it bursts open.

That space. That’s where it is. That’s where I’m at.

This year is the year of no excuses. I don’t care if it is hard or if I am tired or if the baby is screaming. This is the year of getting shit done. Last year… well last year was last year. It was nausea and newborns. It was planning to launch something and then watching it fizzle. It was “not right now, not this time, no.” Last year was the year of no. And No can be just as necessary, liberating, and inspiring as yes. But that was last year. I’ve done enough hibernating.

I need a new job and a new routine. I’m working on the routine part (temporarily until the new job happens) and monday was the first day of that. The first monday of the new year. A new beginning, a new jump off point, I’m perched and my muscles are anticipating the leap.

And yes, this post was interrupted by a baby who woke up from his nap. But then it was revisited. Because no excuses. Boom.

2 thoughts on “Right Before The Break”

  1. I’m in a similar situation, just quitted my job on December after a full year of sadness and zero willingness of doing something for myself… It’s a new beginning and a new chance to do things on the “yes” side, now I just need my routine. Wish you luck and wish me luck!

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