I really love commercials. I mean, shitty ones – clearly not. But, regardless of the part where they are shamelessly selling a product, I enjoy the part where they are crafted like shorts. Short stories, shot sketches, short films. I like to be entertained. But then, of course, I start getting invested in commercials, and they can really get under my skin. Because that’s what I need. I need more things that annoy me. So let’s go look for them!!

So now I have to share my annoyance with you.

Because god forbid vagina body wash touch your manly man skin. Hurry, show me how big your penis is before it falls off!!!


14 thoughts on “Irked”

  1. What the hell. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. You know what else bugs me? That pepsi product (i think) that has 10 calories, because diet pop is “a woman’s drink”. yeah, cause real men need extra sugar and calories in their lives.

  2. I saw this yesterday for the first time and I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor. First of all, people’s obsessions with women’s vaginas being dirty needs to stop right now, b/c vaginas are self cleaning (like ovens!). Yes, everyone gets yeast infections or whatever from time to time, but if you’d stop messing with your pH and chemistry with these (usually) unnecessary vaginal washes, maybe we wouldn’t have these problems to start with.

    And yeah, “Hurry, show me how big your penis is before it falls off!!!” made me snort in my office. Thank you for that.

  3. I don’t know, I’m starting to love the manly yogurt ads over here in the UK- its just so surreal that they backed themselves into a really stupid corner with their lady-yogurt ads for years.

  4. That is a really stupid commercial. I don’t even get it….he had to prove his manly-ness because he used women’s soap….?

    1. It makes me laugh thinking about how that meeting went. “Ok, so… he is USING our product… except he is super freaked out and embarrassed about using our product. So in order to wipe away the fact that he actually USED OUR PRODUCT, he has to do a shit ton of ultra manly things! THAT WILL SELL OUR BODY WASH LIKE GANGBUSTERS!” ….. what?

  5. Also that she felt the need to point it out in the first place in that ridiculous “it’s made for women” spiel. Unless really, you just wanted him to quit using your expensive product, but still. *eyeroll*

    1. hahahahahah. Touche.

      ok maybe a clarification question because I have never used any made-for-my-vagina products, I thought douches get squirted up? Are douches ANY item like Summer’s Eve or whatever?

  6. The thing that confuses me on top of annoying me about this commercial is that it is for a WOMEN’S product. Women are supposed to like this commercial. So…we’re supposed to be amused by the idea that this product is so gross and girly (how awful) that a man has to do “man” things like drink raw eggs if it touches his skin. How does that make me want to buy it?

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