New Chapter: Home

So of course right after we had hung up the last photo/painting/print in our brand-new-to-us 2 bedroom, an amazing opportunity would pop up for our little family to move (again!). This time not to another city around the bay, and not because we have been priced out (though, in a big way we ARE being priced out of the bay), but because we are finally able to take a big leap forward, up the coast, and back home to… Seattle!!

I’ve been holding my breath for over a month, not able to say a word publicly (which I am TERRIBLE at, just terrible!) about Kamel’s new job opportunity at Microsoft (yay!), and our new family opportunity to be in a place where Gabe will be surrounded by grandparents and aunties and actual seasons. But now here I am, able to finally say: We are moving away from the Bay Area after my 6 years and Kamel’s 11 and we are off to Seattle, where I grew up and where all of my family is and where I’ve been trying and trying and trying to get back to a la Odysseus.

And here we are… apartment hunting this weekend, and having all of our belongings (even our car) packed up and shipped out next week! We fly in on the 20th, into the welcome, crazy arms of all of the Christmas hubub!

I feel like the last pages (in a giant book that lives only in my imagination) of this major chapter are slowly but decisively flipping closed. My California life – with 70 degree Marches and Novembers, endless time spent on the 101, vineyards, Yosemite, where I met Kamel, where we got engaged, the beginnings of our marriage, the birth of my first child, where I finished my education, met some amazing amazing people, and established a tiny slice of my career – is now ending. A great big PNW future is beginning.

The new year is bringing us new travel, new adventure, a new home, a new(ish) city, new jobs (not yet nailed down for me), and new unknowns. I am continually honored for the opportunity to share all of this with you. I finally get to go home.

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  1. Oh Lauren, I am so so happy for you. I know how much you wished for this. Also, congratulations Kamel! I hope you will enjoy your new job and home. Moving is always bittersweet, specially after all those things that have made California very important in your life.
    But I am sure all the new adventures will make you and your family happy. How exciting to live close to your family and friends.

  2. I’m kind of an emotional wreck these days (for my own personal reasons) and so this post just got me all teary-eyed.

    I’m so happy for you Lauren and your family. Wanting and waiting are so hard; to sit and wait for the timing to fall into place. I wish your family the absolute best of luck– job hunting for you, Kamel in his new job, finding the right apartment, for as-smooth-as-possible moving and transitioning, just all of it. What a wonderful thing for Gabe too, to be able to grow up surrounded by so much love.

    “I finally get to go home.” — best early Christmas present ever maybe? 🙂

  3. That ‘going home’ feeling is so amazing. That’s how I felt about our move back to Mass this past July. I’m not a particularly emotional gal, but tears were definitely shed (or at least welled up) when ‘going home’ was imminent!

  4. This post made me a cry a little at my desk. I’m so happy for you! Just imagining that feeling of not waiting is incredible, and I know you are soaking it up, even amongst the moving craziness.

  5. Even though I’m a litle bit sad that I won’t get to see you when I’m in the bay area for work next time, I am so excited and happy for you!

  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was so hopeful for you guys and I’m so excited you’ll be moving back soon. Can’t wait to see you guys up here in the new year!!!


  7. That is AWESOME! I have been aching to go home since we moved across the country 2 years ago and I have missed out on Sunday dinners, parties and new traditions. I am so happy for you and your family!

  8. Gah, i just teared up again. I am so so happy for you and so so sad for my self! I will miss you guys terribly and cant WAIT to come visit with baby next year!!! Really hoping to squeeze in a visit to you guys before you lift off. Missing you already <3

  9. Welcome back home!

    We are all very happy for you, for my son, but mostly for Gabe that’s going to have full time abuelos!!!!!!

  10. I had a feeling this might be coming 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS. That is so, so happy for you guys. And it sounds like Microsoft might be helping with the move? DOUBLY exciting.

    I don’t know if I can be of any assistance on the job-finding hunt, but do let me know if you’d like me to poke around!

  11. Congratulations! I know I have never met you in person and just know you from your writing, but as an East Coaster who currently lives in Portland, OR, I can totally relate to that yearning feeling to go home. Best of luck with the move!

  12. What wonderful news! As someone who currently lives near a bunch of family, I can tell you that it is seriously wonderful to experience impromptu get-togethers with your family and your babe.

    Also, you can give Seattle recommendations. 🙂 I don’t know if you remember back when I asked for San Fran recs when Brad and I were planning our honeymoon, but you were awesome. And now we’ve been talking about Seattle. With a baby. You’ll be awesome again, I know. ha!

    Congratulations, again. Welcome home.

  13. As a PNW native living in Ohio for the past 4 years… I will try to contain my jealously and just say, YAY! Congratulations, I’m so happy for you! 🙂 but seriously. That is awesome.

  14. Oh my god, I could not be happier for you! Congratulations! When I saw Kamel was leaving the job, my curiosity was piqued, but I had no idea it would be for something so good. Many many happy wishes for the three of you in Seattle! (And now I have a new place to visit!)

  15. So excited for you!! Congratulations!!!

    Two years ago I changed career trajectory entirely, in part so I could move to the other side of the world to a city I’ve always wanted live in (and where my husbands’s family is). Living here has allowed me to feel settled and ensconced and *home* in a new way and it’s been the 100% right decision for me. I wish all of that good stuff for you!

  16. We are so happy for you, Kamel, Gabe and US. We get to represent the grandparents. Having you back home has been the best present this season could ever give us. Both your mother and I have wished,prayed, crossed our fingers, continued to think good thoughts…and now they all have come about. Our babies are coming home!!!. Thank you Kamel and Dora for giving us a great father to our grandson, husband to our daughter and support for them moving to Seattle. With Love….

    1. I am so excited for you Lauren & Kamel! I was already getting a little teary for you but ^^ this comment from your dad is just so beautiful that now I’m a sobbing mess at my desk x

  17. Really excited for you guys!!! Let me know if there is anything Jimmy and I can do to help out or if you ever want to grab a drink :).

  18. Hey Lauren! I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but I read this and just want to say Congrats! I am so happy and excited for you! 🙂

  19. Congratulations! Once things settle down (for both of us as we’re soon to welcome another little one) we should get together so I can meet your man, you can meet my woman, and the little ones can play.

  20. Oh man, how exciting! I only wish I still lived in Seattle so we could be real life friends. I lived on first hill for five years. I’m not sure where you guys are looking to live, but we lived it there. And capitol hill, despite the big hipster scene is actually fairly family friendly. I’m a little bit jealous of you.

    1. We actually got an apartment this last weekend! On Capitol Hill! Across from Volunteer Park! I know you don’t make it to Seattle super often, but if you ever do and you are not in a whirlwind of work, please let me know! I would love to meet you!

  21. ACH! That’s huge! I have been super behind on blogs and completely missed this til now, and you’re leaving tomorrow! I won’t get to hug you goodbye!

    I’m sorry we never got to get together again but I’m excited that you’re getting to be in the bosom of your family again <3

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