Holiday Move

This last weekend my grandma said, “So… no blogging this week?” and I knew it was time to come back. Also, Kamel asked me on the same day, “So! Do you have like… a bajillion posts stored up in your head for the coming weeks?!” And my response was, “Um. No?”

I’ve been busy. There is no way I could have been writing and posting even if I wanted to. Which I didn’t. Because sometimes I am incredibly caught up in the life swirling all around me and I don’t even have 1 second to sit thoughtfully and practice turning my mundane world into something interesting.

The week before Christmas we moved. I don’t recommend (if you can help it, which we couldn’t…unless we wanted to be spending the holidays alone in San Francisco, without jobs and in a type of weird moving purgatory) that kind of moving timing. All of our things were packed and taken away on Wednesday, along with our car. Then on Thursday we cleaned the apartment, sent Christmas presents off with the USPS (all arrived on time! Don’t underestimate the under-appreciated USPS!), went to see Frozen without the baby, got extra copies of the baby’s birth certificate, and then repacked our bulging suitcases. Friday AM we left the bay area for good on a very very very early flight to Seattle. We couldn’t “check-in” to our corporate housing until 3:00 so we spent the bulk of the day hanging out at my parents house doing laundry. Once we did check-in I took a quick shower and then was off and running to girl’s christmas – a time honored tradition – by 430.



Then there was last minute shopping and family get togethers, and Christmas Eve and Christmas, and all while living out of suitcases in not-our-beds, in not-our-apartment, missing 90% of our things. As ridiculous as this sounds, it kind of feels like we are urban camping. We make due with the basics in kitchenware, we make due with the basics in food because we don’t want to overstock our fridge and then have to waste money when we move again (hopefully hopefully hopefully) on the 2nd. I could go on and on about the out-of-sorts-ness that is our little family and our living situation but it is boring, so I won’t. One more last thing – the bedrooms here are tiny. TINY! And we are sleeping in a double bed. The first night I finally poked Kamel and said, “Are you on the VERY EDGE OF THE BED?! Because I AM! I have no space!! You better be on the VERY EDGE TOO.”

We’ve driven by the apartment that is waiting for us and our stuff (come Jan 1) about 5 times in a week. We look at it longingly as the baby naps in the back seat. We look at the neighborhood and think “this is our place, these are our people!” So unlike the area where our corporate housing is. We are staying in a totally un-family-friendly area. And every single day I lament out loud that we didn’t bring our stroller. We just didn’t have enough hands at the airport and we couldn’t do it. So, our 30 lb baby is chillin in the front pack only – which greatly limits my desire to walk the several blocks to the drugstore.

But we are here! In Seattle! It snowed when we landed and I was in Christmas-time heaven. I get to see my favorite people and it isn’t even a big deal. Amazing. I already feel a swell of support from the community that has been waiting for us to arrive. I would take months of borrowed sheets and towels that are too short, pseudo-hotel living in a building filled with hipster, entitled douchebags, and too-small-beds for the community here.

Overall in the last two weeks things have been a little woah-nelly. Our belongings are willy nilly and there are days I am lucky to remember my pants, let alone wipes/diapers/extra shirts/our baby. But we were incredibly lucky to have a lovely (albeit stressful at times) Christmas with lots of friends and family, and I am so so so happy to be home.

5 thoughts on “Holiday Move”

  1. Weee WELCOME HOME! 🙂 So glad you guys are there and in the (very!) beginning stages of getting settled in. Crossing our fingers and toes for your new apt move in this week!! <3

  2. exciting!
    Can your front pack be worn as a back pack too? If so, baby is FAR more comfortable to carry that way (personal experience on our recent holiday, LJ also prefers to be on my back than my front)

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