Fooding: Baby Style Part 2

I am going to be super bummed when Gabe leaves the world of purees and starts eating normal people food. Booooring. Since I last talked about baby food making I really tired to turn up the volume on the savory options I was giving Gabe.

Roasted Zucchini

More spices were used, and flavors like roasted garlic, leeks, and cayenne were all included. Making sure I used low sodium veggie stock also helped make the purees smooth enough for Gabe’s intense gag reflex and kept the savory-ness instead of watering it down with… water.

steamed cauliflower

Some of the savory options this time around:

  • Roasted Zucchini/Cauliflower/Roasted Garlic
  • Sweet Pea Hummus (sweet peas – frozen, garbanzos, olive oil, and full fat greek yogurt)
  • Peas and Carrots and Leeks
  • Wild Rice and Acorn Squash – this was the only option that didn’t go so well. The texture of the wild rice wasn’t blended enough and Gabe continued to gag on it until he just started to refuse it. Whoops!

Zucchini/Cauliflower/garlic baby food

Along with more interesting savory flavors, I also wanted to up the texture a little bit… the wild rice was a flop, but I experimented with apples and walnuts and cinnamon which was a total win. I also began including Greek yogurt more in items and ended up with an amazing blueberry/raspberry fro-yo that Kamel also thoroughly enjoyed. (Haha.)

Organic raspberry and blueberry frozen yogurt

Blueberry and raspberry frozen yogurt

Have you been experimenting with any interesting foodstuffs lately? And fun holiday creations?

We are about to transition into finger foods… messy, messy finger foods. I’ll keep you posted.

grocery shopping with baby

11 thoughts on “Fooding: Baby Style Part 2”

  1. Finger food is SO much fun, and such a nightmare at the same time. LJ absolutely LOVES fried mushroom at the moment. It goes everywhere.
    One of his faves at the moment is roast – roasted pumpkin, potato, kumara (I think you call it sweet potato), and brocolli and carrot blended to a mash consistency. Served with a slice of steak.

  2. Can I ask you a boring parenting question? How much do you feed Gabe? Like, how many ounces of solids per feeding and how many times a day? Do you include more than one puree per meal/day? Is he still drinking just as much milk or has that gone down as you’ve increased the amount of solids?

    Our foray into solids has been slooow and I don’t know if we’re doing it right. The baby doesn’t love them, so we’re only doing one meal a day (dinner), plus maybe one of little bit at lunch. We were all jazzed to make our food at home and experiment with different recipes and we’re doing that, but her reluctance to eat is slowing us down!

    I will say that you inspired us to use spices. Robert thought it seemed weird to spice up food for tiny babies, but I told him about some of your fun recipes, so he gave in and added cinnamon to apples and sweet potatoes and she liked it better than anything we’ve given her previously.

    1. We started at 6 months with about 1-2 oz a day. Now he eats a serving of cereal + formula, and 7-9 oz of food a day. His bottles have decreased in amount and in frequency, but formula is still a pretty solid part of his diet. The schedule is usually: Bottle in the AM, then formula + cereal, bottle after nap, then food feeding, and then another food feeding, and then depending on when we pick him up from daycare usually another small bottle before we grab him (usually the bottle is around 5:00pm) then while I’m making dinner I feed him 2-3 oz of food.

      My biggest suggestion is to start super smooth, add water, blend longer, etc. Did you start with adding 1 food type at a time? We started initially with food packets, introducing 1 type over 2-3 days before moving on to the next type. Then once we did that for a few weeks and we had a large variety and he was eating 1 full packet a day, that’s when I began making our own.

      And if sweet potatoes are a hit, try butternut squash, acorn squash, carrots, try a peas+carrots blend, apple and carrot blend, and pear + pea. I think those are the most flavor and texture forgiving. Let me know if you need prep tips for any of those and I can email you. 🙂

      Also, a lot during the beginning, the baby was just moving stuff around in his mouth and eating super slowly. Food for thought! 😉

  3. Do you keep a recipe book of all these? I know it’s probably not hard to find online, but I really like so much of what you’re doing and want to squirrel it away for when I actually have a kid. I’ve bookmarked a bunch already.

    1. Thank you so much Thea! I do not keep a recipe book – it is all up in my head! But I can email you some quick instructions on anything you really wanted to try. 🙂 I just kind of wing it!

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