Creating Tradition

I wanted to start some sort of Christmas tradition with the baby, but holy moly the season just comes and goes and poof it is Christmas and holy shit we haven’t done anything. I realize it is only the 5th of December, but the hubub has been go go go in the Duprez house. I just yesterday ordered our Christmas cards. Ahhh! Thank goodness I am ahead of the curve for Christmas shopping.

I’m not planning on doing Santa photos as a tradition – as cute as they are, it just tugs at my discomfort cords. But I love when my parents put out all of my Santa photos every year for the holiday, so yearly holiday photos it is!!


Now then, our kid who is the happiest, funniest, super comfortable with strangers and loud family and blahblah? TOTALLY freaked out by nice lady with camera. Completely. Like 90% of the pictures were Gabe’s worried face, and I had to stop about 4 times to snuggle the tears away. He was reaching for me and scooting towards me and super stressed.

Kamel and I kept looking at each other like “What the fuck? This is our kid?” Who knew the smile-y camera ready baby would suddenly be terrified and uncomfortable when we were paying people to give us better quality than our cell phones could produce? Hm… go figure!!

But hopefully this leads to an awesome family tradition of winter sweaters and  yearly family cuteness.

1 thought on “Creating Tradition”

  1. hahahaaaaaa…. that’s because we were strangers, but strangers FAMILY, and blood calls…. ahahahaaaa1!!!! I love him and miss him so much!!!!

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