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(Beauty) Products: Review (2/12)

It is time again for my ongoing segment about trying new products, because I pretty much only use free samples my mom gets when she buys her things and then receives a free gift. Very, very true story.


My November Birchbox had some good stuff in it! First there was a Eyeko Magic Mascara with a curved brush. I love mascara and right now I use free samples so I was super intrigued by the packaging and all of the mascara’s promises. Curling? Lengthening? MAGICALNESS?!


I don’t think I would necessarily dub this magic, but the curved brush was really nice for applying. And the mascara lasted all day and was more difficult to take off than my other stuff, so I imagine that means it is more waterproof than my other ones? I don’t think I would spend the money on it, but I am happy to use it as yet another free sample. And I think I’ll look for other mascaras with a curved brush. Do you use anything fancy? Any mind blowing lash-lengthening magicalness?

Next they had this delicious snack:


It was chocolate and pop rocks, which sounds terrible but was actually really fun. It had nothing at all to do with beauty products, but whatever! Delicious! I would never buy this but yay snacks!

The item that surprised me the most was the shampoo and conditioning included.


I am incredibly picky about my shampoo. I need it to do more than just make my hair smell nice. So I was sort of meh about trying this and I kept putting it off (hence the large gap between this product review post and the last one). But then, guess what happened? Beauty Protector totally kicks ass. First, it actually smells like heaven. Second, it didn’t strip my hair at ALL like regular shampoos/conditioners do. It pairs beautifully with my hair mask and the lovely smell was lingering even 48 hours later. I think this is the first thing that I really want to buy legitimately from Birchbox. Once the holidays settle down I am all over this shampoo and conditioner. If you are at all interested, I suggest giving it a try. Mind blown.

And then, the last gem in the box this month was bath soaking deliciousness, which I did not try because I am not a bath soaking person, unless I am in the tub with my kid and then it is all go go go.


But! I very much enjoy that they are from Portland, OR and they will be in the giveaway box-o-samples you will get a chance to partake in a few months from now. Wee!

So what’s going on behind your bathroom mirror lately? Attempted anything that worked? Didn’t? Switched up your shampoo maybe? I hear it’s a life changing experience! Anyone who was trying the hair mask who hadn’t before – how is that going? What happened with it? Share with me your beauty secrets!


  1. What is a hair mask?

    One of my half-hearted new years resolutions last year was to learn how to (french/dutch) braid my hair or do interesting things with it when I put it up beyond a boring/ugly bun. This year’s hair related resolution is learning how to blow dry my hair straight(ish). I haven’t even owned a blow drier in the last five years or so, because I’ve never managed to blow dry my hair into anything other than a puffy mess.

    Also, I LOVE baths. Love them. It is my dream to one day live in a house where the bathtub is clean enough to allow me to take them, on occasion. (Small apartment tubs are just inappropriate for this purpose!)

  2. I am really bummed I did not get that conditioner to try in my November box! I did however get the mascara and I am in love with it, new favorite.

    • I love hearing what your box includes!!! :) It is so much fun that each box is a bit different.

  3. I hadn’t heard of this service before, but it sounds really interesting. I’m going to look into it! Seems like a fun way to try some new stuff.
    Maybe a new years treat for myself!

    • It is a really awesome service. Esp because I have such a problem committing or buying any beauty products EVER for myself. Highly recommend. :)

  4. Hey, I got some of that chocolate in a gift exchange recently! Both the popcorn and the potato chip. Both were surprisingly yummy … but I agree, I wouldn’t buy them for myself. Maybe for fun for someone else, though!

    Recently I’ve been loving using Moroccan Oil on my hair … it’s really helping keep it under control while putting up with the cold and staticy winter! I’ve tried a couple expensive brands, but it turns out the Garnier Fructis version works just as well, and for a quarter of the price!

    Plus, re: hair … I shelled out and bought a pricey, well-rated straightener … at deep discount, of course, but still. Even if I’d paid full price, it would have been worth every, single penny. The thing is magic. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium. LOVE.

    I’m also loving a new mascara I got as a gift with purchase … Smashbox Full Exposure. It’s not waterproof, which is my only gripe with it … but it tends to stay put nicely, unless I fall asleep with it on. And so far, no clumping or flaking off! Hooray good mascara!

    • I used Moroccan hair oil too!!! In the jug hair-mask form. I am a huge huge fan of that brand/product.

  5. Recently I’ve found the “say yes” line of shampoos, soaps etc. I have tried the carrot shampoo and the cucumber fash wash and live them both. Being in a dry, cold, climate has done a number on my scalp and the carrot shampoo is literally the best EVER. If you get dry scalp you must try it.

  6. As far as mascara goes, I second the Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara. I use the orange colored tube, which I think is volumizing. I’ve tried a few other brands as samples and have always reverted back almost immediately. However, I did get a sample of Benefit’s They’re Real mascara from Sephora and I have to say that I really like it in some instances. M-F I wear full eyeshadow on my eyes and I’ve tried using this mascara with it and I do not like the effect. However, on the weekends when mascara is all I wear I love it! It makes my lashes long and pretty without making them clump together. For someone like yourself that doesn’t usually do a full eye of makeup, I would suggest trying it out. It isn’t that expensive either, so that’s a plus. I’m sure you can find/buy a sample of it to try out, and I would recommend it (at least for a trail run).

    • These are great suggestions!! Thank you so much!


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