The Panty Pilgrimmage: Part 2

Way back in October 2011 I wrote a post about trying to find some decent freaking underwear after Old Navy discontinued their amazing mesh hipsters. *Sob* With over 100 comments (and comments trickling in every month) it is by far and away my biggest post and I wish that meant I had good news. I wish it meant I had found – 2 years later!! – the perfect underpants, the kind that doesn’t get sucked into the vortex, or that cuts in all weird around my hips and cheeks. I wish I could say that, but I can’t.

I’ve tried Gap, and felt like an old lady.

I’ve tried Victoria’s Secret and felt like my butt was too big.

I’ve tried Natori – and dove into the expensive underpants world (it’s a slippery slope!) and they were actually the best fitting so far, but STILL cut in around my hips and made it difficult to wear with some pants without showing my panty line.

So, if you don’t mind spilling the awesome underwear beans, what are you wearing? I’m still trying to salvage my poor sad Old Navy Hipsters that have the mesh splitting out of them and are all stretched out, so that is a sad situation if I ever admitted to one. In the last two years I am hoping beyond hope that someone has come up with an amazing alternative. At this point I will pay whatever it takes as long as my butt isn’t hanging out of them and they don’t make me look lumpier than i already am.

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    1. No! I haven’t! Because I feel like someone needs to explain to me using small words and hand holding exactly which underwear they buy. There are a million and I am afraid they are cheap and sucky and I get overwhelmed.

      1. I usually have better luck with cheap undies than anything else. Hanes does a few I really like, just their regular cotton pants. You can get 3x as many for the same price as the fancy stuff. I like their hipsters & boy briefs, and there are a few that are made specifically to go under pants w/no panty lines. I wear them to death, and grab more as I go. You can get them at Target, too. I’d avoid the Xhileration undies at Target — they’re being made with less cotton, more poly/elastic, and the elastic wears out too quickly, and then they’re drooping or riding up in weird places. Good luck!

      2. For full seat undies, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hanes’ cotton stretch bikinis, which I’ve only been able to find at Target. They are about $8 for a three pack. They have hipsters, briefs, etc. too. The stretch in the cotton is a million times better than any other cotton stretch blend I’ve tried at Gap, VS, etc. They also make a silky version, which I buy in a size up and wear under jersey dresses with good results. ($8 for a two pack.) For times when I really want no panty line though, I buy Hanky Panky thongs from Norstrom Rack, or stock up during Nordstrom’s half yearly sale. Expensive, but again, the stretch in these have held up for years.

        1. I should also note that Hanes makes a 100% cotton panty that is not as comfy, so make sure you try the “Cotton stretch!” I’ve made that mistake a few times…

  1. LOL! Men really do not realize the struggle! My favorite fit has by far been VS PINK yoga panties. They are cottony and a little spandexy without seams around the edges to make all the lines lay flat. They kind of move with you?! Also, the Ruched Hipster or Ruched Shortie. It has a little stitching down the middle that somehow avoids the vortex travel. LOL

  2. I’ve been having trouble with finding the right *size*. Sure, I can find a great hipster undie, but a medium “gets sucked into the vortex” and a large is saggy. There isn’t enough nuance!

    1. I second ExOfficio. I have a small waist and much larger hips, and these are awesome. I wear the boyshort version, so there is a little more coverage in the butt without riding up high over my pants. They actually fit much more like hipsters. The wicking material is great on my skin.

  3. I have a big ol’ crush on the Gillian & O’Malley bikini line at Target.

    They have two styles I like in particular.
    1. Women’s Modal Hipster
    2. Women’s Modal Lace Bikini

    Both are inexpensive, wash and wear well, and come in fun colors.

    1. I also like both of these! Just be careful when shopping the in-store bins — they will mix in non-cotton ones with very similar cuts. I’ve found the mesh ones and the silky ones have more unforgiving waistbands and are not nearly as comfortable.

    1. YAAAASSSS to this comment. I love these so much my good feelings about the brand transferred to the actual AE brand and now I’m obssessed with the high waisted black jeggings. They suck everything in in your tum area!!!

  4. My favorite undies are Jockey No Panty Line Promise Tactel, either in bikini or hipster. I wear them with my work clothes or skinny jeans, and they don’t give me a panty line. They are thin and silky-feeling and super comfortable. I don’t get that annoying feeling that my undies are creeping upward or aren’t covering my butt all the way (Victoria’s Secret!). At $9.50 a pair, they’re a little pricey, but occasionally I find them on sale at Macy’s or Amazon, and I feel like they’re worth it since they actually do what they promise!

  5. I have small-ish hips and butt, so I’m not sure if these will work, but I LOVE honeydew. They look cute/sexy but are made of cotton so they feel… appropriate. I always buy them when they’re on sale at the Nordstrom sale (like 3/$25 or something). Just hang-dry them (no dryer) to keep them lasting longer!

    I hope this link works:

    They also sell other cuts, I just like this one the best!

  6. I wear the Target Hot Options brand hipsters and they’re by far the best undies I’ve ever worn. Because I have a flat wall instead of a bum, I usually end up with undies falling down at the back (and sitting under the cheeks – so annoying), but these ones stay put. They also have soft, flat seams at the back so no panty lines. And even though you expect them to, there’s no riding up. It’s like magic. I don’t know if they do the same undies in the US – but they’re cheap and come in lots of cheerful colours.

  7. I’ve always been a VS girl. But i’m a babe on a budget now and Lara bought me some Target panties.


    They’re not as buttery as VS (I promise there is at least one collection there that will make you feel amazing) but they are still very comfy.

  8. I don’t know if you tried aerie yet, but I absolutely love their bras (on a different subject) and have had pretty good luck with their underwear, if anything they’re sometimes a little low cut for me but I think you don’t have that problem so much. AND right now they have a 7 for $26 going on so, that’s kind of tough to pass up. Definitely worth perusing at any rate.

  9. I love all the suggestions, as I myself am a comfy underwear snob. I have high expectations for my undies.

    I get mine at Costco (I know, ridiculous really, but it isn’t like 500 a pack). They are standard cotton bikinis and come in a 5-pck of assorted colors. For plain cotton undies (not cute mind you, at all) they are the best. They do not ride up, have the perfect elastic that doesn’t stretch out or cut into my rolly-polly spots at all and don’t ride up one little millimeter. I love them. Wow, didn’t even realize myself that I loved them until I typed that.

  10. Ok, so… first… I’m going to take lots of notes and head over to target and try a bunch of things and let you know what works and what doesn’t. Also! Sarah! I saw a pack at costco and was SO CLOSE to buying them but then I chickened out. So, if Target doesn’t pan out – to costco I go!

    Maybe there is a low cost amazing booty option out there after all! I’ll be checking in again soon.

  11. I’m late to the party, but have to put a plug in for Barely There brand underwear. I got my first pair from Nordstroms and they’re still going strong 12 years later. Is that weird I’ve had undies for over a decade? I don’t know – they’re just still comfy and never had any of the broken elastic issues. I pack all my junk in the trunk and I love these seamless panties.

  12. Preface: I have a… substantial butt.

    I used to buy VS cheeky hipsters in the all lace variety, but sometimes they aren’t super comfortable under certain pairs of pants. They are great for not having VPL most of the time, however.

    For “every day wear” (haha, I sound fancy) I go to Target and buy these:—shapewear/bikinis/hanes-womens-seamless-bikini-panties

    They come in lots of colors and are super soft and YES, they’re actually seamless and don’t bunch up in places or make you think your underwear is getting sucked into your body.

    Why on earth is underwear so DIFFICULT???

  13. All right ladies…JCPenney has by far been my best luck so far. I’m currently wearing these undies…
    Though they’re not perfect, they are by far the best I’ve found. But, I’m 37 and they are a little too teenager for me. They are on clearance for $5.99, so I say what do you have to lose?
    Now, today, as I was perusing for a new bra, I came across a new line by Elle McPhearson, also on JCP. I’m ordering a few pair to see how they are. They are pricy, but there is currently a coupon (THEBODY) for 25% off her new The Body brand. Here they are if you want to check them out. Or you can wait and I’ll report my findings 🙂

  14. I have to know if you’ve converged on a solution, Lauren. I’ve also been on the hunt for perfect panties. I even keep a “panty journal” of what has/hasn’t worked. I just wish Old Navy would bring back the mesh hipsters, and all would be well. My closest “holy grail” find has been the Natori Bliss mesh brief (I prefer the mesh to the cotton because it has a lower friction coefficient, so it doesn’t “grab” and get pulled up by clothing. ) But they are very expensive….

    1. I am wearing the Natori Mesh right now! But I have found they run a little smaller than the old navy ones. They are tight in my hips where the old navy are smooth and cover more. So far I have not found ANY real solutions. But I keep looking.

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