The Good Stuff: Thanksgiving Edition

Today we are flying out to Mexico City to spend the holday with our Mexican family! I’ll be back on Sunday and will hopefully have lots of news for next week. For now, though, let’s talk about the happies.

Fancy kleenex with lotion (not so fancy but it FEELS so fancy)!

Fancy date night dinners on Monday.

Speaking of dinners: short ribs.

Successfully making baby fro-yo (but it’s basically grownup delicious fro yo that I feed to the baby … and sometimes Kamel)

Being able to tell what time it is based on how bright it is outside. Soon this will be impossible because it will be dark all of the time. C’est la vie.

Surprise flowers from lovely coworkers.

Making a solid dent in my Christmas shopping even before Thanksgiving!

The baby is 90% of the time …. sleeping through the night… QUICK! KNOCK ON ALL THE WOOD!!!

When the baby whispers. He whispers (dah dah dah dah little baby whispers).

Gum. I love gum. I have a little gum tub on my desk and it brings me joy all day long.

Going to the Macklemore concert in a few weeks!!! In Seattle!! The final show of the tour!!

Plans with my bestest friends for holiday-ness.

My discovery of the target beauty section (not really a “discovery” more like… why wasn’t I taking advantage of this before?!) and saving money on scrubbies and lotions and all kinds of things I don’t need but make me feel awesome.

Knowing that this year, no matter what I get for Christmas there will be NO disappointment because whether it is a gift card or a sweater: I’m feeling pretttty stoked for the holidays.


What are your happies this week??


6 thoughts on “The Good Stuff: Thanksgiving Edition”

  1. Four day weekend! Sweet potatoes with marshmallows! Coworker that paid for my pedicure! Promotion that I proposed and fought for (hasn’t been solidified yet)! Feeding the young’n all of the yummy Thanksgiving foods! HAPPIES!

  2. Happy here is that while LJ has gastro, he is only uncomfortable with it, not really sick (unlike my mum who gave it to him and is miserable).
    Having all the Christmas shopping either completed or planned. Now to get on with wrapping.
    The fact that while LJ and I have been stuck at home with him sick, the weather has been awful, so I’ve not felt so much like I am missing out. 🙂

  3. I kind of hated this month, so I’m mostly happy that it’s over, if only to give myself the mental distance.

    But also! I am happy/grateful for the following:

    Thanksgiving feasts and related relaxing/drinking/snacking times.
    The fitness studio where I’ve started taking spin classes, which are surprisingly fun!
    SCARF season!
    That the heat is working in the apartment (knock on wood).

  4. My happies: Buying online Santa gifts for my kids so they receive it at my dad’s and Gaby’s house! Cause yes! we are spending Xmas and New Year’s in LA!
    Knowing after one year and one month of not seeing each other, I’ll be hugging my dad, Gaby and brothers! makes me so happy! looking forward to it!
    Also, that I will meet you and Gabe this week!

  5. Yay! I love happies!

    My happies:
    Only 2 more hours of work this week.
    I don’t have to cook anything for Thanksgiving dinner.
    After 2 weeks of overnight wake-ups due to a cold, Frances is once again (knock on everything) sleeping through the night.
    My wife, of her own volition, has planned a date night for us while visiting her relatives (related: free babysitters)!
    Reading a book I’ve really in to (The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells by Andrew Sean Greer)

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