Gabe @ 8 months


On Friday Gabe turned 8 months old. If I had been on my game I would have had this post ready. Plus the other 3 posts I had planned to write, but to be 100% honest I have been wrapped up in my life outside the internet and thoroughly enjoying several books I’ll be talking about soon. Plus! Holy mackrel, I feel like so much has happened in this 1 month. When I went back to find the photo of Gabe at 7 months (above), I couldn’t believe all of the stuff I had to scroll past.


We have started making our own baby food and Gabe is eating 2 meals a day with purees and cereal. And the little booger has his two bottom front teeth! They are very cute, especially when he is da-da-da-ing and those little teeth are poking out.


He’s also a lot stronger. He has no problem sitting up all on his own, he scootches around and around our floor like our little swiffer butt, pulls himself towards objects, and rolls front to back and back to front. Rolling! Like, ta da! All this time without rolling and now he is a mover and a shaker like it was never an issue.



Mobility is actually our biggest issue, or biggest non-issue right now. Gabe is incredibly frustrated he can’t get up and run around the room… yet. And I want it for him, I want him to be running circles around me. I want him to be able to get up and walk over to the toy that rolled away from him. But he can’t, and that is pissing Gabe off.




Gabe sees me across the room, turns, lurches for me, and… goes nowhere. He tries again, reaches, leans… and nothing. And then he sqwacks and yells and is so incredibly frustrated. When I hold him he tries to wiggle out of my arms and throw himself onto the floor. When he is on my lap, he pushes and slides off. He wants to go go go go, but ends up going… not far.


(Just before he barfed … on my bed… and then rubbed his face in it.)


I know he’ll get there, and I wonder what I’ll be saying when I’m writing about him turning 9 months. He is so close… so so so close to being mobile. And I want it for him, I want him to be the little wild mover and shaker I know he is. I’m excited.


This last month Gabe got his first passport! It finally arrived! And we’ll be heading to Mexico City in a few weeks to visit family. International baby flight! Thankfully it’s only a 4-5 hour flight and Kamel will be in charge of walking the baby to and fro down the aisle. The logistics of baby travel continues to get more and more complicated as gets older.


First all I needed was diapers, a car seat and my boobs. Then we needed diapers, bottles, toys, car seat, and stroller. Yikes. Now we’ll be lugging our even BIGGER convertible car seat (because our giant baby has grown completely out of his infant car seat by 7.5 months old), bottles, diapers, toys, and baby food. Plus a pack-n-play. No stroller this time, we only have 4 hands between the two of us.


AND! Because we are flying United and I hate United with a firery passion and we are flying international – we have to pay for our lap infant! $40 plus 10% of the price of a ticket. What the hell? Baby’s aren’t that expensive – they aren’t! It’s the constant nickle and diming parents that fucks you up. Daycare, yes that’s expensive, but really it’s the multiple car seats, the fees, the fact that your kid grows through all of his clothes 3 months early (oh yes, we are in 12 month clothes now). Sigh.



(When did he become 7?)


(Daylight savings time is a baby killer.)

I really can’t believe it has been 8 months. Gabe is so much fun, keeps me on my toes, and is becoming quite the little person. We are on our way to the 1 year mark, chug-chug-chugging a long! Happy 8 month birthday, Gabriel!

8 months

9 thoughts on “Gabe @ 8 months”

  1. Oh wow, time is going so so fast. I remember his 7 month old post like it was yesterday. He is such a little boy now, you always saw his personality shining through, but it becomes more and more obvious.
    He is so sweet. And yay for international travel, and real food, and teeth. Thanks for sharing all of this with us, it is nice to see him grow. And that last picture is so perfect, pure happiness!

  2. Well, you’ve slayed me with cuteness. I’m dead.

    P.S. Please try not to have such a cute kid next time, DUPREZES. I’m not sure I can handle it.

    P.P.S. WTF United? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever hear! PLUS 10% of the price of the ticket? What a scam.

  3. Oh man. I’ll be sitting here, chugging along in my newlywedness, thinking I don’t need babies and then Gabe pops up in my feed and I swear to you, I squee of cuteness and my ovaries overwhelm my logic!!

    Excuse me while I go make a list of all the reasons I can’t have a baby right now. 😉

  4. Weeee he is the BEST!! So so cute and fun and HAPPY! Chad and I couldnt get over what a happy, smiley chill baby he is!! You guys scored big time in the baby department 🙂

  5. Oh man, the “when did he turn 7?” picture. Hang on to that and pull it up in 4 years. Seriously. We have a picture of Rylen from around 8 months where he looks exactly like he does now that he’s 5. It’s eerie.

    Also, United? Wtf? That’s got to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

  6. I have never seen any baby look so happy. A true refection of the love he receives from his parents. You all are the best. Happy 8 months… looking forward to many more celebrations. Love to you all. DB

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