Brunching and Bundt-ing

We have been a-hustlin’ and a-bustlin’ around these parts that last few weeks, so I’m still playing catch up with blog posts. Last weekend we had some friends over for brunch. I am mostly hesitant about having people over to our place now that we have a kid. There is something about hosting people that feels overwhelming to me at times. I always want people to feel comfortable in our house, I want them to feel at ease, and not like they are intruding on a semi-hurricane. Mostly that means I have to tame the reality of the hurricane that is our little world. And it means not over-doing it when it comes to food/activity expectations (for myself and for others).

But brunch! I was pretty sure I could do brunch. I started off by taking the opportunity to make another bundt cake from the bundt cake book. I’m kind of over the swell of chocolate cakes, so I flipped ahead to more breakfast-friendly options. Low-fat apple bundt cake it was!


It was super easy and turned out really, really well. I will definitely be making this for future work events or something lite to have on Christmas morning.



Aside from the apple cake I also made build your own BLTs. Such a delicious brunch-y sandwich (bacon!), and yet not enjoyed nearly enough.


I had a platter of hearts of romaine, sliced tomato, and avocado on the table. The toast was ready on little plates on two sides of our little round table (barely large enough to seat us all with all of the food laid out, to be honest), mayo at the ready, and crispy bacon.


I used whole wheat sourdough for the toast, which ended up being a little hard due to my misjudgement of time (totally fixable for round 2!) and I think I would make twice the bacon because …. no one should run out of bacon at brunch! But other than that – mimosas were great, our friends brought fruit salad (I still owe you your bowl back Kaitlyn and Dave!!), and I didn’t lose any hair. It felt complete and inventive.


Next time we could also maybe do for a bigger table…

Do you have people over for brunch? What are your go to menu items? Anything to stay away from?

Happy weekend! May the french toast be plentiful and the bacon be crunchy.

7 thoughts on “Brunching and Bundt-ing”

  1. I LOVE the BLT buffet idea! Will definitely be stealing that one.

    My go-to brunch items are casserole-type dishes that can be made the night before and then just popped in the oven in the morning. My 3 favorites:

    Joan’s Eggs — a kind of mustardy egg concoction.

    Lemon-Raspberry French Toast Strata (enough said)

    And this Savory French Toast my friend has been making for years… recipe’s not online (that I can find), but it has basil and tomato and parmesan and is HEAVEN.

    I have also made ebelskivers and waffles for large brunches…bad ideas. Especially the ebelskivers. Delicious, but you can’t leave the stove.

  2. Quiche! I found a pretty easy recipe and I use Pilsbury refridgerated pie crusts. I avoided quiche for years, but it wasn’t hard at all. Also, muffins, because I have these strawberry-orange muffins with crumb topping that I LOVE and I’ll just make a double batch and freeze a bunch of them for me to eat later on.

  3. Ditto to anything make-ahead. I make a french toast bake that sits in the fridge overnight and bakes off int he morning. Muffins, breakfast cakes are also great. Quiche is fantastic. I make a huge batch of bacon in the oven (less mess!) and will usually make a salad of some kind.

    I loooove hosting people and I’m actually hosting a big brunch party in December (we’re going to watch Elf! All the food and decorations will be Elf themed. I am exceedingly excited about this!) as sort of one last hurrah before the baby is born. But you make me think that hosting small gatherings will still be totally doable once we get out feet under us again.

  4. Looks like a wonderful brunch! I love having people over, and brunch is one of my favorite ways to do it easily. I like to make a strata (my recipe is similar to this:, let me know if you want it), because you can make it the night before and then just put it in the oven just before friends arrive, so it’s still hot when you’re ready to serve it. Mimosas, coffee, fresh fruit and toast with an impressive jam/butter selection is pretty much all you need from there!

  5. I <3 brunch! And I share the same idea as everyone else. I love make-ahead stratas and a crunchy-on-the-outside-a-little-gooey-in-the-middle french toast casserole. And…brunch is nothing without mimosas. YUM! I may host one in my little place sometime, soon. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Love the BLT idea! We often do French toast in the oven (smittenkitchen has a good recipe) and also bacon in the oven (just as tasty…. But requires less attention). And a big fruit salad without bananas or apples – so I can make it the night before. I love brunch but don’t want to spend the whole time in the kitchen 🙂

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