Two Bedroom Apartment: The Reveal

Finally finally finally we completed (ok, like 90%) our apartment and I can finally show you the finished product. I never had the opportunity to live alone – having my very own apartment was always way out of my price range, so I lived with room mates and best friends and Kamel. One time in grad school I lived with 2 other people in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath flat. It even had a rooftop area for sun bathing and snooping in the neighbors’ backyards. Sharing with 2 other people though, it never felt like the space was mine. I pretty much was limited to 1 bedroom and use of the living room/kitchen on occasion. This apartment is the most space I have ever had. The most space I have ever needed to fill. The most storage. The most light. The most everything.


The first time I ever moved with Kamel it was the worst experience of my life. It took weeks of slowly moving 1 car load of stuff across town, of painstakingly watching as Kamel sifted through a ton of crap he had collected over the years, and finally culminating in a mad-dash of throwing out stuff we didn’t have time to pack and sort because Kamel had to be out of his apartment right this very second, last day, no exceptions nownownownownow.




I vowed never ever ever to have that experience ever again. Before I had even met Kamel, I had previous moving experience where I had to toss a lot of things I couldn’t pack, and then another experience where the size of my bedroom set was a major limitation to the apartments I could apply for – I actually remember lamenting over the size of my Queen bed, wishing I just had a twin so I could fit it places more easily. My mom at the time had very bluntly said, “It’s a bed. You need a bed. You’re regretting your bed? No.” So I’ve worked hard at having less stuff. I don’t want to be bogged down my things. I don’t want to have to make a million tough decisions if it’s between that item over there or this item over here. Moving already sucks hard enough, I want to prevent further suckage.


*New instagrams in the instagram photo installation.



So it was with a little bit of trepidation that I realized (while putting away the final items from the move into our various bedroom closets) we can no longer downsize to a 1 bedroom. It isn’t an option any more. I mean, if push came to shove, and it was between homelessness or everyone piling into a 1 bedroom, clearly the 1 bedroom wins out. But looking at the things we have, looking at the added human, looking at my artfully organized closets, it became clear: we’ve graduated up a bedroom.



And I guess it makes sense. I shouldn’t be so very shocked. Normal people have 2 bedroom apartments. Normal people have even bigger homes. Some people don’t even use all of their bedrooms as bedrooms! Sometimes they are considered a “den” or an office. Oh to have the luxury of an office! I guess it is a testament to the sad reality of my current renting market that these things seem so far from possible. Space is precious and here I am with two full bedrooms of it.


*Our bedroom is by far the emptiest. The absence of baby is striking. Also, we lack furniture.



The two things I am always running out of: Space, and the money it takes to get more, and time. There is never enough and angling to get more is the great dance of my day-to-day. Space, for now, I’m good with. But I know there will be a time in the not-so-far future where I’ll be scrambling for space and the money to afford the space and the time to spend in the space all over again.


*The mobile has moved to the living room. We hung it temporarily on the day we initially moved in, but decided it was fun so it stayed.


*The robot decals have gone by the wayside. Super cute to have on the wall, super pain in the ass to remove. (Be warned if planning on moving within the year of decal installation!)




*Quilt by Miss Margaret (and Margaret’s mom!), Broccoli & Carrot rug by Ikea.


*Gabe’s room is also a little bare. I would love to get a real life rocking chair for the corner, not a glider(!!), but for some reason I find them hard to find… do I need to visit Amish country for a freaking rocking chair up in this hizzy?


*Oh and also! We’ll be putting a mattress on the floor in the not-so-distant-future because Gabe is a giant and yet, is still too little for a toddler bed. Most likely from Tuft and Needle.

And that’s it! That is my space! (With the exception of the kitchen and a thorough tour of the bathroom). The kitchen in all its meh glory will be showcased when I finally have 2 freaking seconds (now that hanging all the things on the wall is complete!) to bake another bundt cake. I always think there are more hours in the day than there actually are. Or maybe it is more like… I always imagine I’ll be way faster at my to do list than I actually am. Sigh. Either way. Run run run to the next thing and the next and next and next. Thank you for being patient and still (even if mildly!) interested in our new place. It was a journey getting here and I am so happy to be able to share it with you!

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  1. Soooo nice! I love that you have so much art on your walls. For people who like to take photos, Joe and I have ridiculously barren walls, and I need to make a point of changing that. Can you tell me where you printed your Instagrams?

  2. Oh man — it looks FANTASTIC. I am sitting here rather envious of your guys decorating/furniture arranging skillz. Because it IS a skill, and one I sort of lack. But seriously, that living-room arrangement… so damn good.

    (I am the one who always wants to down-size during moves. Byron is the resistor. DO NOT RESIST THE DOWN-SIZOR.)

  3. I love our apartment but there is no space, no storage, everything is in sight basically. Seeing your clean floors and unoccupied wall space is such a dream! Congrats on the new digs! Looks like the perfect place for your lil family to stretch their legs and breathe.

  4. Wow! We moved in July and still haven’t hung a single thing on our walls! That’s the one thing I am most looking forward to!

  5. Your place looks so great!! I really like it.

    A thought on the crib – it looks like you still have the mattress on the highest setting. Have you thought about lowering the mattress before you switch to a floor mattress? Feel free to ignore my nosy parker ways, just thought it might buy you guys some time.

  6. Your place looks so nice and roomy! I was actually just going to chime in with what Carrie said–have you lowered the crib? I keep hearing that it’s best to keep babies in the crib (if you’re a crib family) for as long as possible so they don’t get up and roam around the countryside all night, and Gabe doesn’t seem like a particularly small baby and E was on the lowest setting by 6 months. I’m guessing either you have a mini-crib that doesn’t lower any further or you’ve already thought of that, though, so ignore me if my advice is assvice. 😉

    1. Ok I feel dumb for this… but… we are having a “Baby is too long” problem. I don’t think lowering the crib will help with this? Or am I TOTALLY missing something?

      1. Hahhaa… I’ve never heard of that problem! Just babies being too tall and jumping over, so I assumed that was the problem you were talking about; that he was close to trying to jump ship. 😉 Is your crib smaller than standard? Just out of curiosity. (No, I don’t think lowering the crib will solve your problem. Gabe sleeping in fetal position might.)

  7. Looks great! And yay for more space! I feel ya on the “we’ll never be able to downsize again” feelings. It’s bittersweet — we moved from a 2/2 duplex in California to a 3-4 bedroom (we use one as an office and the tiny room as a playroom), 1.5 bath HOUSE with a full (unfinished) storage basement. There’s no way we’re every going back to small again! I mean, for goodness’ sake, we bought a **BJ’s** membership this past weekend since we can finally store giant amounts of stuff. We’re only one step away from a deep freezer, I suppose. 🙂

  8. Gah, i LOVE the simplicity and openness and non-clutterness of it all! And i love that there arent a bazillion toys taking over Gabes room! So fresh and so clean 🙂 Also, rocking chair…CRACKER BARREL! I think theres one opening somewhere local, they have the BEST ones, super affordable, fun colors and I think they ship them.

    1. My dad in Seattle has a cracker barrel rocking chair that he decided he loved when he was visiting me in Georgia. So random…

      1. Bah! Awesome! My family insists on going to one every time we are out of state, and everytime we all take pics sitting in the chairs. Playing checkers, lol. I probably have like 5 dif versions. So silly.

      2. That is not how that happened. We stopped at a cracker barrel and Grandpa secretly bought the rocking chair and had it delivered and gave it to Dad on his birthday.

  9. So happy to see this this morning! The space looks fresh and has such great light. You guys also have great taste in rugs.

    My own apartment search has been trying, Seattle is totally trying to be the new Bay Area. Seeing you guys settled in a great place gives me hope!

  10. This is AMAZING. My jaw was literally WIDE OPEN as I read this and oooohed and awwwwed at the photos. The light! the space! the beautiful floors! the cool hallway set up! the use of furniture and frames and the colors! I cannot get enough of it 🙂 looooooooooove

    ps: I am now hard at work at finding you a rocking chair!

  11. Wow, your new place is so spacious!
    I, too, keep running out of time to get things done. I cant remember when I last baked, and I have a to-do list that has about 55 items on it, and thats just the “need to do” list, not the “would be nice to do” list!

  12. I love your design sense. Your living room rug is gorgeous (I’ve already ogled the bedroom rug in the past). The low bookcases are also brilliant …. I never would have thought of those as an option and they give you so much wall space to spend on art and still book storage.

    And the quilt! Nothing’s better for a baby’s room than a quilt made with love.

    1. The bathroom rug is from TARGET!! I highly recommend! And the low bookcase under Floyd – ALSO Target! 🙂 It can be done! And not cost you a million dollars!

  13. It looks amazing Lauren! You made me want to go and finally choose photos to hang on our walls and acquire some actual artwork and rugs 😀

  14. i (as a fellow 2 bedroom-er…but it’s a rented teensy-tiny house with a big ol’ yard for the dog) am SOOOOO stinking in love with your choices in the apartment. so very well done! love the rugs. love the pics. love it all. and i can’t WAIT to see kitchen. hooray for the duprez family’s awesome new home!

  15. I have been in my house for 2 YEARS and the bedrooms, upstairs hallway, and stairwell walls STILL have nothing hanging on them. Granted, we have been working on pretty big renovations most of the time that take priority, and the downstairs walls are full of gallery walls and maps and other loveliness. But still. Go you!

  16. Curious if you HAVE a glider and wish for a rocker or just prefer a rocker if you’re going to get something? We have the IKEA Poang(?) rocker in Z’s room and I always wish we had gone for a glider. I hate sliding across the room as I rock him. It’s probably one of those grass-always-greener things.

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