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Sometimes things can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes new chapters are looming up ahead, and threatening to close behind me and it all becomes a little HOLY SHIT. Sometimes I cry when that happens. Sometimes it helps to focus on the little happies. Actually, it always helps to focus on them. Will you help me?

My verbena soap from Trader Joes. It is so soft and lovely on my skin in the shower. It makes me feel like a fancy lady.

Our wall of instagrams. I just think they are the coolest. And eventually when we have some extra decorating cash we’re going to expand them to be 4×4 instead of 3×3 so that we can keep some permanent photos (like the me and Gabe just after he is born picture – because that is like THE classic mom/baby shot and I just love it) while still being able to rotate them out seasonally/yearly.

When Kamel wants to show me nerdy shit that I don’t actually care about, but that he is really excited for. It’s cute. I humor him. He includes me.

My freaking hair mask. Goddamn I love you so.

Oh my gosh, how could I forget this one? I went to Nordstrom Rack on Saturday. WHY HAVEN’T YOU TOLD ME ABOUT THIS BEFORE, INTERNET? You have totally told me, but I have brushed you aside. The RACK? Uhnothankyou. But I was so wrong, so very very wrong. I haven’t bought myself any new work clothes en masse (besides a shirt here and there) for 2 years!! I am not including maternty clothes. I shudder at the thought of my stupid maternity clothes. Go away maternity clothes! I don’t need you anymore! I have the rack!! And 50% off jeans!! And a sweater made from freaking cashmere for $30! It was glorious.

The baby clapping. I just… he fucking claps. How can you get cuter than that? He just… claps, to himself, for no reason at all. Slayed of cute. Boom.

The feeling of running across the street to make the light and not feeling winded when I reach the other side.

Added the second quilt to the bed because it is finally chilly.

Oh, and being able to snuggle Kamel without shortly after pushing him away because he is hot and I am a sweaty gross mess who just wants to kick off the covers. Hooray snuggles!

Unexpected facebook emails.

Amazon Prime.

Freshly shaved legs.

Spending extra time in the bath tub after Kamel has plucked the baby out and left me behind.

The happies I’ll be reading in the comments below! Always the best part of my day.

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  1. I love that you open this space for everybody to be happy together. Hooray!

    Some others:

    A wonderful mentor who has faith in what I’m doing and helps me believe in it too.

    A gorgeous book to review.

    Ding dong the ticks are gone, so I can play in the woods without fear.

    I’m going trapezing on Saturday!

    The extra hour I stayed in bed to snuggle with Joe this morning. We were late getting out the door this morning, but it was worth it.

  2. I’m a regular reader, very rare commenter. BUT- we found out yesterday we’re having a BOY! So exciting 🙂 That is my main good thing for the week. Also-

    Maternity pants that are actually cute

    Soup in the crockpot

    Snuggles with my husband and cat on the couch every night

    Road construction finally being finish, making my commute so much easier

    Candy corn

  3. *It’s chilly here too and I love it. Looking forward to using the fireplace.
    *My baby is due in 3 weeks and 2 days.
    *On Monday, we’ll get one last peek at him before he is born.
    *Having another couple over for dinner on Saturday and we are making chicken pot pie. Yum.
    *Maternity leave is soooon, yay, 12 weeks of not working on the worst work project ever.
    *I have some bread and peanut butter sitting next to me waiting to become delicious toast.
    *My husband is growing a beard. It is adorable. He hasn’t for two years. This time it has a little gray on the chin.
    *Aforementioned baby is becoming a crazy busy bee, flopping and moving constantly.

  4. – My new winter coat (blue and grey, slightly oversized) – it is completely adorable and sometimes I just stroke it. Also, it is way less formal than my previous winter work coat, because now I feel secure enough in my abilities not to need to look like a Victorian governess all the time. So secondary happies for professional self confidence.

    – Going to the sea this weekend with just my Mum and my sisters. We haven’t been away together for ages, and I love the sea in the autumn

    – Being 7 weeks pregnant and having a tiny secret from everyone except my husband, my doctor and the anonymous internet, though I am really looking forward to telling my mother this weekend.

    – Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon in my weekend bag.

    – The utter sweetness of my husband.

    1. I love that you referenced yourself as a victorian governess hahaha. That made my day. Also, I would love to dress like one. Where do you buy your coats?

  5. – the first cup of coffee in the morning. always so good, and nothing compares to it.
    – finding awesome new authors. Getting in reading slumps sucks.
    – French vanilla ice cream. Which is way better than regular vanilla ice cream.
    – Captain Jack Harkness, be still my hormones.
    – window shopping for fabric. and real shopping for fabric.

  6. Pumpkin Spice TEA from Celestial Seasonings, because I don’t do coffee. And pumpkin pie bagels, and pumpkin spice cream cheese, and ahhhhh pumpkin season!

    My SAT tutoring student just sent me a text. She increased her score by 200 points! And 3 points on the essay (out of 12)!

    D’s new apartment has HUGE windows. And the bed faces them. And we can see the sunrise from bed. *sigh*

    I have been killing myself in the gym. And today, somebody at work said “You are looking fit.” Why, thank you! 🙂

  7. I love this! I am bursting with happies today!

    *A new badass job

    *The 3rd and final book in a trilogy I love is finally out

    *3 trips to look forward to and plan for (Hi Maris!!!)

    *A new tea infuser (Don’t mind me I just drink about 3 cups of tea a day)

    *knowing that soon I will be working in pike place and I will get to eat piroshki’s and little donuts everyday if I want

  8. I love this – the Gabe clapping one, and the bathtub one – those are my favorite! Can’t wait to see his claps…oh….IN TWO WEEKS

    My happies

    – making the dude wear a specific coat that makes him oh so handsome and having him humor me

    – peppermint hot chocolate mix in my coffee

    – going aawwaaayyyy for the weekend. Having that as my light at the end of the tunnel that is this supremely busy work week

    – being taken on a friend date to the Seattle Symphony tonight like a fancy lady (and you-tubing all the pieces we are going to hear)

    – getting to stop hard projects to do nice monotonous binder making (so relaxing)

    – all the trips (to portland! to the bay area!) coming up in Nov

    – having a job and coworkers that love me, even though they know I’m probably not staying forever

    – being able to disagree with family members and still being able to eat cookies and tea with them

    – new pair of awesome sporty flats and blue anorack style casual coat that I scored from a clothing exchange (at which I normally only get rid of stuff because hello, really tall)


  9. You are so right about the snuggles… during the summer we kept moving away from each other as we slept, and hugging through the night is the best.

    -Meeting friends for tapas and drinks.
    -Baby girl is really starting to move, it is nice to feel her kick. Also, We found little baby clothes on sale, and little miss got her first dress.
    -Walking over crunchy autumn leaves.
    -Sun and blue skies
    -Baking a cake on Sunday
    -The husband picking me up at the train station and walking back home holding hands

  10. – starting to do yoga at home every morning
    – not needing a jumper (sweater) when I walk my dog early in the morning anymore
    – going to bed with damp hair and having it actually look good in the morning
    – fun group FB chats

  11. After a week of grumps I so needed to read everyones ungrumps!! And reading this post this morning had me searching for my own ungrumps all day, which I should try to do more often.

    -Husband came and sat w me at work today!! Since I work in a semi-secretive place, before today he didnt know any of my work people or what the setup was where I work, so when I told him stories about work he would just do his best to nod along not knowing what anything looked like, now he does!

    – Leslie Knope, from parks n rec. I watched an episode this morning before bed where she left a message for herself reminding herself everything was going to be ok, and for some reason it comforted me.

    – I found a website today where I can read books at work!! We are allowed internet but no nooks/tablets etc so my reading has been hampered (yes I could bring actual books… but… this website is free!!)

    Love reading positives on the interwebs 🙂

  12. A whole weekend at hooooome with no traveling! (I heart traveling, but this is only the second weekend of the last TEN that I haven’t been on the road).

    A couple friend date tonight with new-ish friends we have really hit it off with.

    Deciding maybe I don’t hate ankle booties after all, just the skinny-heeled ones, and finding a pair i luurrrve (at Target! Where I stopped buying shoes a few years ago.)

    My favorite Sat morning class at the gym is now also offered after work Tues, a day there used to only be meh classes.

    Yay for small happies!

  13. A job! That’s not teaching! And that I really like, and that brings me full circle in so many ways, and that involves so many wonderful people and opportunities to stretch myself.

    Visiting my husband next week, after much too much time apart.

    Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

    Jon Stewart.

    My son dressed up as Westley from The Princess Bride for Halloween.

  14. a new Ben and Jerry’s flavor that includes butterscotch toffee flakes…be still my heart.

    the fact that my office is finally back at full staff after ten months so hopefully a less stressful work situation is on the horizon

    getting to go to a film festival this weekend and hear from smart people i admire and see cool new films

    that i’ll get to see some dear friends while on a business trip next week

    preparing my katniss everdeen costume for halloween. i haven’t put any effort into a halloween costume in ages, but my undying love for the hunger games is inspiring me this year.

    madder root conditioner from aveda

    that i have been a super-lazy gardener but it has rained a bunch so my plants are thriving anyway

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